Selected newspaper articles related to William N. 'Bill' Patman

Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Funeral services for Bill Patman Saturday Texarkana Gazette  Staff 12/18/08
William N. (Bill) Patman Austin American Statesman  Staff 12/14/08
Lawmaker who served South Central Texas called champion of working people Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 12/11/08
Former Texas congressman dies of cancer Houston Chronicle  Gamboa, S. 12/11/08
14th District prepares for change again Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 04/23/96
That the GOP actually wants Rep. Laughlin is surprising Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 07/09/95
'Bees' tease state with preventative politics Valley Morning Star  Deal, J. 01/11/95
'Killer Bees' reunite to recall feat of legislative legerdemain San Antonio Express News    06/19/94
In 1979, the buzz was about killer bees Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 06/10/94
Paying job in Congress attractive to ex-legislator Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 02/01/94
Political heirs facing off in race for Congress seat Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 01/03/94
Von Dohlen defends self, then weeps Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, R. 08/11/81
Emotional von Dohlen ends silence San Antonio Express  Staff 08/11/81
Redistricting goes Clements way Valley Morning Star  Jones, L. 08/10/81
Clayton puts crimp in redistricting plan Corpus Christi Caller  Jones, K. 08/08/81
Ideals, not parties, affect redistricting Corpus Christi Caller  Rosser, J. 08/02/81
Political ambitions lurk behind remap imbroglio Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Arnold, A. 08/02/81
Stalling ends as House faces redistricting vote San Antonio Express  Merkel, D. 08/01/81
Senators offer proposal liked by incumbents Corpus Christi Caller  Davis, J. 06/25/81
Killer Bees' hive on quiet Tarrytown street Austin American Statesman  Kelly, L. 05/25/79
Senators ban Carrillo from holding office Big Spring Herald  A.P. Wire 01/25/76
Sharp claims 'agreement' Dallas Morning News  Atterberry, A. 08/19/71
SEC hears Sharp made offer on bills Houston Post  Staff 08/14/71
Mutscher hit in FDIC suit Austin American  A.P. Wire 08/13/71
Mutscher says suit shows loss Houston Post  James, A. 08/13/71
3 legislators tell bank bill roles Houston Chronicle  Harper, F. 08/12/71
Grand jury hears Shannon Houston Post  James, A. 08/12/71
Sharp expects to testify in House probe Houston Chronicle  Staff 08/11/71
Mutscher testifies 3 hours before federal jury Houston Post  James, A. 08/11/71
Mutscher testifies for 3 hours before federal jury Houston Post  James, A. 08/11/71
Mutscher, Baum talk to jury Austin American  A.P. Wire 08/10/71
Mutscher, Baum, Heatly at U.S. jury hearing Houston Post  James, A. 08/10/71
Jury retraces banking bills' paths Austin American  Kuempel, G. 07/29/71
Jury told of pressure for bank insurance bill Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/29/71
Grand jury to hear 6 on stocks Austin American Statesman  Fisher, D. 07/28/71
Travis DA says 10 to testify in probe of stock dealings Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/28/71
Legislators resume redistricting tussle Houston Post  Wiese, A. 06/02/71
Redistricting bogged down Houston Post  Wiese, A. 06/01/71
Controversial budget bill wins Senate committee's OK Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 04/04/67
Fanfare almost authentic as 'Governor' Patman sworn Dallas Morning News  Kowert, N. 03/29/67
Festivities set for acting Governor Austin American Statesman  Staff 03/28/67
'Missing' Governor causing confusion Dallas Morning News  Pershing, H. 03/28/67
Colorful reign due Patman Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 03/28/67
Explosive week looms in Legislature Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 03/26/67
Connally names Gibbens to federal liaision post Dallas Morning News  Staff 03/22/67
Father to swear in son as 'governor' Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 03/19/67
Decisions cast shadow on redistricting plan Austin American  A.P. Wire 02/02/67
Redistricting called 'ticket to court' Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 05/31/65
For Patman, there is life after Washington Corpus Christi Caller Times    01/08/85
Political couple leaving office after 24 years Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  01/02/85
Patman appears to be one of the wealthiest congressmen Houston Chronicle  Clayton, William, Jr.  06/22/84
Texas congressman escapes mugger Dallas Times Herald    05/11/83
Bill Patman maintaining low profile as congressional freshman Corpus Christi Caller Times    07/18/82
Patman office cutback 'temporary' Corpus Christi Caller Times  Sharpe, Stephen  03/04/82
Patman reports holdings totaling more than $3 million Corpus Christi Caller Times  Rosser, Jay  07/02/81
Patman reports $3 million assets Dallas Morning News    07/02/81
Rep. Patman to fight suit over ad debts Corpus Christi Caller Times  Jones, Kathryn  05/09/81
Rep. Patman finds father's legacy helpful Houston Post  Craig, Jim  01/31/81
Patman's move to Congress like going home again Dallas Times Herald  Fly, Richard  01/12/81
Bill Patman avoids comparisons with father Corpus Christi Caller Times  Vandevanter, Peter  01/11/81
Plus for Patman Corpus Christi Caller Times    01/11/81
Patman's campaign was costliest ever Corpus Christi Caller Times  Malone, Dan  01/07/81
Patman, Concklin list contributions, expenditures Corpus Christi Caller Times    01/07/81
Patman to maintain offices both here and in Victoria Corpus Christi Caller Times  Jones, Kathryn  12/30/80
Patman plans to campaign for votes outside of Nueces Corpus Christi Caller Times  Hager, Hoyt  02/05/80
Patman leaves senate, may challenge Wyatt Dallas Morning News    02/02/80
Patman eyes House race San Antonio Express News  Merkel, Dick  01/23/80
'Killer Bee' Bill Patman draws Senate opponent Dallas Times Herald    01/08/80
Patman at no loss for words in launching first filibuster Houston Post  Reeves, Monica  05/17/79
Patman decision best Corpus Christi Caller Times    01/20/78
Patman won't oppose Young Corpus Christi Caller Times    01/18/78
Patman: voter opinion poll 'precautionary' Corpus Christi Caller Times  Parks, Scott  01/04/78
Patman considers race for Congress from 14th district Houston Post  Wiese, Art  11/20/77
She campaigns as daughter and wife Dallas Morning News  Koy, Margaret  12/17/69
Democrats' choice a bright one Corpus Christi Caller Times  Bode, Mary Jane  10/01/69
Fanfare almost authentic as 'Governor' Patman sworn Dallas Morning News  Kowert, Nancy  03/29/67
Colorful reign due Patman Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  03/28/67
Sen. Patman to be governor Tuesday San Antonio Express News    03/27/67
Proclamation Abilene Reporter-News    03/23/67
Sen. Patman to serve as Governor for day Dallas Morning News    03/07/67
Old gavel inherited by Patman Dallas Morning News    01/11/67