Selected newspaper articles related to Charles Wilson

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Redistricting town hall on tap for Tuesday Lufkin Daily News  Huff, J. 09/11/21
Babe gets a bench at the Texas State Cemetery Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 02/08/20
It’s not easy being blue in a red county Dallas Morning News  Leslie, K. 03/05/18
Remembering Charlie Wilson Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 02/28/10
With laughs, Wilson eulogized Dallas Morning News  Peppard, A. 02/15/10
Hometown memorial honors longtime Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 02/15/10
Congressman's roguish moxie was right for his time Dallas Morning News  Gillman, T. 02/14/10
Charles Nesbitt Wilson Houston Chronicle  Staff 02/14/10
So long, Charlie San Antonio Express News  Martin, G. 02/13/10
Charlie Wilson Dallas Morning News  Editorial 02/12/10
Wilson's memorial service scheduled Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 02/12/10
A career built on flamboyance, fighting Soviets Austin American Statesman  Arnold, L. 02/11/10
Goodtime Charlie was good friend Charlie in Lufkin Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 02/11/10
Former Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson dies at 76 Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stengle, J. 02/11/10
Charlie Wilson, longtime East Texas representative and focus of film, dies at 76 Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Shlachter, B. 02/11/10
Comments on ex-U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson's death Fort Worth Star-Telegram  A.P. Wire 02/11/10
Showing impossible is possible Houston Chronicle  Falkenberg, L. 02/11/10
Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson dead at 76 Houston Chronicle  Feldman, C. 02/11/10
East Texas political figures react to death of former congressman Charlie Wilson Tyler Morning Telegraph  Russell, A. 02/11/10
Distant camps but common ground Dallas Morning News  Slater, W. 08/26/08
Not Oscars, but 'Charlies' Houston Chronicle  Casey, R. 02/27/08
Texas politicians roped in a passel of surprises in '07 Austin American Statesman  Selby, W. 12/27/07
Many pay tribute to retiring Gonzalez Austin American Statesman  Harlan, C. 09/05/97
Friends in high places Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, R. 05/18/97
Experts: candidates can't bring home pork Beaumont Enterprise  Ceaser, M. 11/07/96
Turner, Babin get key endorsements Beaumont Enterprise    10/30/96
Wilson discusses new job Beaumont Enterprise  Bledsoe, D. 10/29/96
Wilson's loyalty outshone all others Beaumont Enterprise    10/11/96
Wilson's 'great ride' in office ends Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 10/10/96
Wilson resigns from House Dallas Morning News  Camia, C. 10/09/96
Lufkin's Rep. Wilson wraps up more than 2 decades in House Austin American Statesman  Harlan, C. 10/08/96
Congressman from Lufkin to call it quits San Antonio Express News    10/08/96
Power & pork Dallas Morning News  Shribman, D. 10/06/96
Universities vie to preserve departing lawmakers' papers Dallas Morning News  Camia, C. 08/25/96
Wilson is right to delay quitting Beaumont Enterprise    07/31/96
Local lawmakers are among many without drug policy Beaumont Enterprise  Brewer, S. 07/29/96
Wilson to retire early, plans to be a lobbyist Amarillo Globe-News    05/15/96
Finding a niche after Congress Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 04/29/96
Wilson to leave office sometime after August Houston Chronicle  Dyer, R. 04/23/96
Rep. Wilson to resign before term expires Austin American Statesman    04/22/96
Rep. aided Moraleses Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 04/06/96
Richards touts Bryant; Morales downplays move Dallas Morning News    04/06/96
Stay just a little longer, Charlie Beaumont Enterprise    04/02/96
Wilson hears thanks Beaumont Enterprise  Gray, A. 03/31/96
Wilson says party urging him to stay Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 03/20/96
2nd District candidates grapple with contract Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 03/10/96
East Texas races hold high stakes Dallas Morning News  Camia, C. 03/10/96
Both parties gear up to grab Wilson's job Houston Chronicle  McKay, P. 01/28/96
Currie begins campaign Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 01/10/96
Texas pols are off to a bad start Beaumont Enterprise    01/03/96
