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9 amendment(s) found [ Election date: November 4, 1958 ]

Session Bill Prop. Topic Outcome
55th R.S.   HJR 1  1 For the Constitutional Amendment providing for annual Sessions of the Legislature, prescribing the compensation and expenses for members thereof, limiting the per diem for each Session, and authorizing temporary residence of the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Capitol.     Defeated
55th R.S.   SJR 3  9 For the constitutional amendment authorizing the Legislature to create a Hospital District coextensive with the incorporated limits of the City of Amarillo, Texas and authorizing Potter County to lend financial aid to and participate in the operation of said Hospital District, and further authorizing the Legislature to create a county-wide Hospital District in Wichita County, Texas, and Hospital Districts in Jefferson County, Texas.     Adopted
55th R.S.   SJR 4  7 For the Amendment to the Constitution authorizing the Legislature to make appropriations and establish procedure for advertising the historical, natural, agricultural, industrial, educational, recreational, and other resources of Texas.     Adopted
55th R.S.   SJR 6  2 For the amendment of subsection (b) of Section 62 of Article XVI of the Constitution, to authorize each county to establish, after approval by its voters, a retirement, disability and death compensation fund covering the elective officers of the county or precinct, as well as the appointive officers and employees of the county or precinct.     Defeated
55th R.S.   HJR 17  6 For the Constitutional amendment providing for pension to retired Texas Rangers who are ineligible to participate in the Employees Retirement System of Texas, and their widows.     Adopted
55th R.S.   HJR 30  3 For the Constitutional Amendment providing that vacancies in the office of County Judge and Justices of the Peace shall be filled by the Commissioners Court only until the next General Election.     Adopted
55th R.S.   HJR 31  4 For the Constitutional Amendment providing that any District, County or Precinct official serving a four-year term must resign before announcing for a different officer if there remains unserved more than one (1) year of the term for which he was elected.     Adopted
55th R.S.   HJR 36  8 For the amendment to the Constitution giving the Legislature the power to authorize vendor payments for medical care in addition to the amount paid in the form of direct public assistance to and on behalf of needy recipients of Old Age Assistance, Aid to the Blind, Aid to Dependent Children or Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled; providing for the acceptance of funds from the Federal Government for the purpose of paying such assistance; and providing that the expenditure out of State Funds for such purposes shall never exceed the amounts so expended out of Federal Funds.     Adopted
55th R.S.   HJR 48  5 For the Constitutional Amendment providing that a Home Rule City may provide by charter or charter amendment, and a city, town or village operating under the general laws may provide by majority vote of the qualified voters voting at an election called for that purpose, for a longer term of office than two (2) years for its officers, either elective or appointive, or both, but not to exceed four (4) years; provided, however, that tenure under Civil Service shall not be affected hereby. And providing for automatic resignation when such officers become a candidate for election to another office and providing for election of members of the governing body of such municipalities and the filling of vacancies occurring on such governing body by special election.     Adopted

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