Selected newspaper articles related to Ray Roberts

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Connally's proposal of federal tax money to assist states draws Patman fire Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Mort, J. 01/30/67
Senators engage in new fuss Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 05/25/65
Texas dilemma: redistricting Dallas Times Herald  Mayer, M. 09/15/63
Redistricting decision hit by several Texans Dallas News  Baskin, R. 03/28/62
Redistricting stirs hassle; two plans sent to floor Dallas News  Morehead, R. 05/11/61
Dallas wins battle over redistricting Dallas Times Herald  Mayer, M. 05/04/61
Longtime congressman Roberts dies Dallas Morning News  Scott, Steve  04/15/92
Former Rep. Ray Roberts, 79, dies at Denton home Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Keen, Amy  04/15/92
Roberts seeks divorce Dallas Morning News    03/25/80
Roberts hip deep in controversy Austin American Statesman  Choyke, William J.  02/25/80
Rep. Roberts' last hurrah Houston Chronicle  Clayton, William, Jr.  02/03/80
Scramble likely for Roberts' post Houston Post  Wiese, Art  11/04/79
Roberts announces retirement Dallas Morning News  Marsh, Charmayne  10/30/79
Roberts' announcement stirs frenzied activity by both parties Dallas Morning News  Marsh, Charmayne  10/30/79
Ray Roberts announces he'll retire on completion of 11th House term Houston Post    10/30/79
Rep. Roberts expected to announce retirement Dallas Morning News  Marsh, Charmayne  10/27/79
Roberts reported mulling retirement Houston Post    08/21/79
Roberts considers retiring Dallas Morning News  Marsh, Charmayne  08/15/79
Roberts opposes voting age by law Dallas Morning News    03/20/70
Scanne from microfilm - 324.23 roll 5 (1963) Microfilm    11/30/62
Roberts says briefing call hangs over his campaign Dallas Morning News    10/31/62
Rayburn's successor on junket Dallas Morning News    02/13/62
Oath taken by Roberts in Capital Dallas Morning News    02/06/62
Sen. Roberts said in line for U.S. job Dallas Morning News    10/13/61
State Sen. Ray Roberts won't seek re-election Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  09/26/61
Acting Governor enjoys busy day Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  05/02/61
Sen. Ray Roberts acting Governor Austin American Statesman  Brooks, Raymond  05/01/61
Sen. Roberts to serve day as Governor Dallas Morning News    04/30/61
Prime mover Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  03/26/61