Texans' exit altering face of Congress Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 12/16/95
Taking constituent service seriously Dallas Morning News  Rodrigue, G. 12/14/95
Democrat exodus saps Texas' power on panel Austin American Statesman  Mittelstadt, M. 11/08/95
East Texas is crucial battleground for GOP, Democrats Dallas Morning News    11/05/95
Rowdy Wilson is also a man of principle Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 11/03/95
Wilson will quit at end of term Beaumont Enterprise  Gray, A. 10/24/95
Wilson won't seek re-election Dallas Morning News  Camia, C. 10/24/95
East Texas congressman calls it quits after 2 decades Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Mittelstadt, M. 10/24/95
Rep. Wilson confirms retirement Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 10/24/95
Chapman launches Senate camapaign Tyler Morning Telegraph    10/24/95
Wilson puts end to heck of a ride Beaumont Enterprise    10/22/95
Candidates ready for race to Congess Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 10/22/95
Exits by politicians concern supporters Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 10/22/95
Wilson declines another campaign Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 10/20/95
State Senate shakeup could be on the horizon Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 10/19/95
Political tug of war rages in 3 East Texas districts Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 10/13/95
Lufkin lawmaker may not run again Dallas Morning News    10/06/95
Wilson denies loan talk Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 09/08/95
$90,000 fine hits Wilson's campaign Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 09/07/95
Wilson lobbies for LU-Orange Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, D. 06/25/95
Why don't legislators make term limits retroactive? Amarillo Globe-News  Kanelis, J. 03/24/95
Wilson pans TSU plan Beaumont Enterprise    02/24/95
Elections show voters are mad, mean-spirited Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 12/08/94
Stockman topples Brooks Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 11/09/94
Richards slams Bush at OC campaign stop Beaumont Enterprise  Shockley, R. 11/04/94
Lamar-Orange names building for Wilson Beaumont Enterprise  Shockley, R. 11/03/94
Richards heaps praise upon small businesses San Antonio Express News  Fuentes, D. 11/03/94
Peterson says limit welfare Beaumont Enterprise  Gray, A. 11/02/94
Demos hold tight in SE Texas Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 10/28/94
Both local congressional contests are rematches Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 10/24/94
Send Brooks, Wilson back Beaumont Enterprise    10/23/94
Experience counts Houston Chronicle    09/30/94
Peterson: taped conversations won't be issue Beaumont Enterprise  Borreson, S. 05/23/94
Texans aim to shoot down gun ban Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, R. 05/05/94
Leading anti-Clinton team is dream job for Texan Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 04/17/94
Texas may win battle over missile contract Austin American Statesman    04/15/94
Texas still big in numbers, but its seniority will suffer Houston Post  Jackler, R. 03/10/94
Hutchison transfers energy from 'nightmare' to future Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 02/21/94
Wilson's cats offer purr-fect antidote to Capitol stress Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 01/26/94
Peterson wants Wilson rematch Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 01/09/94
Do we deserve Wilson-Peterson III? Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 01/07/94
Wilson scoffs at new challenge by Peterson Beaumont Enterprise  Wallach, D. 01/05/94
Peterson will seek Wilson's job again Beaumont Enterprise  Brewer, S. 01/04/94
NAFTA votes prove union clout lives Beaumont Enterprise  Kanelis, J. 11/05/93
Consensus on trade agreement eludes Texas delegation Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 11/04/93
SSC's defeat prompts questions on state's influence Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 10/24/93
Some Texans still hope to save project Dallas Morning News  Reifenberg, A. 10/21/93
House again refuses to fund SSC Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 10/20/93
Hutchison indicted Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 09/28/93
