Selected newspaper articles related to Dorsey B. Hardeman

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Services today for ex-state senator Hardeman Austin American Statesman  Taylor, Coretta  08/13/92
Dorsey B. Hardeman Austin American Statesman    08/12/92
Ex-state lawmaker Dorsey Hardeman, 89, dies in Austin Dallas Morning News    08/12/92
East Texan joins water board Austin American Statesman    01/19/82
Former state Sen. Hardeman, 79, quits water commission Houston Chronicle    01/19/82
Hardeman regains water panel post Houston Post    09/05/81
Clements to get shot at filling crucial post Dallas Morning News  Kinch, Sam  08/31/79
Doggett vows to fight Hardeman nomination Austin American Statesman    07/26/78
Use of rule could hit official where he lives Dallas Morning News    07/26/78
Water panel appointment challenged Austin American Statesman    07/25/78
Water appointee faces rough road to Senate OK Dallas Morning News    07/25/78
Senator may block nomination Dallas Times Herald    07/25/78
Senate panel delays hearing on Hardeman Houston Post    07/25/78
New super water agency gets 11th hour appointments Houston Post  Scarlett, Harold  09/02/77
Ex-solon defends UT regents' stand Houston Chronicle    09/23/75
Hardeman not talking Houston Post    07/06/75
Doggett to oppose Hardeman choice Austin American Statesman    03/13/75
Hardeman scrapbooks go to Texas Tech University San Angelo Standard Times    12/23/73
Hardeman named TWRC chairman San Angelo Standard Times  Havins, Lee  01/09/73
Panel backs Hardeman for water post Houston Chronicle  Collier, Bill  06/28/72
Smith appoints Hardeman, risking a Senate battle San Antonio Express News    10/06/71
Hardeman returning to state government Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  09/21/69
Hardeman appointed to water commission Dallas Morning News    09/18/69
Ex-Sen. Hardeman gets top water board job Houston Chronicle    09/18/69
Dorsey Hardeman mentioned for job Dallas Morning News    09/11/69
Hardeman case fought by strange bedfellows Dallas Morning News    06/06/69
Smith withdraws Dorsey Hardeman's appointment Corpus Christi Caller Times    06/01/69
Nomination of Hardeman withdrawn Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  06/01/69
Gov. Smith admits defeat in Hardeman appointment Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  06/01/69
Smith appointment of Hardeman is still up in air Houston Post  Gardner, William  06/01/69
Senators to vote aginst Hardeman Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  03/27/69
Hardeman appointed to board Dallas Morning News    01/31/69
Appointment stirs some San Antonio Express News    01/31/69
Sen. Hardeman raps Warren San Antonio Express News    06/25/68
Legislative era ends Austin American Statesman  Brooks, Raymond  05/09/68
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 3 (1968) Microfilm    11/30/67
Snelson lets results stand Dallas Morning News    05/27/66
Monument to mrs. Sam Houston unveiled at Independence grave Houston Chronicle  Rogers, Chester  05/16/65
Sen. Hardeman again foils vote on 'Little Hoover' bill Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  04/22/65
Blue norther turned tuberculosis victim into Texas state senator Houston Chronicle  Davis, Stewart  01/18/65
'Super - Duper Board' opposed by Hardeman Houston Chronicle  Davis, Stewart  01/14/65
Senator criticizes editorial Dallas Morning News    03/14/63
Nixon, Lodge called GOP 'Integrators' Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  09/29/60
Sen. Dorsey B. Hardeman Dallas Morning News    07/26/59
Senator criticized in House on firm's role in gas case Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  07/24/59
Senator presents his case Dallas Morning News    12/26/57
Sen. Hardeman: shocking remarks Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  12/01/57
55-Minute Salvo at Austin Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  05/16/57
Governor for a day Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  12/04/54