Selected newspaper articles related to Carl Parker

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
He was my giant Beaumont Enterprise  Brent, K. 03/25/24
Former Southeast Texas political giant Carl Parker passes away 12 News  Staff 03/23/24
Port Arthur titan and longtime lawmaker Carl Parker passes away Port Arthur News  Staff 03/23/24
Remembering Carl A. Parker: Legendary retired state senator dies peacefully at home KFDM  Lawrence, S. 03/22/24
Remembering State Rep. Frank Collazo Jr. KFDM  Drawhorn, A. 12/20/23
Try putting more money into education system Beaumont Enterprise  Parker, C. 05/03/23
Texas needs to establish a state income tax effort Beaumont Enterprise  Parker, C. 09/20/22
Phelan's elevation to speaker is terrific for him and region Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 11/06/20
Harvey floods new areas as death toll rises Austin American Statesman  Wear, B. 08/31/17
4 battle for state Senate District 4 seat in Saturday's special election Houston Chronicle  Collier, K. 05/05/14
Gordy Bunch for State Senate, District 4 Houston Chronicle  Editorial 04/18/14
Ritter steps up leadership with key water bills Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 01/13/13
Session's cost to Texas taxpayers: $9.1 million Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 06/14/09
Utility releases financial data Austin American Statesman  Grisales, C. 11/09/07
Anti-global warming law not exactly new in Texas Houston Chronicle  Cappiello, D. 03/25/07
Craddick 'elated, humbled' over winning his third term as speaker Midland Reporter Telegram  Campbell, B. 01/14/07
House to resolve harsh race for speaker today San Antonio Express News  Sandberg, L. 01/09/07
Longtime speaker was kind but canny Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 01/08/07
A rebellion born of earlier win Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 01/07/07
At least they met for only 140 days Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 06/05/05
Crane law hangs in balance Houston Chronicle  Sixel, L. 05/13/05
In Austin, you can hear politicians say the looniest things Austin American Statesman  Garcia Jr., A. 03/26/05
Failed session prompts look at one that worked Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 05/19/04
Mauro, Soechting top list of candidates to lead state Democrats Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 10/21/03
Coleman, Mauro aim to direct state party Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 09/23/03
Hobby PAC donation came form dad's fund Houston Chronicle  A.P. Wire 08/31/98
Old campaign funds aiding current candidates Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 08/30/98
Lamar's components are building blocks Beaumont Enterprise  Parker, C. 03/22/98
Lamar Academy faces review Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 02/19/98
Stiles represented his district well Beaumont Enterprise    12/24/97
Obsolete constitution needs to be replaced Amarillo Globe-News    11/02/97
Prison builders walk thin line, some critics say Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 10/12/97
Decades-old wet-dry issue clear as mud Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Shlachter, B. 09/29/97
Court urged to dismiss Texas' tobacco lawsuit Dallas Morning News  Curriden, M. 04/15/97
Texas examines tax dollars, tap water and topless bars Beaumont Enterprise  Bledsoe, D. 03/17/97
Don't ration education Austin American Statesman    01/02/97
Ex-lawmakers put insight to practice Beaumont Enterprise  Brewer, S. 11/24/96
Trust in senator wanes after taping Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 10/16/96
Exits by politicians concern supporters Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 10/22/95
Political big guns influence contentious custody case Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 08/13/95
Sen. Bivins sitting pretty with new appointment Amarillo Globe-News  Kanelis, J. 06/23/95
Lawmakers find ethics rule murky Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 06/19/95
Bivins appointed to budget board Amarillo Globe-News    06/14/95
Governor taking credit while he can Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 06/04/95
They said it Austin American Statesman    05/31/95
140 days under the dome Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. 05/31/95
Nuclear waste bill rocketing through legislature Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 05/18/95
'Gov. Barrientos' remembers past Austin American Statesman  Elliot, D. 05/07/95
Parker, educators give TAAS mixed reviews Beaumont Enterprise  Gray, A. 05/07/95
Island-born state senator running Texas today Galveston Daily News    05/06/95
Panel delays LU merger action Beaumont Enterprise    05/02/95
No-pass, no-play revision lauded San Antonio Express News  Donegan, C. 03/30/95
Senate panel finances LU in full Beaumont Enterprise    03/28/95
Lawsuit reforms see year Beaumont Enterprise    03/26/95
Debate set on no-pass, no-play rule Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 03/26/95
Merger fight tests LU system Beaumont Enterprise    03/19/95
Plan draws scrutiny of influential senators Beaumont Enterprise    03/16/95
It is too soon to merge LU Beaumont Enterprise    03/12/95
Panel revamps Lamar budget Beaumont Enterprise    03/07/95
Stiles: LU decision is coming Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 02/21/95
Panel: Give JGI money to Lamar Beaumont Enterprise    02/17/95
Capitol focus Tyler Morning Telegraph  Floyd, T. 01/22/95
14 Republicans to take seats in Senate today Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Roser, M. 01/10/95
Texas Legislature '95 Austin American Statesman  Wear, B. 01/08/95
Audit raps A&M for wasting money Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 01/06/95
We pay more to lawmakers after they retire Press releases  Herman, K. 01/06/95
Gov.-elect Bush hoping to push buttons on 4 areas of reform Houston Post  Herman, K. 01/03/95
State's big issues loses a big voice in Parker Houston Chronicle    01/01/95
The voters want government out of their way, their pockets Houston Post  Casselberry, C. 12/26/94
Capitol gains Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 12/25/94
1994 brought big changes on political scene Beaumont Enterprise  Wright, A. 12/19/94
Legendary legislator Carl Parker closing shop after 31 years Houston Post    12/18/94
Bullock taps Republican to head Nominations Committee Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 12/14/94
High jobs in Senate go to GOP Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Roser, M. 12/14/94
Stiles: LU should cut bureaucracy Beaumont Enterprise    12/06/94
Speakers attack Cottle plan Beaumont Enterprise    12/02/94
Defeat claims effective lawmaker Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 12/01/94
