Office of House Bill AnalysisH.B. 723
By: Turner, Sylvester
Public Education


Educators often face unexpected expenses that are directly related to
classroom instruction.  While schools provide furniture and supplies to
teachers, these items often meet only the most basic needs of educators.
Many districts are financially unable to provide their teachers with all
the supplies that teachers need in their classrooms.  House Bill 723
provides each school district teacher with an allotment to purchase
supplies for classroom use. 


It is the opinion of the Office of House Bill Analysis that this bill
expressly delegates rulemaking authority to the commissioner of education
in SECTION 1 (Section 42.159, Education Code). 


House Bill 723 amends the Education Code to entitle each school district to
an annual allotment of $400 for each of its full-time equivalent teachers.
A school district must use this money to provide each full-time teacher
with $400 to purchase classroom supplies for use in the teacher's class or
course.  The bill authorizes the teacher to select the supplies and the
supplier, and prohibits the district from requiring a teacher to use this
allotment for supplies traditionally provided by the district. 

H.B. 723 entitles a teacher who is employed for less than a full school
year or on a part-time basis and certain substitute teachers and student
teachers to receive an allotment proportionate to the amount of the school
year that the teacher teaches as compared to a full school year.  The bill
authorizes the district to administer the allotment as it determines best
meets the needs of the district, and authorizes the district to require a
teacher to provide receipts for the items purchased with the allotment. The
bill authorizes the commissioner of education to adopt rules to implement
these provisions, including establishing reporting requirements or
determining the number of full-time equivalent teachers in a district. 


September 1, 2001.