Controversy likely to cloud '94 elections Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 09/28/93
Wilson receives award Beaumont Enterprise    07/20/93
Record filibuster stalls Legislature Corpus Christi Caller Times  Ford, J. 06/28/72
Osorio allegedly sought bank bills Houston Post  Staff 03/07/72
Martin urges Moody ouster in foundation Houston Post  Wiese, A. 10/27/71
Sharp son-in-law charged in action Dallas Morning News  Freund, C. 09/28/71
House study, grand jury in stock scandal spotlight Austin American  Staff 08/17/71
Mutscher says suit shows loss Houston Post  James, A. 08/13/71
Grand jury hears Shannon Houston Post  James, A. 08/12/71
Jury retraces banking bills' paths Austin American  Kuempel, G. 07/29/71
Jury told of pressure for bank insurance bill Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/29/71
Grand jury to hear 6 on stocks Austin American Statesman  Fisher, D. 07/28/71
Travis DA says 10 to testify in probe of stock dealings Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/28/71
Beer tax filibuster stops busy Senate Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 05/25/71
Welfare plan compromise Dallas Times Herald  Editorial 01/27/71
Senate compromise action may avert cuts in welfare Dallas Times Herald  Stromberger, E. 01/26/71
SEC probe spurs stiffer ethics bill Dallas Times Herald  Moss, M. 01/26/71
Senate drones toward record Austin American Statesman  Kuempel, G. 05/24/69
Filibusters stall UT-S.A. San Antonio Express News  Ford, J. 05/24/69
Continued filibuster series bottles up UT-SA measure San Antonio Express News  Ford, J. 05/23/69
Kennard halts talk-in; Senate oks SCAS bill Fort Worth Star-Telegram    05/17/69
Med school still needs House okay Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Jones, G. 05/17/69
Senator assails pass need for Connally talk Houston Chronicle  Staff 04/20/67
Yes, the news is for it Dallas Morning News  Staff 04/13/67
'Filibustering, chubbing' Austin American Statesman  Jones, G. 03/23/67
State Senate marks first as Negro woman presides Dallas Morning News  Moss, M. 03/22/67
Sen Jordan scores 'First' by presiding Houston Post  Gardner, W. 03/22/67
Final passage is expected this week on the city option sales tax Austin American Statesman  Staff 03/19/67
Austin sideshows continue as main tax feature nears Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 03/19/67
House asks redistricting be denied federal courts Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 03/13/63
No criminality Houston Chronicle    05/13/93
Good news, Charlie Houston Post    05/12/93
Rep. Wilson cleared in bank scandal Dallas Morning News  Lewis, Kathy  05/08/93
Look out, Serbians! Wilson's on the way Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, Molly  01/12/93
Checks study gets hot Beaumont Enterprise    12/17/92
Full investigation urges in House bank scandal Dallas Morning News  Kilday, Anne Marie  12/17/92
2 Texans not off hook in House Bank probe Houston Post  Jackler, Rosalind  12/17/92
Check scandal bounces back at congressional incumbents San Antonio Express News  Martin, Gary  11/01/92
3 in check case hope the all-clear really in the mail Houston Chronicle  Chinni, Dante  10/31/92
3 Texas Democrats not exonerated; some cry partisan politics Houston Post    10/30/92
Texas Democrats still being probed San Antonio Light    10/29/92
Will '92 be Wilson's Waterloo? Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, Alan  09/20/92
Rep. Wilson is relieved to be off list Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hutcheson, Ron  04/03/92
Rep. Wilson not in state of remorse Houston Chronicle  Gardenhire, Damon  04/03/92
Wilson not banking on a parade Houston Post  Jackler, Rosalind  04/03/92
Flippant disclaimers on ethical questions Tyler Morning Telegraph    03/27/92
Hey, big spender Houston Post    03/26/92
Wilson's attitude insults voters Beaumont Enterprise    03/20/92
Rep. Wilson spices up conservative district Bryan Eagle  Sulak, Phillip  03/20/92
Rep. Wilson used overdraft as loan Houston Chronicle  Cobb, Kim  03/20/92
Wilson admits writing bad check . . . to himself Houston Post  Jackler, Rosalind  03/20/92
Coleman repentant, Wilson humorous over check scandal Houston Post    03/16/92
Wilson moves quickly to repair hot-check damage Dallas Morning News  Gillman, Todd J.  03/15/92
Charlie Wilson plays by his own rules, even when he's biting bullet Houston Post  Carney, Dan  03/14/92