A spirit of cooperation will serve Texas best Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 11/24/94
Parker keeps wit sharpened Houston Post    11/24/94
New senator, LU faculty talk Beaumont Enterprise    11/22/94
Restriction necessary Amarillo Daily News    11/18/94
Republican power will change politics of Texas a great deal Houston Post  Chambers, J. 11/17/94
Return power to the states? Including Texas? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 11/15/94
The king of clout Houston Chronicle  McKay, P. 11/13/94
Bush, top Democrats on same page Houston Post  Herman, K. 11/13/94
Sibley to join panel on telecom Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 11/12/94
Democrats barely maintain edge in Texas Legislature Abilene Reporter-News  Dietz, K. 11/10/94
Newcomer silences Sen. Parker's well-known thunder Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 11/10/94
Galloway: Parker didn't fit in district Beaumont Enterprise    11/10/94
House, Senate GOP increases ranks in Texas Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 11/10/94
GOP adds 2 to clout in Austin Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzalez, J. 11/10/94
A dramatic change in the Senate Houston Chronicle    11/10/94
A 29-year-old takes Parker's 17-year job Houston Chronicle  Rendon, R. 11/10/94
Parker concedes defeat Beaumont Enterprise    11/09/94
Patterson leads for state Senate Houston Chronicle  Robinson, J. 11/09/94
Carl Parker holding off challenger Houston Post  Harper, S. 11/09/94
Parker, Soileau lead in campaign finances Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 11/06/94
SW Bell offers to leave intact rate agreement Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 11/04/94
Richards slams Bush at OC campaign stop Beaumont Enterprise  Shockley, R. 11/04/94
Richards stumps for Bubba's vote Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 11/04/94
Budgeting idea won't help Texas Beaumont Enterprise    10/31/94
State pays $1.5 million because of hearing error Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 10/29/94
Parker, Soileau deserve victories Beaumont Enterprise    10/26/94
Candidates compete for state Senate seats Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 10/25/94
'Education First' would restrict the budget Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 10/23/94
School funding Houston Chronicle    10/22/94
Schools need money first, Parker says Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 10/20/94
Proposal would require schools to be funded first Dallas Morning News    10/20/94
Amendment proposal gives schools top priority Houston Chronicle  Walt, K. 10/20/94
Lawmaker wants amendment Valley Morning Star  Dailey, R. 10/20/94
State senate seats Houston Chronicle    10/08/94
TYC project shows cost of mistaken estimates Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 10/03/94
State slapping liens on tax-shy lawyers Houston Post  Lenz, M. 09/21/94
State slaps liens on deadbeat lawyers San Antonio Express News    09/21/94
Legislators working even while on break Wichita Falls Record News  Bullock, R. 09/19/94
Senate reclaims elegance Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 09/18/94
Parker letter condemns workers' comp secrecy Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 09/15/94
Workers' compensation battle looms Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 09/14/94
Improvements aside, new comp system battle due Tyler Morning Telegraph    09/07/94
Gov. Richards slams Bush Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 09/06/94
Election campaign goes into high gear Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzalez, J. 09/05/94
Lawmakers not twiddling their thumbs Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bullock, R. 08/12/94
Legislators working hard to prepare for session Amarillo Daily News  Bullock, R. 08/10/94
Few easy answers to ethical questions Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 07/24/94
Texas should adopt Bivins' ethics reform Amarillo Daily News    07/18/94
Legislature Corpus Christi Caller Times    07/16/94
Lawyer-lawmakers shouldn't practice before state agencies Austin American Statesman    07/12/94
State senator again seeks amendment to ethics bill Houston Chronicle    07/11/94
Proposed bill sets limits on representation Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Robbins, M. 07/10/94
Ex-OC representative, Clyde Haynes, dies at 69 Beaumont Enterprise    07/08/94
78 hours, 65 dead Austin American Statesman  Banta, B. 07/06/94
State school finance debate to continue Laredo Morning Times  Zaffirini, J. 06/26/94
Parker: Regents must use wisdom Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 06/24/94
Spirit of Aggieland is troubled Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 06/20/94
Chairman: Jackson has earned honor Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 06/19/94
Scofflawyers Corpus Christi Caller Times    06/10/94
Local lawyers are on state's tax list Waco Tribune Herald  England, M. 06/09/94
'Intolerable and unacceptable' Amarillo Daily News  Robbins, M. 06/08/94
Senator decries lawyers who skip occupation tax Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 06/08/94
Parker derides lawyers Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 06/08/94
Lawyers failing to pay state fee Dallas Morning News    06/08/94
Parker taxed by deadbeat lawyers Houston Chronicle    06/08/94
Openess in adoptions improves the process Laredo Morning Times  Zaffirini, J. 06/05/94
Advocate: local reps are split over ethics Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 06/03/94
Tightening the loopholes Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 05/31/94
Parker says law did little: others differ Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 05/30/94
Consumer adviser urges caution on phone rules Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 05/06/94
A&M officials say upcoming audit not a problem Bryan Eagle  Rice, M. 05/05/94
State senator's request leads to early audit at Texas A&M Fort Worth Star-Telegram    05/05/94
Dallas banker appointed as A&M regent Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 05/05/94
State to audit Texas A&M, system management San Antonio Express News    05/05/94
Senator spurs audit of Texas A&M, system Austin American Statesman  Talley, O. 05/04/94
State set to begin A&M audit Dallas Morning News  Talley, O. 05/04/94
Lawmakers praise Lamar Beaumont Enterprise  Castillo, J. 04/08/94
Mattox speaks to Democrats Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 03/27/94
PUC vote on alternative energy forms is delayed Houston Chronicle    03/24/94
Regents' decision was right Beaumont Enterprise    03/16/94
Republicans run tight race for senate Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 03/09/94
