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69th Regular Session (1985) – Governor Mark W. White, Jr.

Bill Caption Document HRO
HB 20 General Appropriations Bill.   Veto Analysis
HB 36 Relating to the inclusion of social security numbers in a decree in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship.   Veto  
HB 226 Relating to the state's liability for and defense of certain claims against certain public servants.   Veto Analysis
HB 341 Relating to regional administration by certain health-related state agencies.   Veto Analysis
HB 482 Relating to the persons authorized to collect expenses incurred in defending a will.   Veto Analysis
HB 580 Relating to application of width regulations to farm tractors and certain implements of husbandry on public highways.   Veto  
HB 741 Relating to the acquisition, use, purchase, and lease of school district property.   Veto Analysis
HB 748 Relating to the appointment of probate surrogates for the statutory probate courts.   Veto Analysis
HB 784 Relating to the levy, collection, and use of a junior college branch campus maintenance and capital expenditure tax.   Veto Analysis
HB 910 Relating to issuance of tax receipts and removing from delinquent tax records certain property taxes that are presumed to have been paid.   Veto Analysis
HB 1273 Relating to the regulation of obstructions of air navigation.   Veto Analysis
HB 1323 Relating to action by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on a writ of habeas corpus based on newly discovered evidence.   Veto Analysis
HB 1389 Relating to prohibiting the imposition of penalties for the late filing of inconsequential amendments to sworn statements of political contributions and expenditures.   Veto Analysis
HB 1543 Relating to the assignment and transfer of students to schools within a school district.   Veto Analysis
HB 1706 Relating to authorizing a new type of temporary alcoholic beverage permit.   Veto Analysis
HB 1717 Relating to the sale of certain mixtures of gasoline and alcohol.   Veto Analysis
HB 1776 Relating to the definition of "bet" for the purposes of the Penal Code prohibition against gambling.   Veto Analysis
HB 1879 Relating to the validation of certain municipal annexations and other related governmental acts and proceedings.   Veto  
HB 2153 Relating to motor vehicles used to transport or manufacture concrete.   Veto Analysis
HB 2174 Relating to staffing requirements for certain emergency medical services vehicles.   Veto Analysis
HB 2316 Relating to the contents of a voter registration application form.   Veto Analysis
HB 2349 Relating to school crosswalks.   Veto Analysis
HB 2377 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operations, and financing of the Sunnyvale Municipal Utility District No. 1.   Veto Analysis
HB 2399 Relating to medical malpractice coverage for certain institutions.   Veto  
HB 2419 Relating to the jurisdiction of the County Court at Law of Williamson County.   Veto Analysis
HB 2439 Relating to the powers, duties, functions, personnel, and division of, annexation of territory to, and validation of the creation of the Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No.1 of Denton County, Texas.   Veto Analysis
HB 2449 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operation, and financing of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 69.   Veto  
HB 2450 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operation, and financing of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 70.   Veto  
HB 2451 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operation, and financing of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 71.   Veto  
HB 2452 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operation, and financing of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 72; and declaring an emergency.   Veto  
HB 2453 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operation, and financing of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 73.   Veto  
HB 2454 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operation, and financing of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 74.   Veto  
HB 2497 Relating to the organization, boundaries, purposes, powers, duties, functions, authority, and financing of the Colden Road Utility District.   Veto Analysis
SB 189 Relating to communications with participants in the decision-making process in a contested case under state agency jurisdiction; making certain exceptions.   Veto Analysis
SB 334 Relating to employment and compensation of a mental health administrator for the Probate Court No. 3 of Harris County.   Veto Analysis
SB 518 Relating to the imposition of certain duties on the Board of Pardons and Paroles and to the eligibility of certain inmates for release on parole.   Veto  
SB 737 Relating to the listing of certain leaseholds and other interests in certain property owned by a city or town in the appraisal records used to prepare a tax roll.   Veto Analysis
SB 765 Relating to the manufacture for sale out of state of gambling devices, equipment, or paraphernalia to be shipped out of state.   Veto Analysis
SB 1081 Relating to the regulation by municipalities of certain private for-hire vehicles, however propelled, providing passenger taxicab transportation services; authorizing the regulation by municipalities of such services.   Veto Analysis
SB 1126 Relating to the State Board of Insurance summary procedures for routine matters.   Veto Analysis
SB 1155 Relating to the required procedure for proceedings involving certain utilities.   Veto  
SB 1225 Relating to the creation and establishment of a conservation and reclamation district under Article XVI, Section 59 of the Constitution of Texas known as Sunnyvale Municipal Utility District No. 1; providing for one confirmation election; declaring the district a governmental agency and a body politic and corporate; finding benefit to all property within the district; defining the boundaries; conferring on the district the rights, powers, privileges, authority, and functions of the general laws of Texas applicable to municipal utility districts created under Chapter 54, Title 4, Texas Water Code, where not in conflict with this Act and adopting same by reference; naming the first directors and the filling of vacancies; providing for terms and elections of directors and related matters; finding and declaring that the requirements of Article XVI, Sections 59(d) and 59(e) of the Texas Constitution have been performed and accomplished; authorizing the district to be divided into two or more districts under certain circumstances; enacting other provisions relating to the above-mentioned subjects; providing a severability clause; and declaring an emergency.   Veto Analysis
SB 1247 Relating to provisions applied in recertification of certain areas in a municipality to be served retail electric utility service.   Veto Analysis
SB 1320 Amending Subdivision (10), Section 2, Development Corporation Act of 1979, as amended (Article 5190.6, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes), relating to the definition of the term "project."   Veto  
SB 1454 Relating to a supplemental appropriation to the National Guard Armory Board.   Veto Analysis
HCR 72 Granting Albert P. Gorelick and Florence M. Gorelick permission to sue the state.   Veto Analysis
HCR 86 Granting Billy Bob Berry permission to sue the state.   Veto Analysis
HCR 137 Granting permission to Jim Scoggins and Gerry Gammage to sue the state.   Veto Analysis
HCR 235 Granting Black Gold Express permission to sue the state.   Veto Analysis
SCR 100 Directing the Texas Coastal and Marine Council to investigate the feasibility of ports in Texas creating incineration facilities to help reduce the litter.   Veto Analysis
SCR 143 Granting D. Dave Bentrup and Verla A. Bentrup permission to sue the State of Texas and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.   Veto Analysis

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