Selected newspaper articles related to Mike 'Tuffy' Hamilton

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Michael "Tuffy" Hamilton (1961 - 2019) Beaumont Enterprise  Staff 11/12/19
Former state representative, local business owner dies after heart attack Beaumont Enterprise  Batson, M. 11/09/19
Ethics questions prompts an agency retreat on boxing tickets for lawmakers San Antonio Express News  Cobler, N. 04/13/15
Former legislators kicking off new careers as Texas lobbyists Dallas Morning News  Shannon, K. 03/08/13
Shooter’s ed not unlike driver’s ed Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 02/15/13
Hang on for a wild ride in 2013 legislative session Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Rangel, E. 08/11/12
Who will lead the way for Texas public schools? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Norman, M. 06/01/12
GOP primary moves Legislature more to the right Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 05/31/12
Experts: Redistricting fuels primary results San Antonio Express News  Scharrer, G. 05/31/12
Primary elections reveal conflicting interests within state GOP Austin American Statesman  Eaton, T. 05/30/12
Straus leadership faces challenges Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 05/30/12
Profile of Legislature begins emerging Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Vertuno, J. 05/30/12
Primary gives first look at 2013 Legislature Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Vertuno, J. 05/29/12
Straus expected to remain speaker, despite challenges to some key lieutenants Austin American Statesman  Eaton, T. 05/28/12
Gov. Perry campaigns in heated Texas House race Houston Chronicle  Graczyk, M. 05/25/12
Gov. campaigns in heated Texas House race San Antonio Express News  A.P. Wire 05/24/12
Mike Hamilton deserves re-election Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 05/23/12
In East Texas, keeping a job that makes you queasy Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Weissert, W. 05/11/12
Tea party evolves from protests to partisan politics Austin American Statesman  Eaton, T. 05/05/12
What happens to State Farm policy holders now? Galveston Daily News  Eiland, C. 04/09/12
State maps cause some confusion Beaumont Enterprise  Moore, A. 03/02/12
Redistricting needs new approach to keep judges out of it Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 11/27/11
Cocktail of interests chokes alcohol bills Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 05/27/11
New gambling panel divides lawmakers Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 05/17/11
Everything from 5 o'clock shadow to the midnight roofing saga Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 05/16/11
'Dead' bills still might live San Antonio Express News  Scharrer, G. 05/14/11
House will abandon gambling measure, rely on Senate Dallas Morning News  Mulvaney, E. 05/10/11
House moves to up the ante on legalized gambling in Texas Austin American Statesman  Garcia Jr., A. 05/09/11
Bill with slots but no casinos OK'd by panel Austin American Statesman  Staff 05/07/11
Casinos taken out of gambling bill in Texas House Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Montgomery, D. 05/07/11
Lawmaker thinks he's close on plan Austin American Statesman  Staff 04/28/11
Bill in Texas legislature could result in luxury casino at Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Montgomery, B. 04/28/11
PRO: Keep Texas money in state Victoria Advocate  Long, S. 04/25/11
Freshman lawmaker temporarily derails measure on 'puppy mills' Austin American Statesman  Eaton, T. 04/22/11
New House map dismays for area lawmaker's aide Longview News-Journal  Isaac, J. 04/15/11
State holding back brewpubs, owners say Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 04/04/11
Expanded gambling's odds of passing Senate are slim Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 03/30/11
Gambling to roll into one plan Austin American Statesman  Eaton, T. 03/29/11
Lawmakers file flurry of bills before deadline Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 03/12/11
Video terminals at bingo halls? Austin American Statesman  Staff 03/09/11
Gambling Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 03/09/11
Texas Speaker's race should not become ideological purity test Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 01/07/11
Expert: casino revenue will be slow out of gate Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 07/09/10
Rep. Hamilton appointed to two House committees Beaumont Enterprise  Staff 02/26/10
Proposition 9 preserves public's beach access San Antonio Express News  Editorial 10/16/09
Texas beaches should stay open San Antonio Express News  Editorial 07/09/09
Flawed beach bill shows lack of leadership Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 06/24/09
A selfish, scheming way to hit the beach Galveston Daily News  Nixon, R. 06/11/09
Beach brouhaha boils over Houston Chronicle  Falkenberg, L. 06/11/09
Perry, wave self-serving bill aside Austin American Statesman  Editorial 06/08/09
