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8 amendment(s) found [ Election date: November 2, 1948 ]

Session Bill Prop. Topic Outcome
50th R.S.   SJR 2  2 For the amendment to Section 28, Article III of the Constitution of Texas providing for a Board for apportionment of the state into senatorial districts and representative districts in the event the Legislature fails to make such apportionment.     Adopted
50th R.S.   HJR 7  4 For the Constitutional Amendment providing for gubernatorial succession in the event the Governor-elect dies, or becomes disabled, before qualifying and for such succession in other contingencies.     Adopted
50th R.S.   HJR 13  3 For the Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Texas providing that husband and wife from time to time may in writing partition between themselves in severalty or into undivided interests community property existing at the time of partition so as to convert same into separate property of the respective spouses without prejudice to the rights of pre-existing creditors.     Adopted
50th R.S.   HJR 24  7 For the Constitutional Amendment of Section 1-a of Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of Texas to provide that no ad valorem tax shall be levied for State general revenue purposes after January 1, 1951, and authorizing the several counties to levy additional ad valorem taxes, providing for a Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000) residential homestead exemption, and providing for tax levies in counties having tax donations.     Adopted
50th R.S.   HJR 30  1 For the Constitutional Amendment providing Workman's Compensation Insurance for county employees.     Adopted
50th R.S.   HJR 35  5 For the Constitutional Amendment exempting Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000) of the assessed taxable value of all residence homesteads from all State taxes.     Adopted
50th R.S.   HJR 36  6 For the Constitutional Amendment of Section 61, Article XVI of the Texas Constitution providing that all sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, constables, deputy constables and other law enforcement officers shall be compensated on a salary basis.     Adopted
50th R.S.   HJR 39  8 For the Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Texas authorizing the Legislature to provide for the retirement and compensation of Judges and Commissioners of the Appellate Courts and Judges of the District and Criminal District Courts of this State on account of length of service, age or disability and for their reassignment to active duty where and when needed.     Adopted

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