Selected newspaper articles related to Jack Bascom Brooks

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Orange County levee project takes first step forward Houston Chronicle  Dick, J. 02/08/20
Political Buzz: Faircloth foe fires up fundraising fracas Galveston Daily News  Ferguson, J. 09/14/17
Leftover campaign funds can be a treat for lawmakers Houston Chronicle  Dunham, R. 07/21/13
Former US Rep Jack Brooks remembered at service Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 12/10/12
Friends pay homage to 'Sweet Old Brooks' Houston Chronicle  Moore, S. 12/10/12
Congressmen and mayor were Texas originals Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/08/12
Jack Brooks Houston Chronicle  Staff 12/08/12
Memorial service set for ex-congressman Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 12/07/12
Jack Brooks carved awesome legacy in public service Beaumont Enterprise  Editorial 12/06/12
Death of former Rep. Jack Brooks means loss of another key JFK assassination figure Dallas Morning News  Peppard, A. 12/06/12
Brooks remembered as a 'legend' Houston Chronicle  Wallach, D. 12/06/12
Longtime SE Texas US Rep. Jack Brooks dead at 89 Houston Chronicle  Graczyk, M. 12/05/12
Stiles' example worth copying Beaumont Enterprise    01/03/98
Experts: candidates can't bring home pork Beaumont Enterprise  Ceaser, M. 11/07/96
Early tally makes runoff look likely for 9th District Galveston Daily News  Watt, C. 11/06/96
Game of the name on many lips in congressional races Dallas Morning News    10/06/96
Candidate Brooks to run no more Galveston Daily News  Watt, C. 10/02/96
After court order, Brooks quit contest Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 10/01/96
Former lawmaker blasts Brooks, Uvalde resident Beaumont Enterprise  Bledsoe, D. 09/06/96
Parties grapple for control of two houses Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 09/02/96
Counties might join together in district Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 07/14/96
Fight for the 9th Galveston Daily News  Watt, C. 03/13/96
Exits by politicians concern supporters Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 10/22/95
Stockman supports LU center Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 01/29/95
'Last of the long arm of LBJ' Houston Chronicle  Hines, C. 01/02/95
Stockman should go for failed LU center Beaumont Enterprise    12/21/94
1994 brought big changes on political scene Beaumont Enterprise  Wright, A. 12/19/94
Stockman is tentative on LU crime center Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 12/18/94
Freshman congressman started by answering ad Beaumont Enterprise  Schwinn, E. 12/18/94
Legacies of Johnson, Rayburn come to an end in Washington Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Recio, M. 12/11/94
Elections show voters are mad, mean-spirited Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 12/08/94
Brooks suffered defeat because of toughness Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 11/15/94
Stockman plans focus on jobs Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 11/10/94
Underdog to giant slayer: Stockman basks in victory Houston Chronicle  Hanson, E. 11/10/94
Deep down, Stockman wasn't certain he could beat Brooks Houston Post  Harper, S. 11/10/94
State watches the rise of GOP San Antonio Express News  Davidson, B. 11/10/94
Stockman topples Brooks Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 11/09/94
Balance appears to shift Dallas Morning News  Reaves, G. 11/09/94
Bush rides GOP tidal wave; party nears Senate control Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, R. 11/09/94
No 22nd term: Stockman stops Brooks' winning streak Galveston Daily News  Williams, C. 11/09/94
Jack Brooks leads in bid for his 22nd House term Houston Chronicle  Hanson, E. 11/09/94
Bentsen and Fontenot running neck-and-neck Houston Chronicle  Rodriguez, L. 11/09/94
Brooks defeated, Bentsen wins in key congressional matchups Houston Post  Pack, W. 11/09/94
Brooks battles a toss-them-out-attitude Houston Chronicle  Stewart, R. 11/05/94
Term limits group targets Rep. Brooks Houston Post    11/04/94
'Republican' Meyers' vote isn't for GOP's Stockman Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 11/01/94
Stockman: Ad is misleading Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 10/29/94
Demos hold tight in SE Texas Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 10/28/94
Brooks, Stockman face off again Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 10/24/94
Send Brooks, Wilson back Beaumont Enterprise    10/23/94
Challengers bet on voter irritation Houston Post  Pack, W. 10/11/94
Election rules, multiple foes favor incumbents Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 10/09/94
White House offers immigration assistance to Texas, other states Austin American Statesman  Shepard, S. 10/07/94
Brooks' toughness tests GOP boasts Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 10/07/94
Texas, other states gain federal funds for aliens Dallas Morning News  McGonigle, S. 10/07/94
Immigration payback to be $42.9 million Houston Post  Kiely, K. 10/07/94
Texas to get partial payment for jailing illegal immigrants San Antonio Express News  Martin, G. 10/07/94