Windstorm reform greatest result of 81st legislative session, local representatives say Beaumont Enterprise  Nolan, H. 06/06/09
Beach provision causing a storm Austin American Statesman  Yadron, D. 06/05/09
Patterson fights Open Beaches Act exemption Galveston Daily News  Jones, L. 06/05/09
Bill requiring licensing of pain management clinics passed in House Beaumont Enterprise  Ortmann, B. 05/27/09
Capitol shenanigans build camaraderie Houston Chronicle  Fikac, P. 05/18/09
In waning weeks, lawmakers are sweating the small stuff Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 05/17/09
Dinosaur daze Austin Chronicle  Whittaker, R. 05/07/09
House corrects state dinosaur name Austin American Statesman  Staff 05/01/09
Dino debate roars Dallas Morning News  Funk, M. 05/01/09
Dino days Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 05/01/09
Texas lawmakers OK mercury warnings Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stone, J. 04/21/09
Fort Worth freshman House member avoids hazing-- but for how long? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Lee, M. 04/19/09
Mother of pill mill victim brings fight to Capitol Beaumont Enterprise  Ortmann, B. 04/07/09
Texas Senate should OK Free Flow bill Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 04/02/09
Texas' 10 percent rule on state college admissions subject to Legislature's tinkering Beaumont Enterprise  Guevara, E. 03/29/09
Let Lumberton vote on sale of alcohol Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 03/18/09
Texas Legislature next stop for Lumberton's alcohol sales puzzle Beaumont Enterprise  Rueda, L. 03/17/09
Tribes gamble on renewed support in Legislature for reservation casinos Beaumont Enterprise  Collins, A. 02/19/09
Southeast Texas lawmakers praise new House speaker Beaumont Enterprise  Myers, R. 01/14/09
Ike recovery, insurance reforms among top issues for Southeast Texas lawmakers Beaumont Enterprise  Guevara, E. 01/14/09
Outcome of speaker's race likely to determine legislative votes Beaumont Enterprise  Guy, C. 01/03/09
Twists in race to lead House Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 12/30/08
House GOP, Dems setting stage for fight on speaker post San Antonio Express News  Scharrer, G. 12/30/08
Narrow GOP majority in state House appears to bolster Craddick Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 11/12/08
Incumbents lead in state rep races Beaumont Enterprise  Moore, S. 11/05/08
Three key races need attention from voters Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 11/02/08
Dems only five seats from majority in Texas House battle Beaumont Enterprise  Moore, S. 10/25/08
Beaumont Enterprise announces its endorsements Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 10/19/08
Ike demonstrates need for regular source of disaster relief funding Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 09/22/08
Republican lawmakers cry foul after names tied to indicted group Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 08/29/08
Bus seat belt law loses backing Houston Chronicle  Fikac, P. 08/15/08
Lawmaker vows to correct errors on campaign, ethics reports Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Root, J. 08/09/08
Two years after West Brook bus crash, father still fighting for seat belt laws Beaumont Enterprise  Key, B. 03/29/08
State water flow board gains 3 new members Beaumont Enterprise  Staff 12/07/07
Water panel needs final appointments Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 12/06/07
Districts tightening belts for bus safety San Antonio Express News  Kastner, L. 10/17/07
Texas is an urban state; someone alert the Legislature Dallas Morning News  McKenzie, A. 05/29/07
Dallas delegation gets reservoirs for N. Texas back on table Dallas Morning News  Ramshaw, E. 05/27/07
Here's what legislators have accomplished, along with what they mean to Beaumont Enterprise  Myers, R. 05/20/07
Survivors see Texas Senate back bus seat belts Beaumont Enterprise  Myers, R. 05/18/07
School bus measure approved Austin American Statesman  Staff 05/01/07
Bus seatbelt bill clicks with legislators; likely to pass on third reading today Beaumont Enterprise  Martinez, P. 05/01/07
School bus seat belts click with the House Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 05/01/07
To get buses to buckle up is no snap Austin American Statesman  Selby, W. 04/26/07
Legislating your life Dallas Morning News  Staff 04/11/07
Area's reps should use committees well Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 01/31/07
Loyalty to Craddick benefits local lawmakers Beaumont Enterprise  Myers, R. 01/30/07
Area Texas House representatives assigned to committees Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 01/28/07
Some lawmakers say execute sex offenders Beaumont Enterprise  Myers, R. 01/21/07
Speaker Craddick might have to listen Beaumont Enterprise  Gallaspy, B. 01/09/07
Comptroller: Texas has $14.3 billion in new revenue Beaumont Enterprise  Myers, R. 01/09/07
