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Vetoed bills, 1846-2017

Please see below for important notes about the sources and methods used to compile this information.
To search vetoes, please use the Governor Documents search.

A list of overridden vetoes is also available.

Governor Session Year Vetoes
Greg Abbott 86th R.S. 2019 58
Greg Abbott 85th R.S. 2017 51
Greg Abbott 84th R.S. 2015 44
Rick Perry 83rd R.S. 2013 28
Rick Perry 82nd R.S. 2011 25
Rick Perry 81st R.S. 2009 39
Rick Perry 80th R.S. 2007 56
Rick Perry 79th R.S. 2005 20
Rick Perry 78th R.S. 2003 50
Rick Perry 77th R.S. 2001 83
George W. Bush 76th R.S. 1999 34
George W. Bush 75th R.S. 1997 38
George W. Bush 74th R.S. 1995 26
Ann W. Richards 73rd R.S. 1993 27
Ann W. Richards 72nd R.S. 1991 36
Ann W. Richards 72nd 1st C.S. 1991 1
William P. Clements 71st R.S. 1989 56
William P. Clements 71st 4th C.S. 1990 1
William P. Clements 71st 5th C.S. 1990 2
William P. Clements 71st 6th C.S. 1990 1
William P. Clements 70th R.S. 1987 52
William P. Clements 70th 2nd C.S. 1987 2
Mark W. White, Jr. 69th R.S. 1985 51
Mark W. White, Jr. 69th 3rd C.S. 1986 1
Mark W. White, Jr. 68th R.S. 1983 43
William P. Clements 67th R.S. 1981 28
William P. Clements 67th 1st C.S. 1981 1
William P. Clements 66th R.S. 1979 49
Dolph Briscoe 65th R.S. 1977 26
Dolph Briscoe 64th R.S. 1975 19
Dolph Briscoe 63rd R.S. 1973 30
Preston Smith 62nd R.S. 1971 22
Preston Smith 62nd 1st C.S. 1971 1
Preston Smith 62nd 3rd C.S. 1972 1
Preston Smith 61st R.S. 1969 67
Preston Smith 61st 2nd C.S. 1969 5
John B. Connally, Jr. 60th R.S. 1967 49
John B. Connally, Jr. 60th 1st C.S. 1968 3
John B. Connally, Jr. 59th R.S. 1965 41
John B. Connally, Jr. 58th R.S. 1963 12
Price Daniel, Sr. 57th R.S. 1961 15
Price Daniel, Sr. 57th 1st C.S. 1961 1
Price Daniel, Sr. 57th 3rd C.S. 1962 1
Price Daniel, Sr. 56th R.S. 1959 10
Price Daniel, Sr. 56th 1st C.S. 1959 3
Price Daniel, Sr. 56th 2nd C.S. 1959 2
Price Daniel, Sr. 56th 3rd C.S. 1959 3
Price Daniel, Sr. 55th R.S. 1957 8
Price Daniel, Sr. 55th 1st C.S. 1957 5
Price Daniel, Sr. 55th 2nd C.S. 1957 1
Robert Allan Shivers 54th R.S. 1955 25
Robert Allan Shivers 53rd R.S. 1953 23
Robert Allan Shivers 53rd 1st C.S. 1954 4
Robert Allan Shivers 52nd R.S. 1951 38
Beauford H. Jester 51st R.S. 1949 5
Beauford H. Jester 50th R.S. 1947 14
Coke R. Stevenson 49th R.S. 1945 19
Coke R. Stevenson 48th R.S. 1943 37
W. Lee O'Daniel 47th R.S. 1941 28
W. Lee O'Daniel 46th R.S. 1939 32
James V Allred 45th R.S. 1937 28
James V Allred 45th 1st C.S. 1937 4
James V Allred 45th 2nd C.S. 1937 2
James V Allred 44th R.S. 1935 22
James V Allred 44th 2nd C.S. 1935 1
James V Allred 44th 3rd C.S. 1936 2
Miriam Ferguson 43rd R.S. 1933 11
Miriam Ferguson 43rd 1st C.S. 1933 6
Miriam Ferguson 43rd 2nd C.S. 1934 7
Miriam Ferguson 43rd 3rd C.S. 1934 1
Ross S. Sterling 42nd R.S. 1931 7
Ross S. Sterling 42nd 2nd C.S. 1931 1
Ross S. Sterling 42nd 3rd C.S. 1932 5
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 41st R.S. 1929 38
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 41st 1st C.S. 1929 11
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 41st 2nd C.S. 1929 26
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 41st 3rd C.S. 1929 5
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 41st 4th C.S. 1930 4
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 41st 5th C.S. 1930 11
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 40th R.S. 1927 31
Daniel J. Moody, Jr. 40th 1st C.S. 1927 5
Miriam Ferguson 39th R.S. 1925 16
Miriam Ferguson 39th 1st C.S. 1926 15
Pat M. Neff 38th R.S. 1923 43
Pat M. Neff 38th 2nd C.S. 1923 16
Pat M. Neff 38th 3rd C.S. 1923 3
Pat M. Neff 37th R.S. 1921 22
Pat M. Neff 37th 1st C.S. 1921 8
Pat M. Neff 37th 2nd C.S. 1921 1
