Selected newspaper articles related to Frank Collazo, Jr.

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Remembering Southeast Texas' only Hispanic State Representative Beaumont Enterprise  Malick, S. 12/22/23
Frank Collazo, Jr. Houston Chronicle    12/22/23
Remembering State Rep. Frank Collazo Jr. KFDM  Drawhorn, A. 12/20/23
Ex-lawmakers put insight to practice Beaumont Enterprise  Brewer, S. 11/24/96
Representative to ask for opposition to toxic landfill Houston Chronicle  Reynolds, S. 06/28/95
Openess in adoptions improves the process Laredo Morning Times  Zaffirini, J. 06/05/94
Filibuster wins offshore accord Beaumont Enterprise  Monger, J. 05/11/83
Collazo runs for county post Beaumont Enterprise    09/12/91
Collazo says he didn't help son get job Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  11/29/89
Collazo says he will seek another term Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  10/09/87
Collazo offers jury criticism after acquital Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/04/86
Collazo files lawsuit against asbestos firms Beaumont Enterprise  Alloway, Pam  04/26/86
Port Arthur legislator is charged with DWI Houston Chronicle    09/10/85
Collazo puts case in the past Beaumont Enterprise    05/07/85
State lawmaker draws acquittal in bribercy case Austin American Statesman    05/04/85
Colleagues react joyfully to news Beaumont Enterprise  Carmody, Kevin  05/04/85
Texas Rep. Collazo cleared of bribery Dallas Morning News    05/04/85
System due scrutiny: Collazo Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/04/85
Jurors: Collazo evidence lacked Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/04/85
Jury deliberates Collazo's future Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/03/85
Collazo trial deliberations to continue Dallas Times Herald    05/03/85
Jury acquits Rep. Collazo Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/03/85
Witness casts Slay testimony into dispute Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/02/85
Jury deliberates Collazo case Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  05/02/85
Witnesses testify against Collazo's accuser in Beaumont bribery trial Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  05/02/85
State rests in Collazo's trial Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/02/85
Witnesses testify against Collazo in bribe trial Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  05/01/85
Bribery trial set for state lawmaker Dallas Times Herald    05/01/85
Collazo offered influence, witness testifies Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  05/01/85
Slay testimony sets stage for Collazo bribery trial Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  05/01/85
Collazo bribery trial gets under way Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  04/30/85
State judge won't quash Collazo case Houston Chronicle    04/30/85
Despite pre-trial denials, Collazo is 'ready to go' Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  04/30/85
Collazo jury selection due Tuesday Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  04/28/85
Lawyer asks for dismissal of Collazo indictment Beaumont Enterprise    04/13/85
Dismissal is asked in Collazo case Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  04/13/85
Collazo's attorney asks for indictment dismissal Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  04/04/85
Dismissal motions filed by Collazo Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  04/04/85
Collazo pleads innocent; judge sets trial Beaumont Enterprise    04/02/85
Double whammy Dallas Times Herald  Drummond, Bob  04/01/85
Collazo pleads innocent Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  04/01/85
Despite indictments, Parker and Collazo return to Legislature Beaumont Enterprise  Rasp, Gary  03/26/85
Coud of suspicion hangs over legislators Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  03/24/85
Collazo: 'I know how he feels' Port Arthur News  Taschinger, Thomas  03/23/85
Bail is posted by lawmaker in bribery case Austin American Statesman  Hailey, Mike  03/22/85
Grand jury indicts Collazo in bribery Beaumont Enterprise  Carmody, Kevin  03/22/85
In House, Collazo represents heavily working-class district Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  03/22/85
Charges concern Collazo's colleagues Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  03/22/85
Legislator indicted on bribery charge Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, George  03/22/85
Port Arthur legislator faces bribe charges Dallas Times Herald  Ellis, Virginia  03/22/85
Collazo denies charges of using influence to sway agencies Houston Chronicle  Stewart, Richard  03/22/85
Legislator's lawyer hits indictment Houston Post    03/22/85
Collazo says charge 'slander' Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  03/22/85
Collazo's record reflects Democratic values Port Arthur News  Taschinger, Thomas  03/22/85
Grand jury ends review of charges against Collazo Beaumont Enterprise  Carmody, Kevin  03/21/85
Rep. Collazo indicted Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  03/21/85
Collazo's attorneys want trial soon Beaumont Enterprise  Carmody, Kevin  03/20/85
Grand jury hears complaint against Rep. Collazo Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  01/27/85
Former business partner sues legislator Houston Chronicle    12/02/83
Collazo praised at dinner Beaumont Enterprise  Wallace, Terry  11/11/81
Collazo's successes touted Port Arthur News  Winkler, Jerry  11/11/81
Sen. Kennedy scoffed as Collazo gets praise Port Arthur News  Newlin, Earl  11/09/79
Collazo to be honored at banquet Port Arthur News    08/31/78
Collazo gets aged panel post Beaumont Enterprise    03/08/78
Frank Collazo is praised for burn center work Beaumont Enterprise  Hensley, Denise  11/04/77
Collazo honored at Democratic fete Port Arthur News  Meyer, Jeff  11/04/77
Group to honor Rep. Collazo Beaumont Enterprise    11/01/77
Clayton to speak at Collazo dinner Beaumont Enterprise    10/14/77
Dinner to honor Collazo Port Arthur News    10/13/77
Frank Collazo: learning but earning pay Beaumont Enterprise  Wallis, Michael  06/05/77
Collazo feels 'positive' about 65th legislature Port Arthur News  Newlin, Earl  06/05/77
Collazo has experience Beaumont Enterprise  Wallis, Michael  01/06/77