Texas Monthly's Paul Burka says GOP seat losses, leadership differences could be trouble for legislature Beaumont Enterprise  Smith, M. 11/29/06
Mike Hamilton merits re-election as representative Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 10/25/06
Clayton, Hamilton face off again for District 19 Beaumont Enterprise  Krift, F. 10/24/06
Your vote truly matters this election Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 10/22/06
GOP could target its own Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 12/25/05
Dead session raises question on legislators' living expenses Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 08/19/05
School money reform efforts fizzling again Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 07/28/05
Special session puts summer on hold Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 07/24/05
Perry calls for another go-round Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 07/21/05
Hope fades for school finance deal Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 07/20/05
Local lawmakers are not very happy Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 07/06/05
Texas schools feel the heat after failed finance bill Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 06/13/05
What's on legislators' scorecards? Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 06/05/05
Education questions left unanswered Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 06/01/05
Area educators give plan a bad grade Beaumont Enterprise  Everett, V. 05/28/05
At a glance Houston Chronicle  Staff 05/19/05
Alert area lawmakers save water rights again Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 05/17/05
Texas House defeats bill on water siphoning issue Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 05/15/05
Chamber music Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 05/12/05
Bills would change water rights Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 04/06/05
House should back LU funding request Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 03/25/05
House OKs tax bill by 5 votes Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 03/16/05
Education funding reform clears Texas House committee Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 03/02/05
Rep. Ritter picked as committee chairman Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 01/28/05
Governor's race shaping up as the clash of the titans Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 01/03/05
Texas lawmakers have busy season Beaumont Enterprise  Garcia, R. 12/26/04
Alliance for mentally ill mobilizes to save Rusk Beaumont Enterprise  Bowman, B. 11/25/04
Dist. 19 is right here in red, blue Beaumont Enterprise  Dwyer, K. 10/27/04
GOP's Hamilton merits re-election to Texas House Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 10/10/04
Texas races focus on key House seats Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 10/07/04
State loses school battle Beaumont Enterprise  Everett, V. 09/16/04
State House candidates spar Beaumont Enterprise  Dwyer, K. 09/03/04
House OKs school bill sans SE Texans' help Beaumont Enterprise  Everett, V. 05/06/04
From rich to the poor no more? Beaumont Enterprise  Everett, V. 04/20/04
Area reps ready for session Beaumont Enterprise  Everett, V. 04/14/04
Candidates focus on water rights and schools Beaumont Enterprise  Reid, J. 02/22/04
Charting a different course Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 07/09/03
PUC's vote is the first step back to reality Beaumont Enterprise  Clausen, C. 07/06/03
New map would leave Jefferson County split Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 07/04/03
Southeast Texans say map is a mess Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 07/03/03
Legislators grade session Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 06/09/03
Lawmakers come through on key issues Beaumont Enterprise  Hamilton, M. 06/08/03
There were successes to match challenges Beaumont Enterprise  Janek, K. 06/08/03
140 days, 1,000 nights Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 06/03/03
Safeguarding water will be permanent job Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 05/23/03
Missing in Austin Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 05/13/03
State budget balancing act necessary evil Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 04/24/03
Hamilton defends budget vote Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 04/22/03
Bills filed as deadline descends Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 03/15/03
Bill allowing water grab afloat again Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 03/12/03
Reps get assignments Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 01/31/03
New legislators on office supply scavenger hunt Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 01/19/03
Opening day traditionally has festive feel Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 01/15/03
Candidates: Insurance is major crisis Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 10/01/02