48th Regular Session (1943) – Governor Coke R. Stevenson

Bill Caption Document
HB 25 Remission of taxes to town of Freeport for 20 years.   Veto
HB 87 Repeal Big Bend Park Laws as to certain laws in Brewster County.   Veto
HB 164 Refunding of bonds of certain school districts.   Veto
HB 167 Fix compensation of County Commissioners in certain counties (Brazoria County).   Veto
HB 188 Allow the use of convicts to harvest crops near prison farms.   Veto
HB 260 Traveling expenses of County Commissioners in certain counties (Palo Pinto, Stephens and Shackleford).   Veto
HB 297 Fire fighting equipment for Dallas County.   Veto
HB 310 Remission of taxes to Port Arthur.   Veto
HB 320 Insurance companies tax on gross premium receipts of certain counties.   Veto
HB 321 qualifications of election judges and clerks.   Veto
HB 428 Fix salaries of shorthand reporters in certain district courts.   Veto
HB 434 Validate the annexation of school district to Harper Independent School District of Gillespie County from James River School District 15 of Kimble County.   Veto
HB 457 Vest control of schools of Chappel Hill Independent School District in Madison County in County Board of Trustees.   Veto
HB 462 Relative to persons released on parole, etc.   Veto
HB 481 Validate action of Commissioners Court in purchasing automobile for use for roads of Stephens County.   Veto
HB 497 Remission of State taxes for 40 years to the Dallas County Flood Control District, hereby created.   Veto
HB 582 County Commissioners to be conservators of game in Brazoria County with additional compensation.   Veto
HB 652 Remission of State taxes for 5 years to San Augustine County.   Veto
HB 682 Provision for election for tax rate for schools of Flower Grove Independent School District of Martin County.   Veto
HB 685 Amend House Bill No. 264, Section 11, as to employment agencies, etc.   Veto
HB 699 County unit system of schools allowed in certain counties (Jackson and Midland).   Veto
HB 712 Remission of State taxes for 5 years, 1/2 to city of Crowell, and 1/2 to county of Foard.   Veto
HB 716 The District Attorney of the 79th District may appoint one assistant District Attorney.   Veto
HB 719 Change in appointment of Superintendent of Girls' Training School.   Veto
SB 57 Provision for county salaries in certain counties (Ector).   Veto
SB 58 Provision for salaries of deputy sheriffs in certain counties (Ector).   Veto
SB 59 Provision for salaries of County Commissioners in certain counties (Ector).   Veto
SB 182 Remission of 1/2 of State taxes in Jackson, Fayette and Colorado Counties for flood control.   Veto
SB 195 Appointment of District Attorneys in districts of 2 or more counties when District Attorney is absent in armed forces.   Veto
SB 214 Exempt from insurance laws all U.S. supported charities.   Veto
SB 223 Limit number of sessions of county school boards in certain counties.   Veto
SB 308 Independent school districts may continue regardless of scholastic enrollment.   Veto
SB 325 A game and fish law for the Red River Dam area near Denison.   Veto
SB 338 Salaries and expenses of county superintendent of schools in certain counties.   Veto
HCR 129 Permission to Joe L. Weil and Ben Weil to sue the State.   Veto
HCR 135 Permission to Mrs. Valasta Tomanec to sue the State.   Veto
SCR 51 Permission to heirs of John Franklin Thomason to sue the State.   Veto

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