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Legislation authored by Woodrow Wilson Roark

Includes legislation with Woodrow Wilson Roark as the primary author for the 47th through 49th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

49th Regular Session
HB 34 Caption: Relating to define chiropractic and chiropractor, and to regulate the practice of chiropractic; to create the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
HB 169 Caption: Relating to the regulation of the transportation of persons or property in intrastate commerce by aircraft.
HB 320 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes so as to provide that in the event the estate of a ward or wards shall consist of any cash money on deposit or United States Government securities and/or bonds or should consist of any proceeds of any life insurance policy due to said estate, then in the event the guardian's bond shall only be in the amount equal to the amount of cash money on deposit and/or the amount of any proceeds or funds due from any insurance policy, providing that if the insurance is payable in installments, the bond shall be equal to total amount of insurance paid each year.
HB 321 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes by providing for the purchase of a life insurance contract by the guardian and limiting the amount of the premium.
HB 464 Caption: Relating to safeguarding life and property from electrical hazards and the promotion of the welfare of the public; providing a penalty; providing a saving clause.
HB 467 Caption: Relating to regulating the business of lending amounts of $500.00 and less; providing certain exemptions; providing penalties for violation; providing a saving clause.
HB 551 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, association, partnership or co-partnership doing business in the State of Texas, to make any repair or repairs, perform any labor, use or install any part or parts or perform any service to the motor, body, or framework or any tire or tires or tube or tubes or to any part of any motor vehicle or vehicles, unless all of such repairs, labor, parts and all services, are authorized in writing by the owner or owners of said motor vehicle or vehicles, prior to said repairs being done or labor performed or parts used or installed or services rendered; providing a penalty.
HB 617 Caption: Relating to creating a Board of Adjustment for the purpose of passing on and adjusting all claims against the State.
HB 720 Caption: Relating to amending Article relating to Chiropractic; providing that the provisions of these Chapters shall not apply to Chiropractors duly licensed under the laws of this State who confine their practice strictly to Chiropractic as defined by Statutes and making certain other exceptions.
HB 774 Caption: Relating to authorizing the organization of cemetery monument associations to engage in the business of providing cemetery monuments and services in connection therewith by means of insurance benefits.
HB 785 Caption: Relating to empowering the Board of Insurance Commissioners of the State of Texas to license insurance General Agents, State Agents and Special Agents; making it unlawful to engage as a General Agent, State Agent or Special Agent without a license.
HB 802 Caption: Relating to amending certain Article relating to US bonds and bank stock as investment of certain insurance companies.
HB 885 Caption: Relating to creating a revolving fund for the Division of Soil Conservation of the Texas State Highway Commission, and defining its duties; making appropriations therefor.
HJR 59 Caption: Proposing an amendment so as to provide for the passing of laws prescribing qualifications of practitioners of the healing arts.
48th Regular Session
HB 10 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts dealing with the exemption of building material dealers from the chain store tax.
HB 89 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts providing for the use of sweet and natural gas for the manufacture of carbon black.
HB 118 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts by defining the term "Building Material."
HB 356 Caption: Relating to levying a tax on notes or other obligations secured by instruments filed in the offices of the County Clerks of Texas; providing a savings clause.
HB 362 Caption: Relating to fixing the salary and traveling expenses for County Commissioners in counties of not less than forty-four thousand, eight hundred (44,800) and not more than forty-four thousand, nine hundred (44,900) inhabitants according to the last preceding Federal census and having an assessed valuation exceeding Twenty Three Million ($23,000,000) Dollars according to the last approved tax rolls for the preceding year; repealing all laws and parts of laws in conflict.
HB 387 Caption: Relating to enacting the "Texas Package Store Act"; fixing a rule of construction; providing a saving clause; defining certain terms; prescribing a penalty for violation of the Act.
HB 576 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts to provide for the deposit of securities, or payment of taxes, fines, penalties, certificates of authority, valuation of policies, licenses, fees or assumption of other special burden by an insurance corporation, fraternal beneficiary society reciprocal exchange, or other concern transacting any kind or character of insurance business organized in a state, the laws of which require similar deposits, payments, or other special burden in said State by similar companies organized under the laws of the State of Texas which might seek to transact business in said State.
47th Regular Session
HB 109 Caption: Relating to amending the Revised Civil Statues relative to qualifications to vote.
HB 174 Caption: Relating to repealing certain acts of the General and Special Laws and the Revised Civil Statutes relative to defining and regulating the business of making loans in the amount of Five Hundred Dollars or less; to permit the licensing of persons engaged in such business; placing the administration of the act under the Banking Commissioner; prescribing certain penalties.
HB 359 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Article providing that loans insured by the Federal Housing Administrator may be made available to the public affected thereby.
HB 389 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Article relating to the authority of Notaries Public and requiring them to print or stamp their names under their signatures when signed in their official capacity.
HB 555 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Article of the Revised Civil Statutes by providing that a city poll tax shall not be required to vote in any election in this state except in city elections.
HB 821 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Article of the Revised Civil Statutes relating to the registration of births and deaths.
HB 977 Caption: Relating to requiring all persons, firms or corporations preparing abstracts of title for a fee shall provide a bond or insurance policy; providing a penalty.