Newcomers seek bout with Parker Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 02/19/94
Politics doesn't belong in courts Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 02/11/94
Parker receives Julie Rogers award Beaumont Enterprise  Mayes, P. 02/09/94
Incumbents build a lead in donations Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 02/07/94
Ugly smear exposes judicial irony Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Denton, T. 02/06/94
Parker is right about aliens Beaumont Enterprise    01/18/94
Sunset panel's reach will likely be limited Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 01/16/94
Senate battles forecast Austin American Statesman  Knaggs, J. 01/15/94
Help for immigrants unpopular El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 01/13/94
Parker urges Texas to join suit to recover costs of illegal aliens Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 01/08/94
LU names finalists for institute Beaumont Enterprise    01/04/94
Lamar considers options Beaumont Enterprise    12/12/93
Committees to address issues left unresolved Amarillo Daily News  Robbins, M. 11/17/93
Stiles, Parker rank second in Austin poll Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 11/12/93
Voters want final word on income tax decision Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 11/04/93
Crawford credits family with helping shape career Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 11/02/93
Umphrey likes work on wildlife board Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 10/31/93
Hutchison lawyers want access to grand jury Austin American Statesman  White, J. 10/29/93
Governor reappoints Parker to board Beaumont Enterprise    10/22/93
Parker stresses health care to business leaders Beaumont Enterprise  Rucker, R. 10/12/93
Outside legal help costs state millions each year Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 10/02/93
Cottle takes university to the town Beaumont Enterprise    10/02/93
Residents honor Parker for Rollover Pass Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 09/26/93
Governor's race beginning Amarillo Daily News  Williams, L. 09/23/93
Legislators receive local honor Beaumont Enterprise  Shockley, R. 09/18/93
Bullock appoints 5 state senators to telecommunication committees Dallas Morning News    09/18/93
Parker will chair 2 interim panels Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 09/16/93
New insurance law will help small companies save money Houston Post  Eckstein, D. 09/12/93
Picnic speakers disagree on NAFTA Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 09/07/93
The dean Corpus Christi Caller Times    09/07/93
Senate veteran Harris calls it quits; Parker decides to seek re-election Austin American Statesman  Rothschild, S. 09/02/93
Senator will run again Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 09/02/93
Truan could become the dean of the Senate Corpus Christi Caller Times  McGee, A. 09/02/93
Harris to retire from state Senate Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzalez, J. 09/02/93
He has his faults, but that's politics Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 09/02/93
Parker will run for re-election; Harris will not Houston Chronicle  Stewart, R. 09/02/93
Harris may leave Senate Dallas Morning News  Jackson, D. 09/01/93
Parker will say today if he plans to run again Houston Chronicle  Stewart, R. 09/01/93
Panel: LU is on mend, but still needs repairs Beaumont Enterprise    08/31/93
Parker will tell plans Wednesday Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 08/31/93
Legislators will examine university Beaumont Enterprise    08/29/93
Terms of endearment--not Dallas Morning News  Pederson, R. 08/29/93
Proving Texas doesn't need term limits Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 08/29/93
Lamar will suffer if Parker retires Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 08/27/93
Retirement tempts Parker Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 08/22/93
Friends want senator to stay Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 08/22/93
Jail jobs reflect Texas' crime rate Beaumont Enterprise    08/19/93
Parker looking at life beyond Texas Senate Houston Post    08/16/93
What would the Senate be like without Parker? Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 08/15/93
Stiles won't try for Parker's seat Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 08/06/93
Lawsuit casts net over Texas politics Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 08/01/93
Parker seeks reason to run Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 08/01/93
Parker says he may retire from Senate Dallas Morning News    07/30/93
Sen. Carl Parker says the end may be near Austin American Statesman    07/29/93
Parker ponders future Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 07/29/93
Battle isn't over Dallas Morning News    07/19/93
A great step forward in health insurance Galveston Daily News  Martin, M. 07/13/93
Again, it's better to sink than swim in red ink Houston Chronicle  Pike, D. 07/13/93
Defining moment Dallas Morning News  Lewis, M. 07/12/93
Session is incomplete without highs, lows Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 07/08/93
Redistricting plan's pre-approval withdrawn by Justice Department Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 01/05/92
Parker, Lewis see different paths to conclusion Port Arthur News    08/31/86
Filibuster to block rules on shrimping stops Senate cold Austin American Statesman  Hailey, M. 04/30/85
Talkathon blocks bill to regulate shrimping Dallas Morning News    04/30/85
Truan filibusters bill that would regulate shrimp, oyster fishing Valley Morning Star  Fikac, P. 04/30/85
4-hour Senate filibuster halts action on shrimp, oyster bill Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 04/26/85
Filibuster wins offshore accord Beaumont Enterprise  Monger, J. 05/11/83
Texas Senate votes to limit annexation of Gulf waters Corpus Christi Caller Times    05/11/83
Compromise after filibuster gives cities partial rule in Gulf Houston Post  Bonavita, F. 05/11/83
Killer Bees' hive on quiet Tarrytown street Austin American Statesman  Kelly, L. 05/25/79
A Bee's life not lonely one Austin American Statesman  Kelly, L. 05/24/79
Great beehunt Austin American Statesman  Baker, J. 05/20/79
Filibusters in Senate complain of 'gag' tactics Houston Post  West, F. 04/05/79
Senators summon sneakers, booze Austin American Statesman    04/04/79
Senators filibuster consumer bill Dallas Morning News    04/04/79
Senators filibuster consumer protection law attack Dallas Times Herald  Tiede, S. 04/04/79
Consumer protection filibuster is shut down Houston Chronicle  Fish, R. 04/04/79
Filibuster halts action in Senate on consumer bill Houston Post  West, F. 04/04/79