NRA won't endorse Brooks or Stockman Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 10/06/94
GOP candidate's 3rd try a charm? Galveston Daily News  Lutz, H. 10/02/94
Experience counts Houston Chronicle    09/30/94
Two worlds of money-raising Galveston Daily News  Lutz, H. 09/25/94
Gov. Richards slams Bush Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 09/06/94
Plaintiff plans appeal in slander litigation Beaumont Enterprise  Borreson, S. 08/31/94
Campaign '94 Houston Chronicle    08/30/94
Vote doesn't end need for center Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 08/28/94
Brooks says crime pact will win OK Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 08/24/94
Foley says LU center is history Beaumont Enterprise  Schwinn, E. 08/20/94
GOP congressional hopeful opens local HQ Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 08/15/94
Brooks may not get vandal vote Galveston Daily News  Yewman, D. 07/16/94
Brooks shoots for 22nd term Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 07/12/94
Hutchison to push for vote on term limits Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 07/10/94
Chairman: Jackson has earned honor Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 06/19/94
Texans aim to shoot down gun ban Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, R. 05/05/94
A Texas legacy: he showed that two parties can play the game Houston Chronicle  Tolson, M. 04/24/94
Texans have stake in fight over telephone deregulation Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 04/11/94
Brooks' nomination role causes concern, comfort Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 03/28/94
Mattox gathers House backers; Fisher cites 'contrast' Houston Chronicle  Clayton, W. 03/25/94
Bill to speed appeals on death row draws fire Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 03/23/94
Veteran congressman makes strong case for seniority Galveston Daily News  Williams, C. 03/17/94
Despite daunting odds, Brooks' challenger remains confident Galveston Daily News  Yewman, D. 03/06/94
Brooks faces competition for ninth district seat Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 02/18/94
Soileau blames exit on delays Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 02/05/94
Peterson will seek Wilson's job again Beaumont Enterprise  Brewer, S. 01/04/94
New endowed chair strengthens Lamar Beaumont Enterprise    12/18/93
After 41 years in office, Brooks gears up for another election Houston Post  Kiely, K. 12/16/93
Brooks announces bid for 22nd term Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 12/15/93
Engineer will run against Brooks Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 12/12/93
Lamar University establishes Jack Brooks chair Beaumont Enterprise    12/09/93
Lawmaker's tip a curve to Clinton Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 11/18/93
NAFTA votes prove union clout lives Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 11/05/93
Bill would halt capital punishment San Antonio Express News    10/24/93
Proposal could kill Texas death penalty; top enforcer says state couldn't meet demand to provide adequate counsel Houston Chronicle  Mathis, N. 10/23/93
Wetlands bid nixed in land swap bill Houston Chronicle  Dawson, B. 10/01/93
Picnic speakers disagree on NAFTA Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 09/07/93
Brooks' foul mouth reveals corruption inside Beaumont Enterprise    07/26/93
Nominations of local lawyers could be quashed by senators Corpus Christi Caller Times  Ray, S. 07/16/93
Lawyers want lawmakers to rethink judge nominees Dallas Morning News    07/16/93
Some question Krueger's judge picks Houston Chronicle  Urban, J. 07/15/93
Space station again survives vote in House Houston Chronicle  Mathis, N. 06/29/93
1-vote space station win signals trouble for SSC Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 06/24/93
Hutchison sees win as signal on spending Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 06/11/93
Texas legislators assail dead Btu tax in DC Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 06/10/93
Congressman to help pick fed appointees from state San Antonio Express News    06/10/93
Brooks inherits decision Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 06/09/93
Sam to challenge Rep. Brooks in '94 primary Galveston Daily News  Hough, R. 06/09/93
Krueger's nominees are safe, officials say Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 06/08/93
Patronage protocol question raised San Antonio Express News  Davidson, B. 05/23/93
Monopoly prevention Texans' best connection Houston Chronicle    04/16/93
Safeguards against monopoly best connection for Texans Tyler Morning Telegraph    04/11/93
Congress lineup jarring to many Dallas News  Quinn, M. 07/01/65
Brooks scoffs at check ruckus Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, Dan  03/28/92
Brooks earns honors Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, David  02/18/92
Brooks throws hat in ring again Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, David  12/04/91
Brooks one of top power brokers in Washington Galveston Daily News  Solochek, Jeffrey  10/07/90
