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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Judge "Barefoot" Sanders known for more than his distinctive name Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 09/24/08
Sanders, Harold Barefoot Dallas Morning News  Staff 09/23/08
Barefoot Sanders Dallas Morning News  Editorial 09/23/08
Sanders never lost sight of his calling Dallas Morning News  Floyd, J. 09/23/08
Judge presided over desegregation of Dallas schools Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 09/22/08
Judge symbolized civil rights, knew 'fairness took backbone' Dallas Morning News  Farwell, S. 09/22/08
Suit against Texas MHMR dismissed Austin American Statesman  Gamino, D. 11/03/95
'74 suit over care for retarded ends Dallas Morning News  Everbach, T. 11/03/95
R.A.J. Austin American Statesman  Gamino, D. 05/01/94
Senate vote targets 2 MHMR schools Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 05/23/93
Senate removes State School provision Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Nix, M. 05/21/93
State school Fort Worth Star-Telegram    05/20/93
Judge warns about state school bill Fort Worth Star-Telegram    05/19/93
State school bill threatens mental health settlement Austin American Statesman    05/18/93
Federal judge says pending legislation nullifies settlement on state schools Austin American Statesman  Gamino, D. 05/18/93
Judge airs threat on state school Dallas Morning News  Everbach, T. 05/18/93
House votes to keep 2 state schools open Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 05/06/93
Federal judge has eye on MHMR cuts San Antonio Express News    04/28/93
Judge orders monitoring of funding for mental health Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/24/93
Judge orders monitoring of funding for MHMR Dallas Morning News  Everbach, T. 04/23/93
Budget ills stir fears for MHMR Dallas Morning News  Everbach, T. 04/22/93
Upshur Voters Follow State-Wide Trends in Saturday's Balloting Gilmer Mirror  Staff 06/08/72
Upshur Turnout Under 7,000; Dolph Briscoe Sweeps All Boxes Gilmer Mirror  Staff 05/11/72
Dallas bloc plans new district bill Dallas Morning News  Duncan, D. 02/06/53
Barefoot Sanders Dallas Morning News  Jennings, Diane  06/19/88
Barefoot Sanders for president Dallas Morning News  Miller, Bradley  01/17/82
4 Texas nominees for U.S. judgeship ready for Senate OK after committee hearing Houston Chronicle  Hines, Cragg  03/30/79
Sanders a good choice Dallas Morning News    02/10/79
Sanders contends Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  06/26/78
Figuring the political timing Dallas Times Herald  Havard, Bronson  09/05/77
Sanders out of Senate race Houston Post    08/04/77
Sanders not to enter race for U.S. Senate Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  08/03/77
Sanders ponders Tower race Dallas Morning News  Griffith, Dotty  07/03/77
Sanders opposes gas deregulation Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  06/26/77
Barefoot Sanders tests local waters for run on Tower Beaumont Enterprise  Englade, Sharon  05/27/77
Barefoot Sanders huddling with '72 supporters Houston Post  Ely, Jane  05/26/77
Barefoot tests senate waters San Antonio Express News    05/17/77
Barefoot Sanders eyes senate race once again Lubbock Avalanche Journal  South, Jeff  05/06/77
Sanders may challenge Tower for Senate Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  04/25/77
Tower, foe's contributors listed Houston Post  Wiese, Art  02/01/74
Sanders keeps plugging away Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  02/26/73
Sanders sees close race - and victory Houston Chronicle  Deswysen, Ed  11/06/72
Sanders opposes guaranteed wage in final campaigning Houston Post  Craig, Jim  11/06/72
Democrat Barefoot Sanders politics Huckleberry Finn Austin American Statesman  Pederson, Rena  11/05/72
Barefoot Sanders on the issues Austin American Statesman    11/05/72
Vote for Sanders Beaumont Enterprise    11/05/72
No Mark Twain figure Dallas Morning News  Stephenson, Tom  11/05/72
Sanders predicts upset victory in Senate race Houston Chronicle  Deswysen, Ed  11/05/72
Sanders clan keeps making political tracks Dallas Morning News  Brinkerhoff, Mary  11/04/72
Sanders: money can't buy Texans Houston Chronicle  Deswysen, Ed  11/04/72
Sanders says Tower trying to 'buy' another Senate term Houston Post  Craig, Jim  11/04/72
Sanders stays with grass-roots approach Houston Chronicle  Deswysen, Ed  11/03/72
Serious Barefoot senate campaign has a light side too Houston Post  Craig, Jim  11/03/72
Sanders reports $308,788 in gifts Corpus Christi Caller Times    11/02/72
Sanders denies pro-busing charges Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Miller, Kathi  11/02/72
Sanders favors continued high defense outlays Houston Chronicle  Deswysen, Ed  11/02/72
Sanders, rebutting charges asserts opposition to busing Houston Post  Craig, Jim  11/02/72
Sanders cancels West Texas tour Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Miller, Kathi  11/01/72
Norther keeps Sanders from W. Texas stump Houston Chronicle  Deswysen, Ed  11/01/72
Sanders attacks Tower farm stand Houston Post  Craig, Jim  11/01/72
Sanders tells Democrats here he's confident about winning Corpus Christi Caller Times  Davis, Jim  10/31/72
Sanders lines up with Democrats Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  10/31/72
Hobby calls Sanders best for mining 'human resources' Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Miller, Kathi  10/31/72
