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Legislation authored by James Robert Paxton

Includes legislation with James Robert Paxton as the primary author for the 52nd through 53rd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

53rd Regular Session
HB 231 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes relating to the requirements of persons, firms, or corporations drilling wells for a purpose other than for securing fresh water; requiring the filing of geological data; providing a penalty.
HB 232 Caption: Relating to amending statutes relative to compensation of the Commissioners and surveyors in partition suits.
HB 278 Caption: Relating to creating a Board of Managers for the Texas State Railroad as an agency of the State of Texas.
HB 348 Caption: Relating to the providing of fingerprint services by the Department of Public Safety and charging fees therefor in certain instances.
HB 433 Caption: Relating to providing for the exemption of the owners, licensees and operators of radio or television broadcasting stations and their agents and employees from damages for defamatory statements made over such stations by one other than such owner, licensee, or operator, or agent or employee unless such owner, licensee, operator or agent or employee failed to use due care to prevent such broadcast.
HB 466 Caption: Relating to validating oil and gas leases sold by the School Land Board and issued by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, under the seal of his office, covering areas within tidewater limits which were advertised and offered for lease on June 7, 1949, after advertisement for not less than thirty (30) days prior to June 6, 1949, in accordance with the law in effect; providing that the Act shall not apply to or affect any oil and gas leases sold and issued pursuant to said advertisement and lease sale date which are not otherwise valid and in force on the effective date of this Act.
HB 579 Caption: Relating to creating "Upper Neches River Municipal Water Authority," a Conservation and Reclamation District.
HB 665 Caption: Relating to vesting the Commissioner of Agriculture with exclusive control and jurisdiction of the weighing of certain grains; providing for penalties for violations of any of the provisions of this Act.
HB 894 Caption: Relating to appropriating the monies placed in the Texas State Railroad Special Fund for the purposes of hiring clerical help, travel expenses, audit expense, and all other actual and necessary expenses authorized by law.
HB 897 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Veterans' Land Board to invest moneys in the Veterans Land Fund in certain securities.
53rd 1st Called Session
HB 84 Caption: Relating to amending certain Act relating to contracts employing superintendents, principals, teachers, and other executive officers in certain school districts, so as to include all common school districts and all districts which are classified as common school districts.
HB 111 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation to the Water Resources Committee for the biennium ending August 31, 1955, stating certain conditions and restrictions on the expenditure of the funds.
52nd Regular Session
HB 780 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts prescribing the form of deposit warrants to be used by the Comptroller of Public Accounts.