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Legislation authored by Carlton Wesley Crawford

Includes legislation with Carlton Wesley Crawford as the primary author for the 49th through 50th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

50th Regular Session
HB 27 Caption: Relating to relieving the adverse effect on the State and embarrassment to its Public Agencies to which certain State taxes have been allocated by law, because of the failure to levy a State ad valorem tax for the General Revenue Fund in 1946; enacting other matters relating to the subject; containing a severability clause.
HB 379 Caption: Relating to amending amending a previous Act, for the purpose of conserving the game and fish resources of the territorial waters of the State of Texas; providing a penalty; providing a severance clause.
HB 380 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, to conserve the game and fish resources of the inland salt waters and the Gulf Coast of Texas by amending the Penal Code so as to provide certain restrictions, regulations and exemptions on the taking and sale of shrimp; providing a penalty; providing a severance clause.
HB 417 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful to construct, maintain, or operate a causeway on or across any tidewaters in this State without a permit from the Game, Fish and Oyster Commission of the State of Texas; providing the appropriate penalties for a violation of any provision of this Act.
HB 550 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act relative to remission of ad valorem taxes levied and collected for general State purposes, in Wharton County and Matagorda County.
HB 653 Caption: Relating to prohibiting firing of explosives in any tidal waters of this State without permit from Game, Fish and Oyster Commission; providing for applications therefor, for inspection of explosion site, for approval or rejection of application, issuance of permit, reimbursement of inspection expense, suitable penalty for violation of this act, rule of construction of this act.
HB 825 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, providing that where any tract of land has been divided into lots, that all of the owners of lots in said subdivision upon which taxes are due and delinquent may be joined in one suit for the collection of all delinquent taxes; providing that such provisions shall be cumulative of all other laws upon the same subject when not in direct conflict therewith.
HCR 65 Caption: Authorizing the Enrolling Clerk of the House to make corrections to H.B. No. 380.
49th Regular Session
HB 264 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation of Two Hundred and Fifty ($250.00) Dollars out of the Confederate Pension Fund to pay the claim of the Freeport National Bank-Freeport, Texas, evidences by certain warrants drawn against said fund and duly assigned to said bank by the respective persons to whom they were issued and which warrants consent now be paid by the State Treasurer because of the limitation provision for the presentment for payment contained in Article 4371, Revised Civil Statutes, as amended, upon approval by the Comptroller of Public Accounts and the Attorney General.
HB 408 Caption: Relating to granting the State General Fund ad valorem taxes to the Town of Freeport for a period of twenty years commencing September 1, 1945 and ending August 31, 1965; prescribing a penalty for the misapplication of funds.
HB 478 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes by providing that Levee Improvement Districts may embrace the area of any county or counties, or any part thereof, including towns, villages, or municipal corporations.
HB 568 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts by granting tax remission to the City of Palacios and Village of Collegeport, Matagorda County, Texas; providing a penalty for misapplication of the moneys thus donated.
HB 569 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes by providing that in counties having a population of twenty thousand and less than twenty-five thousand, according to the last preceding Federal Census the sheriff, assessor and collector of taxes, county judge, county attorney, including criminal district attorneys and county attorneys who perform the duties of district attorneys, district clerk and county clerk, each shall be paid in money an annual salary in twelve (12) equal installments of not less than the total sum earned as compensation by him in his official capacity for the fiscal year 1935 and not more than the total sum of Four Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars.
HB 570 Caption: Relating to authorizing cities and towns to acquire municipal quick freeze and storage plants.