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11 amendment(s) found [ Election date: November 2, 1954 ]

Session Bill Prop. Topic Outcome
53rd R.S.   SJR 2  1 For the Constitutional Amendment granting power to the Legislature to pass laws authorizing the creation of county-wide Hospital Districts in any county having a population in excess of 190,000 and in Galveston County, and to levy a hopsital tax.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   SJR 4  7 For the Constitutional Amendment providing a four year term of office for elective district, county and precinct offices.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   SJR 5  4 For the amendments to the state constitution providing that the salaries of the Governor, the Attorney General, the Comptroller of Public Accounts, the State Treasurer, the Commissioner of the General Land Office, and the Secretary of State be fixed by the Legislature, and that the per diem of the members of the Legislature be fixed at twenty-five ($25.00) dollars per day for 120 days only.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   SJR 6  9 For the Constitutional Amendment providing for crediting to members of either the Teacher Retirement System or the Employees Retirement System of Texas all services rendered, as either a teacher, or person employed in the public schools, colleges, and universities of the State, or as an appointive officer or employee of the State, for retirement benefits under either of said Systems.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   SJR 7  8 For the Amendment to the Constitution giving the Legislature the power to set up a system of payments of old age assistance to those above sixty-five (65) years of age; provided that monthly payments from State funds for any one person may be in valid amounts based on need, and that the maximum payment per month per person from State funds shall not be more than Twenty ($20.00) Dollars per month; giving the Legislature the power to set up a system of payments for the needy blind persons over twenty-one (21) years of age; giving the Legislature the power to set up a system of payments to needy children under sixteen (16) years of age; providing for the expenditure of funds from the Federal Government; limiting the total amount which may be expended for such assistance out of State funds; and providing conditions as to residence within the State in order to become eligible to receive assistance.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   HJR 8  3 For the Constitutional Amendment permitting elections in counties of less than ten thousand (10,000) inhabitants to provide for an Assessor-Collector of Taxes.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   HJR 10  2 For the amendment of Sections 1 and 2 of Article VI of the Constitution of Texas so as to confer the privilege to vote upon members of the regular establishment of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Air Force, or component branches thereof, who are otherwise qualified electors; and so as to limit voting by persons in the military service of the United States to the county in which the voter resided at the time of entering such service; and for the repeal of Section 2a of Article VI of the Constitution, which now permits qualified electors in military service to vote without payment of a poll tax in time of war.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   SJR 10  11 For the amendment transferring that portion of the Confederate Pension Fund not needed for the payment of Confederate pensions to the State Building Fund to be used for State building purposes as may be provided by law, and also permitting not more that six (6%) percent of such fund to be used for memorials for Texans who served in the Texas Revolution and in the armed forces of the Confederate States.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   SJR 14  5 For the Constitutional Amendment prohibiting the Legislature from lending the credit of the State or granting public money to, or assuming any indebtedness of, any one authorized to construct, maintain, or operate toll roads or turnpikes in this State.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   HJR 16  6 For the Constitutional Amendment to require women to serve on juries.     Adopted
53rd R.S.   HJR 37  10 For the Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Texas authorizing the Legislature to provide for agreements between the State of Texas and the Federal Government to obtain Federal Social Security coverage for proprietary employees of its political subdivisions.     Adopted

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