'This is no one's fault but mine' Houston Post  Jackler, Rosalind  03/13/92
Wilson admits to 'posse' he's guilty of check kiting San Antonio Light  Ostrowidzki, Vic  03/13/92
Wilson makes another re-election bid Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, David  12/25/91
Wilson had planned to make hostage trip Dallas Morning News  Whittle, Richard  12/12/90
A change of heart on Russia Dallas Times Herald  Dunham, Richard S.  05/23/90
Wilson to make bid for 10th term in Congress Beaumont Enterprise  Graves, Pat  12/13/89
Legislator stepping off the Afghan stage Houston Chronicle  Pierobon, James R.  02/26/89
Texas legislator led fight to arm Afghan Mujahedin Amarillo Globe-News  Yaeger, Don  12/11/88
Congressman fits with Afghan rebels Dallas Morning News  Dixon, Jennifer  10/24/88
Wilson gets $17,000 from defense firms Beaumont Enterprise    07/08/88
U.S. Rep. Wilson's loyalties misguided San Antonio Express News    03/11/88
A one-man government Houston Post    03/07/88
Citizens should ask Wilson for answers Beaumont Enterprise    03/06/88
Land dispute halts Jamaican aid Dallas Morning News    03/04/88
Another Wilson vendetta Valley Morning Star    03/04/88
Oh no, Rep. Wilson at it again Dallas Times Herald    03/03/88
How a congressman helping out a friend blocks aid to Jamaica Wall Street Journal    03/02/88
Rep. Wilson gives impetus to federal budget reform Beaumont Enterprise    01/06/88
Charlie Wilson - unique freedom fighter on the Potomac Dallas Times Herald    01/05/88
Wilson's action was picayune Houston Chronicle    01/05/88
Wilson rides again Houston Post    01/05/88
Save more money for us, Charlie Houston Post  West, Felton  01/05/88
Wilson denies revenge motivated move to cut Pentagon budget Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  01/05/88
Is Wilson settling score for slight to sweetheart? Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  01/04/88
'Roasting' Wilson Beaumont Enterprise  Atkins, Sharon  11/01/87
Charlie Wilson keeps 'em voting Wichita Falls Record News  Murray, Joe  10/13/87
Wilson finally sees 'his' war Dallas Morning News  Whittle, Richard  03/10/87
Charlie's war - again Houston Post    12/03/86
Wilson visits Afghan rebels for 7th time Houston Post    12/01/86
Texan's glance at Afghan war wasn't enough Dallas Morning News  Whittle, Richard  11/30/86
Lifestyles of congressmen go against hometown grain Austin American Statesman  Malone, Julia  09/14/86
Wilson's faith admirable if perhaps unrealistic Beaumont Enterprise    06/11/86
Pakistan has price for aiding Afghans Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  02/25/86
Wilson to pursue private donations Houston Post    02/25/86
Wilson calls from some bad medicine Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  02/24/86
Wilson makes rebels' fight his own Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  02/23/86
Wilson expects spending cuts to bring chaos Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  01/12/86
Wilson to run again Port Arthur News    01/11/86
Wilson calls it budget-cutting, others call it revenge Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Engelberg, Stephen  01/04/86
'Good Time Charlie' tempers House image Austin American Statesman  Kantor, Seth  12/08/85
Wilson makes Washington fit his style Corpus Christi Caller Times  Swann, Phillip  10/27/85
Rep. Wilson recovering from irregular heartbeat Houston Chronicle    06/14/85
Rep. Wilson admits taking former beauty queen on official Navy trip Houston Chronicle  Wiessler, Judy  05/23/85
Texas congressman to repay Navy for trip Dallas Times Herald  Dunham, Richard S.  05/22/85
Rep. Wilson plans to reimburse Navy for friend's tour of ship Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Harbrecht, Doug  05/21/85
Congressman to pay up for friend's trip Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  05/18/85
'Timber Charlie' appreciation Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  04/22/85
US Rep. Wilson hires aide fined for misconduct Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Montgomery, Dave  01/15/85
Congressman defensive about funds San Angelo Standard Times  Swann, Phillip  06/03/84
Wilson cuts down globe-trotting ways Beaumont Enterprise  Roberson, Peggy  02/26/84
Wilson leaves South's Sunbelt Caucus Beaumont Enterprise  Roberson, Peggy  02/18/84