William P. Hobby 36th R.S. 1919 9
William P. Hobby 36th 2nd C.S. 1919 6
William P. Hobby 36th 3rd C.S. 1920 1
James E. Ferguson 35th R.S. 1917 15
James E. Ferguson 35th 1st C.S. 1917 3
James E. Ferguson 34th R.S. 1915 9
Oscar Branch Colquitt 33rd R.S. 1913 42
Oscar Branch Colquitt 33rd 1st C.S. 1913 6
Oscar Branch Colquitt 33rd 2nd C.S. 1914 1
Oscar Branch Colquitt 32nd R.S. 1911 17
Oscar Branch Colquitt 32nd 1st C.S. 1911 7
Thomas Mitchell Campbell 31st R.S. 1909 17
Thomas Mitchell Campbell 31st 1st C.S. 1909 3
Thomas Mitchell Campbell 31st 2nd C.S. 1909 3
Thomas Mitchell Campbell 30th R.S. 1907 7
Thomas Mitchell Campbell 30th 1st C.S. 1907 2
S.W.T. Lanham 29th R.S. 1905 9
S.W.T. Lanham 29th 1st C.S. 1905 1
S.W.T. Lanham 28th R.S. 1903 21
S.W.T. Lanham 28th 1st C.S. 1903 1
Joseph D. Sayers 27th R.S. 1901 15
Joseph D. Sayers 27th 2nd C.S. 1901 2
Joseph D. Sayers 26th R.S. 1899 17
Charles A. Culberson 25th R.S. 1897 19
Charles A. Culberson 24th R.S. 1895 11
James Stephen Hogg 23rd R.S. 1893 11
James Stephen Hogg 22nd R.S. 1891 4
Lawrence Sullivan Ross 21st R.S. 1889 5
Lawrence Sullivan Ross 20th R.S. 1887 2
John Ireland 19th R.S. 1885 7
John Ireland 18th R.S. 1883 3
Oran M. Roberts 17th R.S. 1881 4
Oran M. Roberts 17th 1st C.S. 1882 1
Oran M. Roberts 16th R.S. 1879 6
Richard Coke 15th R.S. 1876 14
Richard Coke 14th R.S. 1874 12
Richard Coke 14th 2nd R.S. 1875 10
Edmund J. Davis 13th R.S. 1873 57
Edmund J. Davis 12th 1st C.S. 1870 72
Edmund J. Davis 12th R.S. 1871 41
Edmund J. Davis 12th Adjourned 1871 11
James W. Throckmorton 11th R.S. 1866 7
Pendleton Murrah 10th R.S. 1863 5
Francis R. Lubbock 9th R.S. 1862 1
Sam Houston 8th R.S. 1860 4
Hardin R. Runnels 7th R.S. 1858 13
Elisha M. Pease 6th Adjourned 1856 4
Elisha M. Pease 6th R.S. 1856 18
Elisha M. Pease 5th R.S. 1854 3
Peter Hansbrough Bell 4th R.S. 1852 1
Peter Hansbrough Bell 3rd 2nd C.S. 1850 1
Peter Hansbrough Bell 3rd 1st C.S. 1850 1
J. Pinckney Henderson 1st R.S. 1846 2
  • This compilation of vetoes is a work in progress. The intent of the Legislative Reference Library is to complete a comprehensive list of vetoes back to the 1st Legislature based on the sources described below. This project is continually updated as new information is found.
  • Form of veto statement. As indicated in the Texas Constitution, Article IV, Section 14, if the governor disapproves a bill after the session has adjourned, notice is required to be in the form of a general proclamation. If however, the governor disapproves a bill while the legislature is in session, the Constitution does not specify the type of statement required. Historically, a variety of statement formats have been used.
  • Sources for information on veto proclamations include: the General and Special Laws of Texas; Veto Proclamations of Governors; House Journals; Senate Journals; Governors' letters, press memos, and other official papers; and Secretary of State Files. Most information is from the collections of the Texas Legislative Reference Library and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Some documents from the Archives Commission were too fragile to be scanned. In these instances, there are notes with finding aids for anyone interested in viewing the originals.
  • The "Number of Vetoes" column includes line-item vetoes; In these instances, only specific funding items have been vetoed in appropriations bills.
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Information on vetoed bills is unofficial and is provided as a public service by the Texas Legislative Reference Library. The Texas Legislative Reference Library makes no representation as to its completeness or accuracy and makes no warranty in regard to its use. Users assume all risk of reliance on this information