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16 amendment(s) found [ Election date: November 8, 1966 ]

Session Bill Prop. Topic Outcome
59th R.S.   HJR 1  16 For the Constitutional Amendment establishing the date on which newly elected Members of the Legislature shall qualify and take office.     Adopted
59th R.S.   SJR 1  2 For the addition of Section 12 of Article IX of the Constitution, authorizing the Legislature to provide by law for the creation, establishment, maintenance and operation of Airport Authorities composed of one or more counties, and authorizing the levy of a tax not to exceed Seventy-Five Cents (75ยข) on the One Hundred Dollars ($100) valuation of all taxable property within such Airport Authority except the property of state regulated common carriers required by law to pay a tax upon intangible assets, after approval of its voters.     Adopted
59th R.S.   SJR 4  5 For the Constitutional Amendment authorizing the Texas Legislature to establish a State-wide Cooperative System of Retirement, Disability and Death Benefits for the officials and employees of the various counties or other political subdivisions of the state, or political subdivisions of a county; authorizing the Legislature to provide for a voluntary merger into the system authorized by this Amendment by those officers and employees covered by the provisions of subsection (b) of Section 62 of Article XVI of the Texas Constitution as now existing or may hereafter be established; providing that costs of this System shall be borne by the counties and other political subdivisions of the state and political subdivisions of the county election to participate therein and the officers and employees covered by the System; and forbidding the Legislature from making any appropriations for the operation of this System.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 13  7 For repealing the poll tax as a requirement for voting.     Adopted
59th R.S.   SJR 19  11 For the Constitutional Amendment authorizing the issuance of an additional $200,000,000 in Texas Water Development Bonds and providing for further investment of the Texas Water Development Fund in reservoirs and associated facilities.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 21  4 For the Constitutional Amendment changing the maximum term of office of directors of conservation and reclamation districts from two to six years.     Defeated
59th R.S.   HJR 24  8 For the Constitutional Amendment permitting persons qualified to vote in this State except for the residence requirements in a county or district to vote for Presidential and Vice Presidential Electors and for all state-wide offices, questions or propositions, and permitting citizens of the United States recently arrived or departed from the State to vote for Presidential and Vice Presidential Electors.     Adopted
59th R.S.   SJR 26  9 For the Amendment to the State Constitution providing for a Court of Criminal Appeals of five members, and prescribing the term of said court.     Adopted
59th R.S.   SJR 33  15 For the Constitutional Amendment authorizing assistance to the blind, crippled, or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped, in the form of grants of public funds, obtained from private or federal sources, to local level or other private, nonsectarian associations, groups and nonprofit organizations for establishing and equipping facilities to assist the handicapped in becoming gainfully employed, for their rehabilitation or restoration, or for providing other services essential for the better care and treatment of the handicapped.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 37  6 For the Constitutional Amendment providing for the payment of assistance by the State of Texas to the surviving spouse and minor children of law enforcement officers, custodial personnel of the Texas Department of Corrections or full-paid firemen who suffer violent death in the course of the performance of their duties as law enforcement officers, custodial personnel of the Texas Department of Corrections or as full-paid firemen.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 38  14 For the Constitutional Amendment to allow members of the Armed Forces who are residents of Texas to vote.     Adopted
59th R.S.   SJR 39  3 For the Constitutional Amendment withdrawing Arlington State College from participation in the Permanent University Fund.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 48  12 For the constitutional amendment providing the method and manner for dissolution of hospital districts.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 65  10 For the Amendment to Section 3-b of Article VII of the Constitution of Texas providing that taxes or bonds previously voted in any independent school district or in any junior college district shall not be abrogated, cancelled or invalidated by any change in boundareis and authorizing the continuance of the levy of taxes after such change without further election.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 69  13 For the Amendment to the Constitution authorizing the Legislature to provide by statute for any county having one million, two hundred thousand (1,200,000) or more inhabitants to consolidate the functions of government and for such counties or any political subdivision(s) located therein to contract for the performance of functions of government.     Adopted
59th R.S.   HJR 79  1 For the Constitutional Amendment to provide that all land owned by natural persons designated for agricultural use shall be assessed for all tax purposes on the consideration of only those factors relative to such agricultural use.     Adopted

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