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The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Tarrant County jail deaths warrant transparency from sheriff Dallas Morning News  Editorial 05/16/24  
4-year-old child is latest victim in gun violence epidemic San Antonio Express News  Editorial 05/16/24  
Background checks for gun sales actually work, just look at the data Dallas Morning News  Hogan, P. 05/16/24 4 doc(s)
Texas gun owners advocate for safety Dallas Morning News  Flores, S. 05/16/24  
Vouchers for religious schools violate separation of church and state San Antonio Express News  Lane, E. 05/16/24 1 doc(s)
'Navigability' of the Rio Grande? 5th Circuit Court takes up Texas border buoys case Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 05/16/24 4 doc(s)
Travis County voters may decide whether to approve a tax increase to pay for child care Austin American Statesman  Heath, K. 05/16/24 2 doc(s)
Texas is among the most food-insecure states, national study shows Dallas Morning News  Waters, L. 05/16/24 2 doc(s)
Fort Worth joins other Texas cities, approves tax break for child care facilities Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ruiz, L. 05/16/24 2 doc(s)
HISD community demands Mike Miles' resignation over report on charter school financials Houston Chronicle  Menchaca, M. 05/16/24 6 doc(s)
Mayor Whitmire's panel on HPD dropped cases reveals former interim chief as first to approve code Houston Chronicle  DeGrood, M. 05/16/24 1 doc(s)
'Leadership disaster': Humble ISD superintendent placed on leave in wake of mounting legal fees Houston Chronicle  Sander, E. 05/16/24 1 doc(s)
New ‘AlamoU’ programs expanding four-year degree options at Alamo Colleges San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 05/16/24 3 TX bill(s)
From a pandemic to protests, UT Austin president pleases GOP lawmakers while angering some students San Antonio Express News  Menchaca, M. 05/16/24 1 TX bill 6 doc(s)
About 150 people testify at Texas Senate hearing on SB 17, college free speech. Here's why Austin American Statesman  Kepner, L. 05/16/24 1 TX bill
How involved was APD in the UT pro-Palestinian protests? Here's what officials say Austin American Statesman  McCarthy, E. 05/16/24  
Judge orders redo of Harris County 2022 judicial election, appeal expected Houston Chronicle  Rice, J. 05/16/24 2 doc(s)
Donald Trump returning to Texas for NRA convention and fundraising boost San Antonio Express News  Wallace, J. 05/16/24  
Barge hits bridge connecting Galveston and Pelican Island, causing partial collapse and oil spill San Antonio Express News  Lozano, J. 05/16/24 1 doc(s)
Sharp: A&M not enforcing new Title IX rules until adjudication of lawsuit Bryan Eagle  Miller, A. 05/15/24 4 doc(s)
A&M Chancellor Sharp discusses impact of SB 17 during DEI sub-committee hearing Bryan Eagle  McClenagan, K. 05/15/24 1 TX bill
Pressure Builds for Supreme Court to Address Transgender Cases Wall Street Journal  Kusisto, L. 05/16/24  
Public hearing/formal meeting notice     05/15/24  

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