New & Noteworthy List for May 2024

A bibliography of books, reports, and other documents recently added to the Legislative Reference Library collection.

1. AI Needs You: How We Can Change AI's Future and Save Our Own
By Verity Harding
Explores the history and current development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Looks critically at the current and future usage of AI in subjects including the space race, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and the internet. Advocates for thoughtful, intentional policy to regulate AI at both the national and global levels. Encourages a more human approach to AI development to lessen the potential harm done by its implementation.
Princeton University Press, 2024. 274 pages.
303.48 H263 2024
2. The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness
By Jonathan Haidt
Examines the mental health challenges for people popularly referred to as "Gen Z" who are born after 1995 and the first generation to experience childhood with smartphones and social media. Explores the research showing the ways in which a “phone-based childhood” disrupts child development, causing a steep decline in teen mental health and well-being. Presents simple rules to provide a foundation for a healthier childhood in the digital age. Concludes with recommendations that parents, schools, governments, and tech companies can take to address the crisis.
Penguin Press, 2024. 385 pages.
305.230973 H149 2024
3. Educational Pluralism and Democracy: How to Handle Indoctrination, Promote Exposure, and Rebuild America's Schools
By Ashley Rogers Berner
Proposes adopting the education pluralism model to reform the structure and content of U.S. public school systems - to serve both the individual and the common good. Examines the benefits of educational pluralism, an internationally common model, in which the government funds public, private, and parochial schools, and holds them accountable for similar content and assessments. Suggests that using the same curriculum across the board provides a variety of viewpoints without indoctrinating students to their merits. Offers pluralism advocates concrete steps they can use to gain support and advance new legislation.
Harvard Education Press, 2024. 199 pages.
371.010973 B525 2024
4. Relinquished: The Politics of Adoption and the Privilege of American Motherhood
By Gretchen Sisson
Analyzes a collection of personal accounts from women who relinquished their infants to adoption between 2000 and 2020. Observes the path to adoption in the U.S. is often a constrained choice for the birth mothers because abortion is inaccessible, or parenthood is untenable. Examines historical and current problems with the U.S. adoption system and its role in separating families. Addresses the long-term effects of adoption on birth mothers and criticizes the American adoption system for being coercive and failing to provide alternative options or support.
St. Martin's Press, 2024. 307 pages.
362.7340973 SI623 2024
5. The Rural Voter: The Politics of Place and the Disuniting of America
By Nicholas F. Jacobs and Daniel M. Shea
Discusses the widening gulf between rural and urban American voters through the analysis of historical data from 1824 to more recent detailed surveys of rural voters. Suggests that the current rural-urban divide is significant enough to endanger political competition and the U.S. governing system. Researches rural voters' new political identity, their shifting support from Democrats to Republicans in the 1980’s, and their emergence as a crucial voting bloc. Argues the current rural-urban divide is less about policy differences and more about people’s different perceptions of other people and community identity. Offers insight on how to bridge the divide.
Columbia University Press, 2024. 472 pages.
320.5209173 J17 2024
6. Rough & Tumble: Texas Political Combat
By Lloyd W. Criss, Jr.
Details the life and experiences of former Representative Lloyd W. Criss, Jr. Written by Criss, this memoir describes his early life, his introduction to politics, and his work while in the Texas House of Representatives from 1979 to 1991. Presents stories involving other Texas politicians on topics like political campaigning, lobbying, and legislative deal-making.
Contains quotes and details of former members of the Texas Legislature and other public officials including: State Senator Chet Brooks, Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock, Texas Speaker Billy Clayton, Governor Bill Clements, State Representatives Bob Davis and Tom DeLay, U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett, Texas Speaker Gib Lewis, State Senator A.R. 'Babe' Schwartz, and Chancellor John Sharp.
Library Use Only. Call us or place an online order through the New & Noteworthy website to make arrangements to view this book in the library.
D. Criss Pub., 2009. 162 pages.
328.764 C868C 2009