Sanders feels undecided voters to swing to him, spell victory Houston Chronicle  Deswysen, Ed  10/31/72
For Barefoot Sanders Houston Post    10/31/72
Sanders says he's ahead in last push of campaign Dallas Morning News  Stephenson, Tom  10/29/72
Sanders tastes treat in Tower trick Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  10/29/72
Image, 'team effort' boost Sanders' hopes Fort Worth Star-Telegram    10/29/72
'Walking' nominee supports Sanders Austin American Statesman    10/27/72
Sanders gets backing of 3 more congressment Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, George  10/27/72
Sanders asks for probe of Tower's mail Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, George  10/26/72
Sanders says disenchantment with Tower to help his bid Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, George  10/25/72
Sanders lifted by report of record registration Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, George  10/23/72
Sanders stumps in Tower's home town Houston Chronicle  Untermeyer, Charles G. (Chase)  10/20/72
Sanders plans massive push last 2 weeks Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  10/15/72
Sanders' ties to Clark could emerge as issue San Antonio Express News  Baskin, Robert  10/15/72
Sanders says Dems for Nixon group is hurting Tower Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  10/09/72
Sanders appeals for business aid Dallas Morning News  McNeely, Dave  09/28/72
Sanders facing toughest fight Dallas Times Herald  Yemma, Andrew  09/13/72
Connally friend to aid Sanders Dallas Morning News  Davis, Stewart  09/02/72
Barefoot walking tall after win Dallas Morning News    06/15/72
Personalized effort gives Sanders upset Austin American Statesman    06/05/72
Sanders' giant kill role demands encore Dallas Times Herald  Montgomery, Dave  06/05/72
Sanders had a staff of one during fiight Houston Chronicle  Reinert, Al  06/05/72
Connally and Sanders Dallas Morning News    05/28/72
Senate: Barefoot Sanders Fort Worth Star-Telegram    05/28/72
Ralph 'ultra-liberal,' Sanders says Houston Post  Ely, Jane  05/26/72
Sanders for U.S. Senate Houston Chronicle    05/24/72
Major issue is absenteeism of Sen. Tower, Sanders says San Antonio Express News    05/23/72
Candidate's wife thinks race had improved family Austin American Statesman  Marett, Ann  05/22/72
Barefoot Sanders' backers enjoy putting 'feet' in their mouths Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Holmquist, Kay  05/01/72
Newspapers' support lifts Sanders' hopes Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/25/72
Sanders: Barefoot bunch making politicking family affair Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/25/72
Sanders Dallas Morning News    04/23/72
Sanders is Democrats' best bet in primary Dallas Morning News    04/23/72
Barefoot Sanders Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Vachule, Jim  04/23/72
Barefoot Sanders Daily Texan    03/15/72
'Barefoot' addresses students, stages interview with Texan Houston Chronicle  Mort, John  12/26/71
Barefoot Sanders admits Tower battle is uphill Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  12/05/71
Tower missed big votes, claims candidate Sanders Austin American Statesman  Kuempel, George  12/01/71
Sanders claims Tower misses crucial votes Dallas Morning News  Davis, Stewart  12/01/71
Barefoot Sanders jumps into race for Tower's seat Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  12/01/71
Barefoot in the door Houston Post  Wiese, Art  12/01/71
Sanders kicks off senate campaign San Antonio Express News  Ford, Jon  12/01/71
Barefoot Sanders to join race for Tower's seat Austin American Statesman    11/30/71
Sanders enters senate race Corpus Christi Caller Times    11/30/71
Sanders to enter race for senate San Antonio Express News    11/30/71
Barefoot Sanders eyes race against Tower Beaumont Enterprise  Mcmurray, Kim  11/07/71
Barefoot Sanders thinking seriously about senate race in 1972 Dallas Morning News  Johnson, Tom  09/18/71
Barefoot Sanders is lining up campaign Houston Chronicle    08/28/71
Sanders mulls 'shot' at Tower Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  08/01/71
Sanders eying Senate race Houston Post    08/01/71
Will Barefoot step in again? Dallas Morning News  Klinefelter, Karen  09/14/69
Nomination of Sanders passed over Dallas Morning News  Casey, Martin  10/10/68
Sanders appointment gets quick approval Dallas Morning News    10/03/68
Barefoot Sanders nominated as judge Dallas Morning News  Klinefelter, Karen  09/26/68
Sanders hearing set Wednesday Dallas Times Herald  Mayer, Margaret  09/26/68
Sanders takes position Dallas Morning News    05/19/67
Barefoot Sanders sworn in Dallas Morning News    11/08/66
Sanders gets Senate OK for new post Dallas Morning News    10/21/66
LBJ nominates Sanders for higher post Dallas Morning News  Baskin, Robert  09/17/66
Sanders takes oath of office Dallas Morning News    02/26/65
Sanders given sendoff Dallas Morning News  Ormsby, Gene  02/18/65
Opportunity beckoning for Sanders Dallas Morning News  Grove, Larry  06/11/61
Job detailed by Sanders Dallas Morning News  Quinn, Mike  06/07/61
Rep. Sanders quits 1959 speaker's race Dallas Morning News    01/18/57
Barefoot fights for a canal Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  03/27/55
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 5 (1952) Microfilm    01/01/52