Spilled milk thwarts filibuster bluster Austin American Statesman    05/27/77
Gus considers 4 for speaker Austin American  Staff 09/29/71
Legislature may end row, consider money problem Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 04/16/67
Legislature trains spotlight on Constitutional revision Houston Post  West, F. 04/16/67
Compensation bills grow Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kinch, S. 03/05/67
Job mishaps high in state Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Turnock, C. 03/05/67
Decisions cast shadow on redistricting plan Austin American  A.P. Wire 02/02/67
Legislature draws Congressional seats Dallas News  Staff 07/01/65
Politically speaking, the news is usually rampant Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, John  02/21/92
Lamar honors Parker by renaming building Beaumont Enterprise  Deggs-Cariker, Debora  01/21/92
Paving new 'street bowl' Houston Chronicle    01/16/92
Sierra Club honors 3 state lawmakers Houston Post    10/09/91
Parker chosen to serve on state panels Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, John  08/29/91
Parker's influence grows in Austin Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, John  06/02/91
Texas senator will defend UTEP quarterback on drug charges El Paso Times  Williams, Lee  05/30/91
Demo caucus elects Parker as chairman Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  01/31/91
Parker may quit education post Austin American Statesman  Elliot, David  12/07/90
Parker downplays rumors he'll leave education panel Beaumont Enterprise  Brown, Rick  12/02/90
Demos grill GOP at Parker barbecue Beaumont Enterprise  Viator, Lisa  09/04/90
Parker to serve on task force on education Beaumont Enterprise    08/22/90
Parker takes post on state budget board Beaumont Enterprise    01/27/90
Parker joins school finance task force Beaumont Enterprise    10/05/89
Carl Parker's prints all over work of Texas Senate Laredo Morning Times  Cullen, James  06/11/89
Parker's fingerprints are all over Senate's spring work Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  06/08/89
Parker plays lead role in major issues Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  06/04/89
Beneath the bluster, the dedication shows Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  05/07/89
Lawmaker's style costly but effective Austin American Statesman  Graves, Debbie  04/02/89
Coalition protests AIDS joke Austin American Statesman  Hailey, Mike  03/17/89
Parker: AIDS quip 'probably' was bad joke Beaumont Enterprise  Brown, Rick  03/17/89
Senator's 'joke' sparks protest Dallas Times Herald    03/17/89
Capitol rally targets senator's AIDS joke Houston Post  Gravois, John  03/17/89
Parker says joke taken out of context Austin American Statesman  Graves, Debbie  03/16/89
Parker lambastes AIDS joke reports Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R.G.  03/16/89
AIDS joke is told by legislator Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R.G.  03/15/89
DA won't appeal Parker files ruling Beaumont Enterprise  Sohlinger, Helen  03/09/89
Judge's papers explain erasure of Parker's Happy Times files Beaumont Enterprise  Sohlinger, Helen  01/20/89
Carl Parker to serve on education committee Beaumont Enterprise    07/27/88
Parker celebrates 25 years in office Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  01/31/88
Politicians criticize state policies, prisons Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  12/18/87
Senator signs 2 bills while acting governor Austin American Statesman    04/26/87
Parker governs Texas for a day Beaumont Enterprise  Warren, Jim  04/26/87
Parker governor for day Port Arthur News  Pettit, Glenda  04/26/87
Man held after asking senator for $20,000 for videotape Austin American Statesman    03/13/87
Man jailed in extortion plot against senator Dallas Morning News    03/13/87
Parker claims hostile police force prompted extortion call Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  03/13/87
Demands $20,000 Beaumont Enterprise  Tramel, Fred  03/12/87
Parker alleged target of extortion attempt Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  03/12/87
Enigmatic senator is tough man to match wits with Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R.G.  02/01/87
'Court jester' given state's 3rd-highest job Houston Post  Bonavita, Fred  02/01/87
Peers pick Parker president pro tem Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  01/14/87
Carl Parker is seleted Senate president pro tem Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R.G.  01/14/87
Parker tells town meeting to expect higher taxes Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  12/12/86
Crime, education highlight Parker bills Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  12/10/86
Schools, justice changes top Parker's list Port Arthur News  Abrahms, Doug  12/10/86
Sen. Parker seeks to clear arrest record Dallas Morning News    08/28/86
Judge considers erasing Parker records Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  08/26/86
Judge to decide fate of Parker arrest records Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  08/26/86
Good representation depends on feedback Beaumont Enterprise    03/06/86
Parker goes to head of class at elementary Beaumont Enterprise  Hughes, Clyde  03/05/86
Parker . . . Port Arthur News  Pettit, Glenda  03/05/86
Mattox calls Happy Times grand jury's actions proper Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  02/07/86
Lawyers' group donates to Parker defense fund Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  02/07/86
Legal questions remain open Port Arthur News    01/23/86
Court of inquiry may resurrect Parker case Houston Chronicle  Verboon, Jon  01/19/86
Parker survives year under scrutiny Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  12/29/85
McGrath, Parker attorney postpone hearing requesting purge of files Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  11/14/85
Hearing to purge Parker files postponed Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  11/14/85
Judge to be appointed in Parker purge request Port Arthur News    11/09/85
PA refuses to purge police files on Parker Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  10/30/85
Senator still being hurt by drug, porn charges San Antonio Express News    10/21/85
Carl Parker walks the line Dallas Morning News  Blow, Steve  10/20/85
Parker wants arrest records purged Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  10/18/85
Probe's cost estimated at $70,000 Dallas Morning News    10/11/85
Happy Times case cost county at least $70,000 Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  10/10/85
Our opinions Port Arthur News    09/30/85
Senator hails lack of charge by grand jury Austin American Statesman    09/29/85
'War games' leave county battle scars Beaumont Enterprise    09/29/85