Wilson predicts increase in taxes after election Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  12/16/83
Wilson is 'pleased' House drug use probe has ended Beaumont Enterprise  Roberson, Peggy  11/19/83
House clears Wilson Dallas Times Herald  Keller, Bill  11/18/83
Wilson: '84 election may be toughest fight Bryan Eagle  Hughes, T. Lee  10/16/83
Bad publicity puts Wilson on guard as '84 race nears Dallas Morning News    10/13/83
Wilson expects less-than-smooth campaign trail Beaumont Enterprise  Roberson, Peggy  10/09/83
Educator to oppose Wilson Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Smith, Jack Z.  10/04/83
Wilson's tribulations try constituents' patience Dallas Times Herald  Fly, Richard  09/09/83
D.C. police ticket Wilson for traffic violation Dallas Morning News  Choyke, William J.  09/08/83
Wilson will pay fine for hit-and-run accident Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Montgomery, Dave  09/08/83
Victime denounces hit-run account by Rep. Wilson Abilene Reporter-News  Swann, Phillip  09/01/83
Wilson campaign fund may pay legal costs Dallas Morning News    08/21/83
Congressman plans to pay drug defense from war chest Austin American Statesman    08/20/83
Wilson could face charges in accident Dallas Morning News  Choyke, William J.  08/13/83
Texas congressman allegedly left accident scene Dallas Times Herald  Fly, Richard  08/13/83
Wilson 'never doubted' drug probe clearance Tyler Morning Telegraph    07/29/83
Texas congressman cleared in drug case Austin American Statesman  Simon, Linda  07/28/83
Justice Dept. investigation clears Wilson Beaumont Enterprise  Roberson, Peggy  07/28/83
Probe of drug use by lawmakers ends Dallas Morning News  Engelberg, Stephen  07/28/83
Justice drops drug probe of 3 congressmen Dallas Times Herald  Keller, Bill  07/28/83
Drug investigation of Rep. Wilson dropped Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Thompson, Mark  07/28/83
Justice probe keeps lawmaker in suspense Dallas Times Herald  Keller, Bill  07/23/83
Cocaine probe angers Wilson New York Times  Teeley, Sandra  05/03/83
Wilson appears clear on drugs Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/27/83
No indictment of Wilson expected Dallas Morning News  Choyke, William J.  04/26/83
Former Wilson companion to testify Dallas Morning News  Choyke, William J.  01/30/83
East Texans express support for Wilson Dallas Morning News  Blow, Steve  01/22/83
Wilson suspects revenge Dallas Morning News  Choyke, William J.  01/22/83
Wilson predicts vindication on cocaine, pot allegations Dallas Morning News  Nelson, Mark  01/22/83
Wilson proclaims innocence over claims he used drugs Dallas Times Herald  West, Paul  01/22/83
Texas Rep. Wilson tied to drug inquiry Austin American Statesman  Kamen, Al  01/21/83
Drug probe targets Wilson, NBC says Dallas Morning News    01/21/83
Wilson is named in inquiry Fort Worth Star-Telegram    01/21/83
Despite 'Good Time Charlie' image, Wilson works hard Corpus Christi Caller Times  Garland, William  10/03/82
Drink battle stirs trouble; Texan hollers Houston Post  Lewis, Kathy  09/05/82
Swindling the movers and shakers Dallas Morning News  Choyke, William J.  08/08/82
Wilson campaigns for a good time Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Montgomery, Dave  08/04/82
Goodtime Charlie has a good time Port Arthur News    09/13/81
'Good Time Charlie' bewails his image Dallas Morning News  Strong, Barbara  07/12/81
Wilson remains on House panel Austin American Statesman  Reaves, Gayle  07/10/81
Texas Demos reject Wilson's offer to resign Dallas Times Herald  Fly, Richard  07/09/81
Texas lawmaker offers to resign from committee Dallas Times Herald  Fly, Richard  07/07/81
Wilson offers resignation from powerful House committee post Austin American Statesman  Reaves, Gayle  07/02/81
Texas liberal becomes outcast with budget vote Dallas Times Herald  Fly, Richard  06/28/81
Wilson sees need for junkets Austin American Statesman    03/23/81
Wilson chairing council Houston Post    03/22/81
Rep. Wilson unorthodox for Bible Belt Houston Post  Wiese, Art  03/15/81
Wilson held after '1 drink' Dallas Morning News  Atterberry, Ann  05/08/80
Chargin' Charlie believes 'the good guys won' in Afghanistan Houston Post  Kiely, Kathy  04/18/80
Wilson sacrifices chaimanship for defense panel seat Houston Chronicle    03/07/80
The good times keep on rolling for Charlie Wilson after a tow truck hauls his car away from a nightclub Washington Post    03/02/80
