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Legislative Reference Library of Texas
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Legislative Reference Library of Texas
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  • Legislative Archive System
    Search for bills by bill number, session law chapter, author, subject, or caption. View scanned bill files, actions, bill analyses, and related documents.
  • Index to Sections Affected
    Search for legislation affecting Texas statutes back to the 74th session (1995).
  • Conference committee reports - 78th Legislature to present
    Link to scanned legislation with side-by-side analyses comparing the House and Senate versions of legislation from the regular and called sessions.
  • Constitutional amendments
    View amendments to the Texas Constitution from 1879 forward. Search by legislative session or article.
  • Vetoes
    View lists of the Governor's vetoes by legislative session. Link to scanned versions of veto proclamations.
  • State budget
    Links to resources related to the legislative budgeting process, including online editions of appropriations bills and other primary sources.
  • Redistricting
    Information about the history of redistricting and reapportionment in Texas.
  • Statutory revision documents
    Scanned copies of revisor's reports and notes related to the ongoing statutory revision process.
  • Texas law timeline
    Timeline of significant events in Texas constitutional and statutory history, with links to historical documents online.
  • Water law timeline
    A timeline of Texas water legislation.
  • Guide to researching legislative history and intent
    Follow detailed steps for researching the legislative intent of a bill.