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14 amendment(s) found [ Election date: November 7, 1995 ]

Session Bill Prop. Topic Outcome
74th R.S.   SJR 1  10 The constitutional amendment abolishing the office of state treasurer.     Adopted
74th R.S.   SJR 7  9 The constitutional amendment allowing investment of money from the Texas growth fund in a business without the business's disclosure of its investments in or with South Africa or Namibia.     Defeated
74th R.S.   HJR 31  12 The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation personal property and mineral interests having a value insufficient to recover the administrative costs of collecting the taxes.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 34  5 The constitutional amendment to increase by $500 million the amount of general obligation bonds that may be issued to augment the veterans' housing assistance fund II.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 35  13 The constitutional amendment authorizing the governing body of a political subdivision to exempt from ad valorem taxation boats and other equipment used primarily in the commercial taking or production of fish, shrimp, shellfish, and other marine life.     Defeated
74th R.S.   SJR 36  2 The constitutional amendment to authorize the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation property of an organization chartered by the Congress of the Republic of Texas that is used primarily for the charitable, benevolent, or public service activities of the organization.     Defeated
74th R.S.   SJR 46  4 The constitutional amendment permitting an encumbrance to be fixed on homestead property for an owelty of partition, including a debt of a spouse resulting from a division or award of a homestead in a divorce proceeding, and for the refinance of a lien against a homestead, including a federal tax lien resulting from the tax debt of the owner.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 50  1 The constitutional amendment providing for the issuance of $300 million in general obligation bonds to finance educational loans to students.     Adopted
74th R.S.   SJR 51  3 The constitutional amendment allowing the use of existing bond authority of the farm and ranch finance program to include financial assistance for the expansion, development, and diversification of production, processing, marketing, and export of Texas agricultural products.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 64  6 The constitutional amendment exempting from ad valorem taxation the residence homestead of the surviving spouse of an elderly person.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 68  14 The constitutional amendment relating to raising the limits of the exemption from ad valorem taxation of property owned by disabled veterans or by the surviving spouses or surviving minor children of disabled veterans.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 72  11 The constitutional amendment to allow open-space land used for wildlife management to qualify for tax appraisals in the same manner as open-space agricultural land, subject to eligibility limitations provided by the legislature.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 73  7 The constitutional amendment reducing the amount of general obligation bonds authorized for undertakings related to the superconducting super collider research facility from $500 million to $250 million.     Adopted
74th R.S.   HJR 80  8 The constitutional amendment providing for the abolition of the office of constable in Mills, Regan, and Roberts counties.     Adopted

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