Selected newspaper articles related to W.S. 'Bill' Heatly

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Peddling influence isn't new Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 03/28/96
House changes inevitable for '73 Dallas Morning News  Staff 10/24/71
Panel after guppies, not minnows & sharks Dallas Morning News  Staff 10/11/71
Collateral no problem in Sharpstown loans Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 10/07/71
The one that got away? Daily Texan  Editorial 10/04/71
Angly, Bullock differ on law Austin American  Castlebury, G. 09/29/71
Bullock asks probe of alleged reward Austin American Statesman  Staff 09/29/71
Some political careers may go down the drain Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 09/26/71
Bullock threatens GOP reward plan Dallas Morning News  Staff 09/12/71
Heatly slips in $75,000 Dallas Morning News  Kinch, S. 09/09/71
Stock fraud trial opens Monday Dallas Morning News  Golz, E. 08/29/71
Day of reckoning Houston Chronicle  McNutt, G. 08/29/71
Sharp tells of $700,000 stock financing Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 08/19/71
Gus Mutscher not available for testimony Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 08/19/71
Travis jury hears Sharp testimony Austin American  Kuempel, G. 08/18/71
House study, grand jury in stock scandal spotlight Austin American  Staff 08/17/71
Loans for bills' OK reported Houston Post  West, F. 08/17/71
Sharp expects to testify in House probe Houston Chronicle  Staff 08/11/71
Mutscher, Baum talk to jury Austin American  A.P. Wire 08/10/71
Mutscher, Baum, Heatly at U.S. jury hearing Houston Post  James, A. 08/10/71
Sharp 'bail-out' loan arranged, Osorio says Houston Post  Wiese, A. 08/04/71
Prober claims Sharp faced FDIC loss Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 07/30/71
Jury retraces banking bills' paths Austin American  Kuempel, G. 07/29/71
Jury told of pressure for bank insurance bill Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/29/71
Jury kicks off stock probe Dallas Morning News  Kinch, S. 07/28/71
3rd Mutscher worth estimate revealed Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/24/71
Mutscher assets conflict Dallas Morning News  Freund, C. 07/21/71
House stock inquiry a joke, graves says Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 07/19/71
Graves calls stock probe joke Houston Chronicle  A.P. Wire 07/19/71
Graves sidesteps prompt Mutscher ouster showdown Austin American  Castlebury, G. 01/28/71
Slow pollution war, Amarillo pair asks Houston Post  Scarlett, H. 01/28/71
Welfare fund bill advances San Antonio Express  A.P. Wire 01/28/71
Mutscher sure he'll keep post Austin American  Castlebury, G. 01/27/71
Solon delays vote Dallas Times Herald  Stromberger, E. 01/27/71
Graves hedges on plan to force Mutscher out Houston Post  Staff 01/27/71
Resolution asking leadership to resign due introduction San Antonio Express  Staff 01/27/71
Mutscher credited with pushing bill Dallas Times Herald  Staff 01/26/71
Spending bill due in House Tuesday Houston Post  Hall, J. 04/24/67
Biennium budget stumps planners Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 04/23/67
Smith charges trickery in one-year budget bill Houston Post  Gardner, W. 04/22/67
Cautious reaction shown by Smith Dallas Morning News  Staff 04/20/67
State revenue picture is $40 million brighter Houston Chronicle  Byers, B. 04/18/67
Barnes pushes panel chairmen Houston Chronicle  Brogan, M. 04/12/67
Barnes favors buying Waco Air Force Base Houston Chronicle  Staff 04/11/67
Governor denies arm-twist charge Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 03/30/67
House Group Proposes Power Shift in New Rules Houston Chronicle  Byers, B. 01/08/67
House to Honor 'Uncle Henry' Blair Austin American  Ferrell, R. 05/09/65
Redistricting bill retains rural edge Dallas News  Morehead, R. 05/05/61
W.S. Heatly to seek re-election as Representative Crowell Foard County News  Staff 02/13/58
Heatly receives deserved credit Lubbock Avalanche Journal    07/11/70
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 3 (1963-1970) Microfilm    11/30/62