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Legislation authored by Forrest A. Harding

Includes legislation with Forrest A. Harding as the primary author for the 57th through 62nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

62nd Regular Session
HB 36 Caption: Relating to the conditions under which a vehicle may be driven on the left side of a roadway.
HB 396 Caption: Relating to including armed services personnel as eligible for resident hunting licenses under certain conditions.
HB 505 Caption: Relating to and fixing the maximum salaries of the official shorthand reporters for the 51st and 119th Judicial Districts of Texas.
HB 613 Caption: Relating to fees for certified copies of certain vital statistics.
HB 630 Caption: Relating to making the inheritance tax applicable to certain property held in joint tenancy with right of survivorship.
HB 637 Caption: Relating to exempting from the franchise tax certain corporations providing homes for certain elderly people.
HB 638 Caption: Relating to amending the inheritance tax law to change the time for the presumption that a gift is made in contemplation of death, etc.
HB 675 Caption: Relating to the penalty for possession of less than two ounces of cannabis.
HB 770 Caption: Relating to the minium age for qualification as an elector.
HB 899 Caption: Relating to giving the State Board of Insurance the power to adopt rules and regulations relating to the safe operation of mobile service units.
HB 918 Caption: Relating to allowing the commissioners courts of certain counties to provide for emergency ambulance service within those counties.
HB 979 Caption: Relating to the organization of a six-member Parks and Wildlife Commission.
HB 1198 Caption: Relating to reports on investments and income of the Permanent University Fund.
HB 1859 Caption: Relating to amending various laws pertaining to the affairs of counties, cities, and school districts in order to recognize the effects of the recent federal census; providing an effective date.
HB 1875 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Parks and Wildlife Department to collect a fee for issuing permits to offset cost.
HCR 89 Caption: Commending Master Sergeant Finnis D. McCleery.
HCR 90 Caption: In memory of Captain Albert Tijerina, Jr.
HJR 49 Caption: Proposing an amendment to lower the minimum age for the qualification as an elector to the age of eighteen years of age.
HR 136 Caption: In memory of Bernard P. Taylor.
HR 223 Caption: In memory of Carl Runge, Sr.
HR 263 Caption: Authorizing the City of San Angelo to construct a pipeline to the moon.
HR 474 Caption: Creating a special interim committee to study the state park system and the conservation of wildlife and aquatic resources.
HR 548 Caption: Congratulating Ken Yates of Central High School of San Angelo.
62nd 2nd Called Session
HCR 7 Caption: In memory of Mrs. Lily Gresham.
HCR 8 Caption: In memory of Houston Harte.
62nd 3rd Called Session
HCR 50 Caption: Memorializing the members of the Texas Lame Duck Association, Spirit of '72.
HR 78 Caption: Creating an interim committee to study the use of Capitol space by private news services.
62nd 4th Called Session
HB 55 Caption: Relating to the application of certain brake requirements to certain trailers and semitrailers.
HB 56 Caption: Relating to application of certain brake and lighting requirements to certain vehicles.
HCR 12 Caption: In memory of Charles E. Coombes of San Angelo.