Wilson glad Faulk won't run Beaumont Enterprise  Storer, Larry  02/05/80
Wilson comes out fighting Beaumont Enterprise  Harris, John  02/02/80
That other Charlie Dallas Times Herald  West, Paul  12/14/79
Rep. Wilson recalls 'phantom' votes Dallas Morning News    09/08/79
Quote about Carter shake-up puts monkey on Wilson's back Dallas Morning News  Marsh, Charmayne  07/27/79
Government goes to the doorstep Beaumont Enterprise    06/30/79
Texan cutting Washington's purse strings Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Neal, Larry  06/03/79
A congressman with elan Dallas Morning News  Smith, Nancy  04/19/79
That congressman from East Texas! Houston Post  Craig, Jim  03/25/79
Rumor of Wilson quitting denied, but interest high Beaumont Enterprise  Wallis, Michael  02/18/79
Rep. Wilson defends his support of Nicaraguan dictator Somoza Dallas Times Herald  Calhoun, Ron  12/09/78
Legislator takes a tip and obeys his mother Dallas Morning News    12/07/78
Rep. Wilson's criticisms rejected Houston Post    12/06/78
Wilson not sure of returning to Nicaragua Houston Post    12/05/78
Rep. Wilson says latest death threat 2nd issued by guerrillas Houston Chronicle  Hunter, Gordon  12/03/78
Wilson takes threat seriously Dallas Morning News    12/02/78
Texas congressman threatened Austin American Statesman    12/01/78
Rep. Wilson in Nicaragua Dallas Times Herald    11/25/78
Mondale, Koch backing Wilson Houston Chronicle    10/29/78
East Texas folks welcome Vice President Mondale Dallas Times Herald  Elson, Mary  10/27/78
Mondale, Koch going to Lufkin Dallas Times Herald    10/17/78
The Wilson connection Dallas Times Herald    09/05/78
Rep. Wilson having fun as disco - bar part - owner Houston Post  Wiese, Art  08/16/78
Mr. Wilson goes 'Washington' - but only in after - hours activities Dallas Morning News    08/04/78
Wilson challenges official on funds Houston Post  Goodin, Mark  06/02/78
Wilson injured in freak accident Dallas Morning News    10/20/77
Rep. Wilson's woes name of the game Dallas Morning News  Strong, Barbara  02/18/77
Rep. Wilson helps vote go 'Wright' Beaumont Enterprise    12/18/76
Wilson suggests anti - Jordan plot in Washington Dallas Morning News  Raeke, Carolyn  12/18/76
Wilson considering run for Tower's seat Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Thornton, Joe  06/20/76
Wilson pushed for key seat Houston Post  Wiese, Art  01/30/76
Rep. Wilson's 'advice' hit Austin American Statesman    06/01/75
Wilson in gear for hot race to Senate Houston Post  Wiese, Art  02/23/75
Wilson draft bill stirs mixed response Dallas Morning News    07/07/74
Issues different in Washington, Rep. Wilson explains Houston Post  Wiese, Art  01/13/74
Texas liberal sees changes Austin American Statesman  Simpson, Peggy  05/03/73
'Charles Wilson' Dallas Morning News    01/21/73
Sen. Wilson is 'Governor' Beaumont Enterprise  Mcmurray, Kim  12/03/72
Governor for day moves the Capitol Dallas Morning News    12/03/72
State Sen. Charles Wilson of Lufkin is Governor for a day Houston Chronicle    12/03/72
State senator Wilson serves as Texas' 'governor - for - day' Houston Post  Wiese, Art  12/03/72
Indian reservation to become state capital for one day Beaumont Enterprise    11/26/72
Wilson's campaign aide was on state payroll Beaumont Enterprise  Graham, Bryan  04/13/72
State sen. Wilson seeks dowdy seat Houston Chronicle    01/13/72
Lufkin solon watchdog over phone rate hikes Houston Chronicle  Murray, Joe  12/06/70
Wilson feels phone 'stink' was effective Dallas Morning News  McNeely, Dave  11/18/70
Sen. Wilson's talk assured Dallas Morning News  McNeely, Dave  11/15/70
Phone critic vows proof Dallas Times Herald  Montgomery, Dave  10/18/70
Wilson accepts Allen challenge Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  10/17/70
Panel chief job given to Wilson Austin American Statesman    10/14/69
Lufkin senator tells of guilty plea and fine in April collision case San Antonio Express News    09/05/69
Senator Wilson's DWI trial postponed again Houston Post    07/03/69
Lufkin senator accused of DWI San Antonio Express News    04/23/69
DWI filed against Sen. Wilson Austin American Statesman    04/22/69
Wilson - Carter vows recited in Arlington Dallas Morning News    09/30/62
Wilson could be first 'triple - threat' taxer Dallas Morning News    04/30/61
Political novice wins tax battle in House Dallas Morning News    04/23/61