Brooks announces re-election plans Beaumont Enterprise  Graves, Pat  12/06/89
Rep. Brooks apparently on the mend Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  11/22/89
Rep. Brooks' condition serious, stable Houston Post    10/26/89
Brooks in bronze Beaumont Enterprise  Graves, Pat  08/15/89
Texas Democrats honor Jack Brooks Galveston Daily News  Kirkpatrick, Joel  04/02/89
Brooks a power for three decades Galveston Daily News    02/23/89
Brooks a congressman who won't be rushed Houston Chronicle  Pierobon, James R.  02/12/89
Brooks charts new course for House panel Austin American Statesman  Kantor, Seth  01/16/89
Libel ruling may put hold on legislators' tongues Houston Post  Jakovac, Lou  01/03/89
Brooks, Gonzalez win House chairmanships Houston Chronicle  Pierobon, James R.  12/07/88
Texan Brooks awaits 'honor' of chairing House committee San Antonio Light  Roberson, Peggy  05/16/88
Brooks' likely role on judiciary panel demands new hat Beaumont Enterprise    03/21/88
Brooks to seek dismissal of slander suit against him Houston Post    02/25/88
The Dean of the Texas delegation Houston Post  Gravois, John  05/24/87
Brooks criticizes pending tax reforms Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  07/02/86
Good work by Jack Brooks Galveston Daily News    06/14/86
Rep. Brooks says he'll seek an 18th term Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  01/28/86
Ballots helped build Brooks' political muscle Beaumont Enterprise  Roberson, Peggy  09/17/84
Blacklist 'amuses' Brooks Beaumont Enterprise  Whittington, Eric  02/11/84
Texas congressman assails blacklisting of speakers Austin American Statesman  Kantor, Seth  02/10/84
Brooks running for re-election Beaumont Enterprise    01/24/84
Story of the Texan's press release that couldn't be showed San Antonio Light  Phillips, Don  09/14/83
Building replica adorns floor Port Arthur News  Slasman, Peggy  08/14/83
Brooks fighting for Big Hill Beaumont Enterprise  Wallace, Terry  08/13/83
LU center carbon copy of DC office Port Arthur News  Slasman, Peggy  08/12/83
Brooks' spring triumph highlights year in politics Beaumont Enterprise  Wallace, Terry  12/30/82
Brooks gets back in touch with 9th Port Arthur News  Wood, Harry  05/07/82
Brooks points to his seniority and influence Beaumont Enterprise  Wallace, Terry  04/25/82
Brooks contemplates changes Port Arthur News  Choyke, William J.  10/04/80
Rep. Brooks near top of congressional travel list Port Arthur News  Choyke, William J.  07/31/80
Conservative group rates Rep. Brooks low Beaumont Enterprise  Dooley, Mark  06/11/80
Rep. Jack Brooks: he gets even, not mad Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Neal, Larry  06/08/80
Jack Brooks will run again Beaumont Enterprise    01/30/80
Brooks says Wright to be next speaker Beaumont Enterprise    04/24/79
A bad run of luck for Brooks Austin American Statesman  Bell, Brenda  04/15/79
Brooks' campaign typical Port Arthur News  Newlin, Earl  10/29/78
Texas' top traveler is Rep. Brooks Beaumont Enterprise    10/04/78
Rep. Brooks back-room foe of tougher disclosure rules Austin American Statesman  Bell, Brenda  07/23/78
Brooks bucks his colleagues Beaumont Enterprise    07/12/78
Brooks' power rises from Sam Rayburn-style of politics Houston Post  Wiese, Art  06/25/78
Jack Brooks: a watchdog of public pursestrings has done pretty well for himself, too Dallas Times Herald  West, Paul  06/23/78
Firm Brooks claimed income from said non-existent Beaumont Enterprise  Dodson, David  05/10/78
Brooks: company just bank account Port Arthur News  Newlin, Earl  05/10/78
Nothing wrong with his $1 million wealth, Brooks says Beaumont Enterprise  Clark, Jeff  05/06/78
Brooks' worth is $1.12 million Beaumont Enterprise  Dodson, David  05/05/78
Brooks' assets, liabilities listed Beaumont Enterprise    05/05/78
Brooks to become dean of delegation Port Arthur News    05/04/78
Brooks seeks his 14th term Beaumont Enterprise    01/21/78
Will Brooks be our new dean? Beaumont Enterprise    01/16/78
Brooks near top and still moving Beaumont Enterprise    07/12/77
A face-off Houston Chronicle    02/20/77
Jack Brooks Austin American Statesman  Schwab, Robert  02/13/77
Brooks stand gains converts Beaumont Enterprise    07/09/76
Jack Brooks has hand in long list of pies Houston Post  Wiese, Art  11/18/73
Meet Jack Brooks, maverick E. Texan Houston Post  Bonavita, Fred  06/13/71
Brooks may be touted for whip by Texas Dems Houston Chronicle  Lee, Bill  11/18/70
Low turn-out could ax brooks Dallas Morning News  Kinch, Sam  10/21/70
Texas solon in whip race San Antonio Express News  Carpenter, Leslie  06/28/70
Texan may seek top post of House Democratic leader Austin American Statesman  Carpenter, Leslie  10/03/66
Rep. Brooks mentioned as Atty Gen. possibility Houston Chronicle  Carpenter, Leslie  11/22/64
Texas Dems turn out for Rep. Brooks Houston Chronicle    08/26/64
Rep. Brooks gets his money's worth Dallas Morning News  Mashek, John  01/12/64
Scanned from Microfilm - 324.23 roll 1 (1964) Microfilm    11/30/63
In spending tax dollars liberal is conservative Dallas Morning News  Hornaday, Walter  08/23/59
Congressional race expected to sizzle Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  07/16/56