Selected newspaper articles related to Lindon Williams

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Ogg filibuster halts debate on drainage bill Houston Post    05/29/81
Consumer protection filibuster is shut down Houston Chronicle  Fish, R. 04/04/79
Filibuster halts action in Senate on consumer bill Houston Post  West, F. 04/04/79
Senate filibuster wins approval for lay members on bar board Houston Chronicle  Fish, R. 03/22/79
Officials plant 'Freedom Tree' at State Capitol Austin American Statesman  Staff 02/26/73
Pollute, insurance subjects of proposal Houston Post  Staff 01/28/71
Services set Tuesday for ex-Texas Sen. Lindon Williams Dallas Morning News    09/26/89
Services set for JP, former legislator Houston Chronicle    09/26/89
Senator gears up for ABCs of 'justice of peace school' Houston Post  Haederle, Michael  03/31/85
Senator quits to be peace justice Houston Chronicle    03/27/85
Williams delivers resignation Houston Post    03/27/85
Senate official giving up post for JP position Houston Chronicle  Horswell, Cindy  03/20/85
Williams named to Harris County JP post Houston Post  Mecklin, John  03/20/85
Houston senator targest justice of the peace job Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  03/19/85
Sen. Williams seeking justice of peace office Houston Chronicle    03/19/85
Senator wants JP post Houston Post  Smith, Glenn  03/19/85
Sen. Williams to reign as governor for one day Houston Post    12/06/84
Senator finds passage of vet bills difficult Dallas Times Herald    02/17/77
Williams lauded for attendance Houston Post    01/30/77
Guard claims she was cursed by state senator Dallas Times Herald    06/20/76
Rep. Williams plans to seek fourth term Houston Chronicle    11/03/71