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The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Texas GOP, Dems agree on housing crisis. Are they wrong about the solution? Dallas Morning News  Editorial 06/17/24  
North Texas storms may worsen because of climate change, scientists say Dallas Morning News  Fauzia, M. 06/17/24 5 doc(s)
Texas GOP infighting deepens as House caucus censures four members San Antonio Express News  Harris, C. 06/17/24 1 doc(s)
Most S.A. school districts can't afford to raise salaries. Which ones are doing it anyway? San Antonio Express News  Manno, M. 06/17/24  
SpaceX is continuing Texas' legacy as the center of space travel. Here's what to know Austin American Statesman  Salgado, B. 06/17/24 3 doc(s)
How Austin students in grades 3-8 fared in STAAR reading, math compared with pre-pandemic Austin American Statesman  Royster, R. 06/17/24 1 doc(s)
Beyond selecting leaders, November’s election will measure Texas’ political direction Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 06/17/24  
Texas lawmakers turn on cryptocurrency industry after learning of high power demand projections Houston Chronicle  Hao, C. 06/17/24 3 doc(s)
“Grateful to be alive”: Clubhouse programs take pressure off overwhelmed Texas mental health hospitals San Antonio Express News  Simpson, S. 06/17/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Miles tells critics to ‘take the win’ on STAAR results Houston Chronicle  Editorial 06/16/24 1 doc(s)
New law endangers voter privacy San Antonio Express News  Editorial 06/16/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
We recommend Scott, Adeleke in runoffs Houston Chronicle  Editorial 06/15/24  
What Austin stands to lose if light rail opponents succeed in court Austin American Statesman  Bentley, J. 06/16/24 5 doc(s)
A Texas party is pitching extreme policy ideas, and it’s not just the one you think Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Rusak, R. 06/16/24  
HISD bond is about our kids, not the takeover Houston Chronicle  Garcia, V. 06/16/24  
A prayer for the public schools in Texas San Antonio Express News  Brodesky, J. 06/16/24  
Why Texas A&M University wants state-of-the-art nuclear power plants on its campus Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 06/16/24 3 doc(s)
‘A major concern’: Regulators do little to stop toxic leaks near schools, homes Houston Chronicle  Drane, A. 06/16/24 2 doc(s)
Texas regulators poised to accept popular slap fighting as a sport San Antonio Express News  Dexheimer, E. 06/16/24 2 doc(s)
Books removed without reviews San Antonio Express News  Manno, M. 06/16/24 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Lack of water hitting Valley San Antonio Express News  Teitz, L. 06/16/24 4 doc(s)
Ruling keeps income program on hold Houston Chronicle  Rice, J. 06/15/24 7 doc(s)
STAAR math scores drop statewide San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 06/15/24 1 doc(s)
Abbott busing far fewer migrants than last year San Antonio Express News  Wallace, J. 06/15/24 7 doc(s)
Is Texas' Operation Lone Star another example of a program once started, never ends? Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 06/16/24 2 doc(s)
Eligible remote staff at UT could face 'limited' opportunities after end to remote work Austin American Statesman  Kepner, L. 06/16/24  
SpaceX launch linked to damage to bird nests Houston Chronicle  Leinfelder, A. 06/16/24 1 doc(s)
Patrick rethinks bitcoin mines Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 06/16/24 3 doc(s)
Proposed TXSE has questionable value Houston Chronicle  Taylor, M. 06/16/24 1 doc(s)
Bipartisan ground possible on affordability crisis San Antonio Express News  Fetcher, J. 06/16/24  
Texas Supreme Court declines to hear Denton IVF case arguing embryos are children Austin American Statesman  Wagner, B. 06/15/24 2 doc(s)
Texas Supreme Court affirms winter storm emergency pricing that cost Texans billions Dallas Morning News  Jankowski, P. 06/15/24 3 doc(s)
STAAR results: lower math performance for students grade 3-8 Dallas Morning News  Olivares, V. 06/15/24 1 TX bill 3 doc(s)
Texas Supreme Court sides with PUC Houston Chronicle  Hao, C. 06/15/24 2 doc(s)
Split HISD board narrowly approves Miles’ $2.1B budget Houston Chronicle  Kelly, S. 06/15/24 4 doc(s)
Politicians question HISD’s FEMA delay Houston Chronicle  Mizan, N. 06/15/24 2 doc(s)
Droughts threaten Texas farms San Antonio Express News  Baddour, D. 06/15/24 2 doc(s)
Texas Supreme Court sides with PUC San Antonio Express News  DiNatale, S. 06/15/24 8 doc(s)
What to know about governor’s migrant busing program San Antonio Express News  Wallace, J. 06/15/24 3 doc(s)
DOJ asked to protect ballot secrecy in Texas San Antonio Express News  Contreras, N. 06/15/24 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Case could have imperiled IVF in Texas San Antonio Express News  Klibanoff, E. 06/15/24 3 doc(s)
G.O.P.-Led States, Claiming ‘Invasion,’ Push to Expand Power to Curb Immigration New York Times  Ulloa, J. 06/17/24  
Republicans Vulnerable on Reproductive Rights Wall Street Journal  Lucey, C. 06/15/24  
Public hearing/formal meeting notice     06/17/24  

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