Cloud still hangs over justice system Beaumont Enterprise    09/29/85
Colleagues hail clearing of Sen. Parker Dallas Morning News    09/29/85
Parker attorney says jury confirmed what he knew from the start Beaumont Enterprise  Alloway, Pam  09/28/85
Legislators applaud jury decision Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  09/28/85
Special grand jury clears Parker Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  09/28/85
Grand jury declines to indict Parker Dallas Times Herald    09/28/85
3rd Jefferson grand jury clears Parker Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  09/28/85
Senator no-billed in X-rated films case Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  09/28/85
Parker cleared by jury Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  09/28/85
Parker in spotlight of politics 25 years Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  09/28/85
Mattox appears before Happy Times grand jury Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  09/27/85
Parker investigator quits Dallas Morning News    09/25/85
Chief investigator in Parker case moves to different job Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  09/24/85
Inmate fears for life, blames ex-investigator for DA Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  09/22/85
County officials refuse Happy Times testimony Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  09/12/85
Buglary brings case of Port Arthur lawmaker to Austin Austin American Statesman  Copelin, Laylan  08/18/85
Fund-raising event nets parker $40,000 to aid with legal costs Beaumont Enterprise    08/01/85
Friends help Parker raise defense fund Fort Worth Star-Telegram    08/01/85
Gifts aid senator in vice case Austin American Statesman  Copelin, Laylan  07/31/85
Happy Times grand jury finds calm before storm Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  07/31/85
Parker jury hears first witnesses Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  07/20/85
Johnson to lead Parker probe Houston Chronicle    07/17/85
Happy Times prosecutor sees no difficulties Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  07/16/85
AG-appointed Happy Times prosecutor withdraws Beaumont Enterprise  Rogers, Jim  07/13/85
Parker probe to conclude in 6 weeks, DA reveals Houston Post    07/13/85
Jailer won't participate in Parker grand jury Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  07/12/85
Happy Times case to have 11 jurors Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  07/12/85
Jailer won't be removed from Parker grand jury Dallas Times Herald    07/11/85
King refuses to remove jailer juror Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  07/10/85
Judge won't remove jailer from Parker's grand jury Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  07/10/85
Judge denies Happy Times motions Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  07/09/85
Judge asked to get out of Parker case Port Arthur News    07/02/85
Grand jury to review case again Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  07/01/85
Jim Mattox tackles problem head-on Beaumont Enterprise    06/04/85
Judge delays start of Parker inquiry Beaumont Enterprise    06/04/85
Parker case: Judge King gets ready to impanel special jury at Texas attorney general's request Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  06/01/85
Parker case to be probed for 3rd time Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  06/01/85
Parker case up 3rd time Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  06/01/85
State looks at review of senator Austin American Statesman  Copelin, Laylan  05/31/85
Mattox offers grand jury aid in Parker investgation Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/31/85
Mattox help asked in Parker probe Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  05/31/85
Grand jury renews Parker investigation Beaumont Enterprise    05/30/85
3rd inquiry by grand jury set on Sen. Parker Austin American Statesman    05/25/85
McGrath plans to reopen Parker probe Beaumont Enterprise  Halliburton, Suzanne  05/25/85
Grand jury to probe Parker again Dallas Morning News    05/25/85
Grand Jury asks help in Parker probe Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  05/25/85
Parker faces third grand jury Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/25/85
The DA's handling of Parker proves change is needed Beaumont Enterprise    05/19/85
Cloud stays over Parker despite dismissal of case Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  05/19/85
Judge rejects indictment against Parker investigator Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/16/85
Judge pushes court of inquiry Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/16/85
McGrath may drop Parker probe Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/16/85
2nd case on senator dismissed Austin American Statesman  Brenner, Margo  05/15/85
Parker: fight takes toll on legal practice Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  05/15/85
Parker's colleagues, staff welcome news of dismissal Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  05/15/85
Judge lifts charges against Sen. Parker Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, George  05/15/85
Judge throws out Parker indictments Dallas Times Herald  Larson, Peter  05/15/85
Sen. Parker free of charges but fears more legal attacks Fort Worth Star-Telegram    05/15/85
Parker indictments dismissed agaim Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  05/15/85
Sen. Parker's indictments dismissed Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  05/15/85
Parker indictments tossed out by judge Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/15/85
Public should push inquiry Port Arthur News    05/15/85
Juror's residency may sink Parker case Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/14/85
Parker indictments challenged Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  05/14/85
Ex-juror shakes Parker case Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/14/85
Maverick Parker fights through controversy in Senate Austin American Statesman  Hailey, Mike  05/05/85
Parker defense wants dismissal Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/04/85
Investigator's lawyers ask to review grand jury testimony Dallas Morning News    04/27/85
Parker charge dismissal sought Port Arthur News    04/20/85
Parker's defense requests list of witnesses Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  04/18/85
Defense motions allege flaws in Parker case Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  04/18/85
Dismissal in Parker case asked Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  04/04/85
Double whammy Dallas Times Herald  Drummond, Bob  04/01/85
Parker's case begs for fair treatment Beaumont Enterprise    03/29/85
