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The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Our recommendations for the runoff elections San Antonio Express News  Editorial 05/20/24  
Who flooded Kingwood ? Mother Nature or Montgomery County? We need regional flood control. Houston Chronicle  Editorial 05/19/24 2 doc(s)
Clarify abortion rules Dallas Morning News  Bresnen, S. 05/20/24 2 doc(s)
Thousands turn out for pro-Palestinian Nakba Day protest in downtown Austin Austin American Statesman  Moreno-Paz, B. 05/20/24 2 doc(s)
Abortion foes, supporters say Texas maternal death task force should review abortion cases Austin American Statesman  Wagner, B. 05/20/24 4 TX bill(s) 5 doc(s)
Texas tollway authorities show little mercy for Texans of color, vulnerable communities Dallas Morning News  Berard, Y. 05/20/24 2 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
Community leaders chart solutions to Dallas’ food access problems Dallas Morning News  Waters, L. 05/20/24  
Houston Democrat in a heated primary likened trans health care to Black 'genocide' Houston Chronicle  Goldenstein, T. 05/20/24  
70 years after Brown v. Board, America is both more diverse — and more segregated San Antonio Express News  Lurye, S. 05/20/24  
Poised to lose major Medicaid contract, Texas Children's Health Plan faces uncertain future Houston Chronicle  Gill, J. 05/18/24 1 doc(s)
Gov. Greg Abbott uses NRA speech in Dallas to amplify his endorsement of Donald Trump Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 05/20/24  
Texas lawmakers probe universities' compliance with anti-DEI law, free speech: Our takeaways Austin American Statesman  Kepner, L. 05/20/24 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Hill Country group demands state officials stop a water firm from overpumping in Hays County San Antonio Express News  Teitz, L. 05/20/24 1 doc(s)
Trump, Abbott tout their records on gun rights at NRA meeting in Dallas Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 05/19/24  
The Rev. Lawson's gentle demeanor in a world of strife embodied the peaceful promise of humanity Houston Chronicle  Sewing, J. 05/19/24  
Water dispute with Mexico requires cooler heads Dallas Morning News  Editorial 05/19/24 2 doc(s)
Texas made the wrong decision on toll roads Dallas Morning News  Editorial 05/19/24  
GOP Censure of Gonzales opened the door for a candidate like the 'AK Guy' San Antonio Express News  Editorial 05/19/24  
We can't let discredited science lead to a Texan's execution Austin American Statesman  Findley, K. 05/19/24 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Texas prisons are hell on Earth Dallas Morning News  James, D. 05/19/24 1 doc(s)
School phone reforms still needed Dallas Morning News  McCloskey, A. 05/19/24 3 doc(s)
Texas’ third century will require smart education strategies Dallas Morning News  McKenzie, W. 05/19/24 5 doc(s)
I-10 proved that widening freeways doesn't fix traffic. Texas keeps doing it anyway. Houston Chronicle  Kimble, M. 05/19/24 3 doc(s)
The Texas Senate hearing on the DEI ban felt like a funeral San Antonio Express News  Preyor-Johnson, N. 05/19/24 1 TX bill
Dan Patrick's Christian faith appears to be limited by his political views San Antonio Express News  Clack, C. 05/19/24  
Texas maternal death task force can’t review abortion cases, contrary to CDC guidance Austin American Statesman  Wagner, B. 05/19/24 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Travis County has the highest rate of fentanyl deaths in Texas. Why is Austin a hot spot? Austin American Statesman  Seipp, S. 05/19/24 2 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
Toll Trap: How Texas’ explosive growth led to a toll-building spree Dallas Morning News  Berard, Y. 05/19/24 3 TX bill(s) 4 doc(s)
Two arch-conservative billionaires loom large in North Texas House runoffs. Why? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 05/19/24  
Money crunch: San Antonio school districts scramble to pay teachers as state funding stagnates San Antonio Express News  Manno, M. 05/19/24 1 TX bill 3 doc(s)
Henry Cuellar courted Mexican elites; prosecutors say one helped him set up bribery scheme San Antonio Express News  Buch, J. 05/19/24 5 doc(s)
Who’s behind the pro-Palestinian protests on Texas college campuses? Dallas Morning News  Jankowski, P. 05/18/24 1 TX bill
‘Striking’ devastation Houston Chronicle  Staff 05/18/24  
Migrants thought they were claiming asylum. Instead, Texas troopers arrested them Houston Chronicle  Wermund, B. 05/18/24 3 doc(s)
The Texas Republican Convention kicks off Thursday. How much drama will be on display? Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 05/19/24  
Disabled advocates held a 44-hour vigil to speak to Gov. Abbott. He wouldn't meet Austin American Statesman  Grumet, B. 05/19/24 1 doc(s)
Muslim organization sues Abbott, colleges for suppressing speech Dallas Morning News  Rodrigues, M. 05/19/24 2 doc(s)
Pricey toll fee means less cardiac rehab for Keller man Dallas Morning News  Berard, Y. 05/19/24  
In Dallas speech, Donald Trump tells NRA crowd gun rights are ‘under siege’ Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 05/19/24  
Can indicted South Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar survive corruption charges? Dallas Morning News  Morton, J. 05/19/24 4 doc(s)
Republicans in Fort Worth-area congressional runoff clash over who is a true conservative Dallas Morning News  Morton, J. 05/19/24  
A&M-San Antonio preparing South Side educators in mental health awareness San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 05/19/24 3 doc(s)
Texas leaders, led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, target exploding hemp market for new regulations San Antonio Express News  Harper, K. 05/19/24 1 TX bill 6 doc(s)
Powerful Houston storm likely to lead to massive insurance claims — but estimates could take months Houston Chronicle  Grieder, E. 05/18/24 1 doc(s)
Donald Trump returning to Texas for NRA convention and fundraising boost Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 05/18/24  
U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, accused of taking over $600K in bribes, will go to trial March 2025. San Antonio Express News  Ferguson, J. 05/18/24 2 doc(s)
‘We Can’t Sleep’: Houstonians Still Without Power Struggle to Stay Cool New York Times  Stuckey, A. 05/20/24  
Accepting N.R.A. Endorsement, Trump Pledges to Be Gun Owners’ Ardent Ally New York Times  Ulloa, J. 05/18/24  
Accustomed to Disasters, Houston Didn’t See This One Coming New York Times  Goodman, J. 05/18/24  
Can a State Stop Abortion Travel? Wall Street Journal  Ed. 05/18/24  

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