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Legislation authored by George Allen Davisson

Includes legislation with George Allen Davisson as the primary author for the 44th through 45th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

45th Regular Session
HB 8 Caption: Relating to creating a State Board of Public Welfare for the State of Texas.
HB 9 Caption: Relating to extending the oil proration code to Sept. 1, 1941.
HB 123 Caption: Relating to fixing the maximum rate of tax to be levied for school purposes in all independent school districts which include within their limits a city or town which according to the latest Federal Census had a population of not fewer than four thousand six hundred (4,600) and not more than four thousand six hundred and fifty (4,650), whether organized under general or special law.
HB 209 Caption: Relating to declaring that any person who shall, while intoxicated, drive or operate an automobile so as to run into, run upon, strike or hit another person or shall collide with a vehicle with which such other person is riding and shall kill or so injure such other person that he dies within three months shall be guilty of murder.
HB 533 Caption: Relating to making certain emergency appropriation out of any moneys in the State Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, for the balance of the biennium ending August 31, 1937, for the State Department of Agriculture.
HB 576 Caption: Relating to appropriating the sum of One Hundred Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) Dollars to the Texas State Employment Service for the purpose of maintaining public employment offices provided for under certain statute, for the balance of the fiscal year ending August 31, 1937.
HB 586 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Unemployment Compensation Commission to make reciprocal arrangements with other states and Federal Government with respect to wages earned and benefits accumulated by employees.
HB 708 Caption: Relating to providing for the forfeiture of oil and gas royalties not rendered for taxation.
HB 764 Caption: Relating to defining the rights and duties of the State Board of Education to exact of school districts and cities and towns which have assumed control of public schools located therein the performance of certain prescribed duties in instances wherein all or any part of the bonds of such districts, cities or towns are owned by the Permanent School Fund.
HB 775 Caption: Relating to making it the duty of the State Highway Department to purchase and issue two license number plate locking devices with each set of license number plates, said locking devices to be used to attach the rear license number plate of all motor vehicles; providing a penalty for violating the provisions of this Act.
HB 776 Caption: Relating to providing for leasing school land by the owners of the soil as the agent of the State for production of oil and gas, relinquishing one-half the value of the royalty on the oil and gas, one-half of any sum paid in addition to royalty, and one-half of the annual rentals, and providing that such rentals be not less than twenty cents (20ยข) per acre.
HB 843 Caption: Relating to providing relief for the Highland Rural High School District, No. 8, of Nolan County, Texas, in replacing equipment destroyed by disastrous fire.
HB 873 Caption: Relating to making an emergency appropriation for the Leon River Conservation Project to be repaid out of the first moneys received.
HB 874 Caption: Relating to declaring that the State shall own an undivided interest in all land included within the field notes but in excess of the acreage sought to be conveyed in the patent from the State.
HB 881 Caption: Relating to providing a method for holding elections to determine whether turkeys shall be permitted to run at large in political subdivisions of Guadalupe, Hardeman, Gonzales, Wise and Eastland Counties.
45th 2nd Called Session
HB 151 Caption: Relating to ratifying, validating, and confirming all Waterworks System Revenue Refunding Bonds and all Sewer System Revenue Refunding Bonds heretofore authorized, issued, exchanged, and delivered by cities in Texas operating under the provisions of Special Charters and which refunding bonds have been heretofore validated and confirmed by a final decree of a United States District Court in Texas.
44th Regular Session
HB 340 Caption: Relating to validating all ad valorem tax levies made by certain cities and towns.
HB 409 Caption: Relating to creating an unemployment fund; providing for deposit and custodian; providing regular contributions and penalties.
HB 667 Caption: Relating to prohibiting persons from letting turkeys run at large; prescribing a penalty.
HB 727 Caption: Relating to regulating load and width limits on certain vehicles on public highways.
HB 728 Caption: Relating to providing that witness fees shall shall be allowed only to such witnesses as may have been summoned on a sworn, written application of the State's attorney or the defendant or his attorney.
HB 810 Caption: Relating to limiting the term of a lease for the purpose of drilling for oil and gas, making certain exceptions.
HB 811 Caption: Relating to providing for the forfeiture of oil and gas royalties not rendered for taxation.
44th 1st Called Session
HB 79 Caption: Relating to providing for the protection, welfare, and relief of aged persons in need and resident in the State of Texas; and prescribing penalties for the violation of the provisions of this Act.
HB 140 Caption: Relating to creating the Leon River flood Control District, a conservation and reclamation district, to be a governmental agency, body politic and corporate.
44th 2nd Called Session
HB 14 Caption: Relating to creating a system of old age assistance in Texas; creating the Texas Old Age Assistance Commission, prescribing their terms of office and qualifications and duties, and fixing their salaries; prescribing penalties.
44th 3rd Called Session
HB 11 Caption: Relating to creating an Unemployment Insurance System for the State of Texas.