Probe sought into Parker's allegations Dallas Morning News    03/28/85
Inquiry into Parker indictment delayed Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  03/28/85
McGrath dares Parker 'to put up or shut up' Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  03/27/85
Jefferson County DA pushes inquiry, tells Sen. Parker to 'put up or shut up' Houston Post  Stewart, Richard  03/27/85
DA challenges Parker to 'put up or shut up' Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  03/27/85
DA: Parker invited to court of inquiry Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  03/27/85
Despite indictments, Parker and Collazo return to Legislature Beaumont Enterprise  Rasp, Gary  03/26/85
Judge excuses himself from Sen. Parker case Houston Chronicle    03/26/85
Parker fights back against justice system Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  03/24/85
Parker hurls charges Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  03/24/85
Indictment was work of 'clique,' Parker says Dallas Morning News    03/24/85
Parker says 'law enforcement clique' behind his indictments Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  03/24/85
Parker target of vendetta: lawyer Houston Post  Loddeke, Leslie  03/24/85
Parker says he's conspiracy victim Port Arthur News  Taschinger, Thomas  03/24/85
2nd round of charges hits Parker Austin American Statesman  Brenner, Margo  03/23/85
State Sen. Parker indicted on cocaine, porn charges Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, George  03/23/85
Legislator faces drug, obscenity charges Dallas Times Herald    03/23/85
Senator Parker indicted Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  03/23/85
Sen. Parker indicted again in Beaumont Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  03/23/85
Parker indicted on drug charges Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  03/23/85
Parker indictment: 21 acts Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  03/23/85
Investigator for state senator is indicted Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  03/22/85
New indictments stun Parker's staff, political friends Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  03/20/85
Holdover grand jury determines Parker's fate Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  03/20/85
Holdover jury indicts Parker on 2 charges Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  03/20/85
Parker declines request to appear before grand jury Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  03/13/85
JP arraigns man on tampering charge Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  02/06/85
Parker's detective faces witness-tampering charge Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  02/06/85
Ex-Parker witness claims tampering Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  02/06/85
Parker blames legal problems on conduct of police officers Dallas Morning News    01/10/85
Parker: 'show business cops' Houston Post    01/10/85
Warrant in Parker case upheld by state judge Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  01/09/85
Sen. Parker's ex-partner denied bid Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  01/05/85
Judge extends term of jury investigating Parker Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  12/18/84
House panel says it lacks time for inquiry Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hastings, Karen  12/04/84
Parker case change needed Port Arthur News    12/02/84
Inquiry into lie test use is sought in Parker case Austin American Statesman  Anthony, Linda  11/30/84
2nd grand jury to review case of Sen. Parker Austin American Statesman  Anthony, Linda  11/22/84
Witness charge is considered in Parker case Austin American Statesman  Anthony, Linda  11/22/84
DA wants jury to hear Parker case Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/22/84
DA to ask panel to reindict Parker Dallas Morning News  Fish, Richard  11/22/84
DA will take Parker case to a new grand jury Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  11/22/84
Grand jury investigating Parker anew Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  11/22/84
Parker says he expected scars Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  11/18/84
Lie test inquiry is sought Austin American Statesman  Anthony, Linda  11/17/84
Harassment not focus of inmate's lie test Dallas Times Herald  Ellis, Virginia  11/17/84
State official questioning ethics of polygraph test in Parker case Port Arthur News  Anthony, Linda  11/17/84
Questions linger from Parker case Beaumont Enterprise    11/16/84
White defends inmate questioning Houston Chronicle    11/16/84
Dropped charges don't solve case Houston Post  West, Felton  11/16/84
State senator hails dismissal of sex charges Austin American Statesman  Copelin, Laylan  11/15/84
Parker allies exult, worry about future Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  11/15/84
Judge drops Parker indictments Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/15/84
Parker charges dismissed Dallas Morning News  Fish, Richard  11/15/84
Judge drops charges against Sen. Parker Dallas Times Herald  Rice, Dale  11/15/84
Judge nullifies Parker charges Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  11/15/84
Parker indictment is quashed Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  11/15/84
Convict fears loss of parole Houston Chronicle  Klimko, Frank  11/15/84
Parker case may be far from over Houston Post  King, Fred  11/15/84
Grand jurors mixed on outcome of Parker case Port Arthur News  Slasman, Peggy  11/15/84
DA reviews Parker case for options Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  11/15/84
Prison official's act needs fullest probe Austin American Statesman    11/14/84
Parker would have contested six jurors Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/14/84
Parker testifies at his trial Dallas Times Herald    11/14/84
Grand jurors may have been biased, Sen. Parker testifies Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  11/14/84
Inmate first concern: McDade Houston Post  King, Fred  11/14/84
Prison official confirms intervening for senator Austin American Statesman  Anthony, Linda  11/13/84
Official accuses authorities of pressuring Parker witness Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  11/13/84
Official defends seeking polygraph exam for inmate Dallas Morning News  Bounds, Mary  11/13/84
Prison official says lie test criticism unfair, unfounded Dallas Times Herald  Ellis, Virginia  11/13/84
Parker setup alleged Houston Post  King, Fred  11/13/84
TDC's board position used to help Parker Port Arthur News  Anthony, Linda  11/13/84
Quash indictments, Parker lawyers ask Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  11/13/84
Prison board member: no wrongdoing in asking lie detector test for inmate San Antonio Express News    11/13/84
