Selected newspaper articles related to Betty Andujar

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Time has come for M.D. program in Fort Worth Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Steves, S. 11/08/10
Republican Hispanic is looking to make a name for himself Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 03/24/10
Texas Senate becoming less of a boys club Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Recio, M. 12/28/08
Dems seen likely to contest more races Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Batheja, A. 12/02/07
Betty Andujar Fort Worth Star-Telegram    06/19/97
Groundbreaking GOP legislator Andujar dies Austin American Statesman    06/10/97
Tarrant GOP leader Betty Andujar dies at 84 Dallas Morning News  Simnacher, J. 06/10/97
Obituary Fort Worth Star-Telegram    06/10/97
Medical group to honor former Tarrant legislator Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staples, G. 08/31/96
Political ambitions lurk behind remap imbroglio Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Arnold, A. 08/02/81
Sen. Andujar listed as serious but stable Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 12/23/80
Police hunting 'Killer Bee' senators Houston Chronicle  Fish, R. 05/19/79
Deceptive trade filibuster cut off Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 04/05/79
Loeffler putting Andujar on his Tarrant County team Fort Worth Star-Telegram    08/08/85
The pressure's less after heart attack Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Poirot, Carolyn  02/06/83
Sen. Andujar will not seek re-election Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Smith, Jack Z.  03/06/82
Andujar questions 'politics' of Wright trip Dallas Morning News  Nelson, Mark  11/10/81
Sen. Andujar has bypass operation Dallas Morning News    09/03/81
Andujar has heart surgery Fort Worth Star-Telegram    09/03/81
Andujar's decision hinges on recovery Fort Worth Star-Telegram    09/02/81
Sen. Andujar owes apology Dallas Times Herald    04/01/81
Andujar slows confirmation of FW man Dallas Times Herald  Dunham, Richard S.  03/26/81
Minister who spurned legislator finds her snubbing him in Austin Houston Chronicle  Fish, Richard  03/25/81
Colleagues welcome back Sen. Andujar Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, Ron  02/10/81
Recuperating Sen. Andujar to resume legislative duties Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Nelson, Mark  02/07/81
Meier says decision on party switch delayed Fort Worth Star-Telegram    01/07/81
Sen. Andujar listed as serious but stable Fort Worth Star-Telegram    12/23/80
Sen. Andujar has severe heart attack Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, Ron  12/22/80
Andujar says survey shows lean to right Fort Worth Star-Telegram    03/19/80
Andujar award winner Fort Worth Star-Telegram    02/24/79
Honest, Abe, you're invited Dallas Morning News    02/09/79
Andujar's resolution a hard act to follow Fort Worth Star-Telegram    02/09/79
Texas may join revolt on taxes, Andujar says Fort Worth Star-Telegram    06/16/78
Andujar says politics, not time killed school financing proposal Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Philbin, Anne Marie  06/15/77
Andujar accuses senators of bias against her on bill Austin American Statesman    05/10/77
Betty Andujar Texas governor - for a while Dallas Morning News    04/16/77
'Gov.' Andujar to have full day Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/14/77
Sen. Andujar due to serve as governor Houston Post    04/14/77
Andujar makes day of it Austin American Statesman    01/21/77
Andujar takes over for Briscoe as first GOP woman governor Dallas Morning News    01/21/77
Sen. Andujar in stopgap role Fort Worth Star-Telegram    01/21/77
Republican grandmother Texas governor for day Houston Post    01/21/77
Briscoe told not to hurry San Antonio Light  Arnold, Ann  01/20/77
Woman to replace Briscoe San Antonio Light  Arnold, Ann  01/17/77
Mrs. Andujar uses her power politely Corpus Christi Caller Times  Parks, Scott  01/14/77
Betty Andujar holds third highest state post San Angelo Standard Times  Parks, Scott  01/14/77
Andujar wins position amid member's praise Fort Worth Star-Telegram    01/12/77
Andujar's pro tem seat was a surprise Austin American Statesman  Trotter, James  01/11/77
Senate elects Andujar Dallas Morning News    01/11/77
Andujar claims aliens voted Dallas Morning News    11/13/76
Andujar to run again for national GOP post Austin American Statesman    05/25/76
New members cheering, causing change Fort Worth Star-Telegram    09/20/73
Andujar: Connally Pied Piper for GOP San Antonio Express News  Mccory, Jim  03/03/73
Betty Andujar has to face the fact now Dallas Morning News  Ellis, Kay Crosby  11/14/72
Texas females set things right Dallas Morning News  Atterberry, Ann  08/13/70