Selected newspaper articles related to Crawford Collins Martin

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Upshur Turnout Under 7,000; Dolph Briscoe Sweeps All Boxes Gilmer Mirror  Staff 05/11/72
Martin charges attorney with botching stock case Austin American  Staff 05/04/72
Farris hits delay Dallas Morning News  Kinch, S. 05/02/72
Attorney questioning Martin election claim Houston Post  James, A. 05/02/72
Martin claims letters 'false' Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 04/26/72
Beware of strangers with gifts Austin American  Staff 04/07/72
An open letter to the people of Texas   Hill, J. 04/06/72
Hill says Martin Sharp's front man Austin American  Staff 03/30/72
Hill, Martin continue their battling Dallas Morning News  Staff 03/30/72
Dolph Briscoe hits Barnes' treatment of 2 banking bills Houston Post  Staff 03/21/72
Hill calls for probe of Martin Houston Post  Staff 03/19/72
DA defends Martin's role in stock case Houston Post  Staff 03/18/72
Hill seizes stock scandal as issue Houston Post  Staff 03/17/72
Hill charges Martin is linked to Sharp Dallas Morning News  McNeely, D. 03/14/72
Sharp's phone star 'witness' Dallas Morning News  Staff 03/07/72
Texas ethics code ruled unconstitutional by Martin Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 01/08/72
Order continued preventing Moody's removal from board Houston Post  Staff 11/10/71
Cohn's charge linking Moody, Martin denied Houston Post  Wiese, A. 11/02/71
Money not only cause tip refused - Martin Austin American Statesman  Staff 10/30/71
Foundation denies trying to influence lawyer Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 10/30/71
Martin reveals Sharp offered him stock tips Houston Post  Wiese, A. 10/30/71
Martin's removal advocated Dallas Morning News  Davis, S. 10/29/71
Martin offered NBL stock Dallas Morning News  Kinch, S. 10/29/71
Foundation report called 'fix' Houston Post  Staff 10/28/71
Report urges removal of Moody as Trustee Austin American  A.P. Wire 10/27/71
Report urges removal of moody as trustee Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 10/27/71
Martin urges Moody ouster in foundation Houston Post  Wiese, A. 10/27/71
Speculation strong officials to be indicted in stock case Houston Post  Staff 08/29/71
Relief from 1-man 1-vote ruling seen Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 03/21/67
Loyalty oath Austin American Statesman  Northcott, K. 01/31/67
Loyalty oath went in '53, Martin says Dallas Morning News  Kobil, D. 01/31/67
2 judges say ruling 'limited' Houston Chronicle  Tutt, B. 01/06/66
Secretary-State cites Moffett Quanah Tribune-Chief  Martin, C. 04/02/64
Redistricting chances fade as high court fails to act Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 01/21/64
State redistricting nears completion Dallas Morning News  Duncan, D. 02/27/51
Senate rushes redistricting Dallas Morning News  Staff 01/24/51
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 4 (1962-1972) Microfilm    11/30/61
Just always wanted to serve as senator Dallas Morning News    02/28/49