Investigation of Sen. Parker began in '83 Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/12/84
Parker witness queried Port Arthur News  Anthony, Linda  11/12/84
TDC looking at alleged lie detector test tip-off Houston Post    11/11/84
Prison lie test raises question Austin American Statesman  Anthony, Linda  11/10/84
TDC official's role in lie test questioned Dallas Times Herald  Ellis, Virginia  11/10/84
Parker case needs special prosecutor Beaumont Enterprise    11/09/84
Parker case gets new judge Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/07/84
McGrath says inquiry should clear the air Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/06/84
Sen. Parker's attorneys ask if jury still probing client Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/06/84
Parker case judge disqualifies himself Dallas Morning News    11/06/84
Court hearing set today on Parker indictments Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/05/84
Judge gives up Parker case Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  11/05/84
Gist makes proper move in Parker case Beaumont Enterprise    11/03/84
Parker attorneys question inquiry request Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  11/03/84
Parker indictments to be probed Dallas Morning News    11/03/84
Parker requests new judge Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  11/03/84
Parker's allegations of juror bias to be probed Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  11/03/84
McGrath asks inquiry on jury allegations Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  11/02/84
Court of inquiry to investigate jury bias in Sen. Parker case Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  11/02/84
Court of inquiry will probe grand jury abuse allegations Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  11/02/84
Parker's grand jury challenged Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  10/31/84
Parker pleads innocent Dallas Morning News    10/30/84
Parker says investigators threatened witnesses against him Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  10/30/84
Arraignment of Sen. Parker will display role reversal Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  10/29/84
Parker arraignment scheduled Monday Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  10/28/84
Parker suspected probe before grand jury met Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  10/25/84
Parker motion raises bias rule issue Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  10/24/84
Parker's attorneys want witness list to prove argument Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  10/24/84
Judge asked to lift Parker indictments Dallas Morning News    10/24/84
State senator's attorney calls grand jury biased Dallas Times Herald    10/24/84
Parker attorneys have information Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  10/24/84
Parker attorneys ask indictments be set aside Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  10/23/84
Lawyers raise questions about indictment of Parker Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  10/23/84
Parker lawyers say grand jurors biased Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  10/23/84
Parker proves 2nd target for informant Tweedel Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  10/16/84
Fund drive begun to aid Sen. Parker Houston Chronicle    09/28/84
Parker defense fund draws 40 volunteers Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  09/28/84
Two lawyers raise money for Parker's trial defense Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  09/27/84
Grand jury won't reindict Sen. Parker Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  09/26/84
Parker proves he's a fighter Beaumont Enterprise  Levinson, Brian  09/22/84
Gist says he may try Parker case Port Arthur News    09/17/84
Tangled web Dallas Morning News  Fish, Richard  09/16/84
Sen. Parker's indictments traced Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  09/16/84
Parker, McGrath have aired their differences Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  09/16/84
Grand jurors say case not political Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  09/16/84
Records show man linked to Parker case was inmate Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  09/15/84
DA pursues Parker probe Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  09/15/84
Town divided on allegations against Parker Dallas Times Herald  Curtis, Tom  09/15/84
Parker had similar perjury indictment quashed in 1980 Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  09/15/84
Judicial system, Parker face trial Port Arthur News  Copelin, Laylan  09/15/84
Sen. Parker is facing revised perjury count Austin American Statesman  Sohlinger, Helen  09/14/84
Parker case needs special prosecutor Beaumont Enterprise    09/14/84
Sen. Parker's whereabouts contradict indictment Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  09/14/84
Hyper-senator Dallas Times Herald    09/14/84
Questions surface in Parker indictment Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  09/14/84
Sen. Parker quieted by charges Houston Chronicle  Smith, Glenn  09/14/84
Mistake in date possibly flaws Parker indictment Houston Post  Freelander, Douglas  09/14/84
Lawmaker denies guilt in sex case Austin American Statesman  Copelin, Laylan  09/13/84
Sen. Parker will plead not guilty to all charges Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  09/13/84
McGrath defines charges against senator Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  09/13/84
Parker gets colleague support in facing sex, perjury charges Beaumont Enterprise    09/13/84
Parker says he will be cleared of porn, prostitution charges Dallas Morning News  Fish, Richard  09/13/84
Parker says he'll be cleared Dallas Times Herald  Curtis, Tom  09/13/84
Indictment surprises city legislators El Paso Herald Post  Ortolon, Ken  09/13/84
Constituents give Parker support Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  09/13/84
Parker's indictment is called ridiculous Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  09/13/84
Indictments political, Parker hints in remarks Houston Post  Bonavita, Fred  09/13/84
Parker's loss would hit Senate hard Houston Post  West, Felton  09/13/84
Reserve judgment Port Arthur News    09/13/84
Parker denies charges San Antonio Express News    09/13/84
State Sen. Carl Parker is indicted in sex case Austin American Statesman    09/12/84
Indictment leaves Parker's political future in question Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  09/12/84
Grand jury's probe began with Lee raid Beaumont Enterprise    09/12/84
Sen. Parker faces charge of promoting prostitution Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  09/12/84
Veteran lawmaker indicted Dallas Morning News  Fish, Richard  09/12/84
Senator's indictment stuns associates Dallas Morning News  Nichols, Bruce  09/12/84
Sen. Parker indicted in porn case Dallas Times Herald  Rice, Dale  09/12/84
'They're knocking him off' Dallas Times Herald  Ellis, Virginia  09/12/84
Witty Parker also has serious side Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tiede, Saralee  09/12/84
Sen. Parker indicted on charge of promotion of prostitution Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  09/12/84
Felony indictment names Parker Houston Post    09/12/84
Parker proclaims innocence Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  09/12/84
Parker spotlighted for 25 years Port Arthur News  Slasman, Peggy  09/12/84
Senator indicted in bordello probe San Antonio Express News    09/12/84
Parker to testify in porno probe Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  09/07/84
Sen. Parker denies role in porno ring Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  07/28/84
McGrath denies special treatment Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  07/28/84
Parker charges he's being harassed Beaumont Enterprise  Mccasland, Glenn  07/21/84
State senator not 'source,' Parker, Ivey say Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  04/17/84
Parker shares legislative limelight Austin American Statesman  Kelly, Lee  02/28/84
Peveto, Parker influence government, group says Beaumont Enterprise    09/19/83
Interns never too old to learn Beaumont Enterprise  Monger, Janis  04/06/83
Parker's role in Texas legislature, education panel not easily defined Midland Reporter Telegram  Baker, Kathryn  03/26/83
Parker: liberal good ol' boy Beaumont Enterprise  Baker, Kathryn  02/27/83
Counties not equipped for indigent care, Parker says Port Arthur News  Cline, Janet  10/02/82
Parker to be PAHA attorney Port Arthur News    12/17/81
Wit spices senator's colorful oratories Dallas Morning News    03/29/81
Humor Port Arthur News    03/29/81
Texans in ranks of foreign agents Dallas Times Herald  Mcdaniel, Ann  07/26/80
Parker seeks 4th term in Senate Beaumont Enterprise    01/29/80
Dignitaries abound for Sen. Parker benefit Beaumont Enterprise  Englade, Sharon  10/03/79
Good Parker bills vetoed by Clements Port Arthur News    08/01/79
Parker slams 'paltry' teacher pay Port Arthur News  Hull, Barbara  06/08/79
Parker's scorecard for session shows lot of pluses Beaumont Enterprise  Howard, Donald  06/03/79
Parker sends Clements scathing letter Beaumont Enterprise  Wallis, Michael  12/15/78
Legislator raps Clements' tax cut claim Dallas Morning News    12/15/78
Senator lashes Clements' vow to reduce taxes Houston Post    12/15/78
Parker pledges help with state center drive Beaumont Enterprise  Canino, Tony  11/28/78
Parker says he will seek re-election Beaumont Enterprise  Verboon, Jon  09/20/78
Reception will honor Parker Beaumont Enterprise    09/10/78
Parker blasts session for 'little tax reform' Beaumont Enterprise  Monger, Janis  09/06/78
Parker laying groundwork for revitalizing inner city Port Arthur News  Martinez, Carolyn  04/05/78
New law changes outlined Beaumont Enterprise  Englade, Sharon  10/29/77
Poll backs heavier state share of Texas education cost Beaumont Enterprise    05/01/77
Parkers learn to cope by living for today Beaumont Enterprise  Smith, June  02/25/77
Austin takes on city look Port Arthur News  Brittain, Mona  02/08/77
Parker wins 'couch battle' Beaumont Enterprise  Wallis, Michael  02/01/77
Parker expects to be vocal Beaumont Enterprise  Wallis, Michael  01/07/77
Peveto's advice ignored by some Beaumont Enterprise    12/09/76
Parker vows to wage fight for LU growth Beaumont Enterprise  Barlow, Beth  09/03/76
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 5 (1976) Microfilm    11/30/75
Rep. Carl Parker seeking Harrington's Senate seat Beaumont Enterprise    11/18/75
Parker gets third term on council Dallas Morning News    08/29/75
Southeast Texas solons effective leaders Beaumont Enterprise  Guarnere, Fred  06/08/75
Parker predicts spate of token reform in House Beaumont Enterprise  Green, Louise  01/13/75
Sharpstown 'ghost' haunts Parker in race for speaker Corpus Christi Caller Times  Jones, Lee  09/08/74
Parker gains 9 backers Beaumont Enterprise    08/29/74
Parker gets more speaker race support Houston Chronicle    08/29/74
Parker's support climbs Houston Post    08/29/74
Parker admits phone abuse Houston Post  Bonavita, Fred  08/28/74
Parker claims lead in speaker's race Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  07/26/74
Parker says he'll be speaker Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  07/25/74
Parker accuses opponent of backstabbing in race Austin American Statesman    05/11/74
Parker denies 'front' claim Beaumont Enterprise  Guarnere, Fred  05/11/74
House Speaker hopeful claims reform 'lead' Austin American Statesman    04/17/74
Speaker bid pushed by Parker Beaumont Enterprise  Guarnere, Fred  04/17/74
House speaker race open, claims Rep. Carl Parker Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/17/74
Parker wants more than 1 speaker term Houston Chronicle    04/17/74
Spe . . . more reforms needed Houston Post    04/17/74
'Bud' Adams making campaign gifts Houston Chronicle    04/14/74
Rep. Parker, speaker hopeful, releases financial statement Houston Post  Bonavita, Fred  04/05/74
Parker defends role with Jernigans Beaumont Enterprise  Waldrop, Louise  10/28/73
Rep. Parker called as trial witness Houston Post    10/11/73
Carl Parker enters speaker race Beaumont Enterprise  Newlin, Earl  07/01/73
Carl Parker launches bid for the House speakership Austin American Statesman    06/29/73
Parker, in Austin, says he would differ from Daniel Beaumont Enterprise  Mcmurray, Kim  06/29/73
Speaker candidate asks urban image Houston Chronicle    06/29/73
Parker pledges more force Houston Post    06/29/73
Rep. Parker announces for speaker's race Houston Post    06/28/73
Speaker pro tem Beaumont Enterprise    06/20/73
Parker speaker pro tem Beaumont Enterprise    06/18/73
Parker eyes speaker candidacy Beaumont Enterprise  Spittler, Phyllis  06/13/73
Parker nudges his hat toward speaker ring Austin American Statesman    04/26/73
Parker-Doyle clash shapes up Beaumont Enterprise  Mcmurray, Kim  04/05/73
Letters to the editor Austin American Statesman    03/22/73
Secret appointment denied by Daniel Austin American Statesman    03/21/73
He plays game with zest, skill Austin American Statesman  Shipp, Dixie  03/11/73
Port Arthur lawmaker presents new image Dallas Morning News  Kinch, Sam  02/18/73
2 legislators sued as credit defaulters Dallas Morning News    12/14/72
Parker stands by his 'venture' Beaumont Enterprise  Poland, Betty  06/01/72
Parker may be named interim House speaker Beaumont Enterprise  Mcmurray, Kim  03/09/72