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Legislation authored by George Coone Hester

Includes legislation with George Coone Hester as the primary author for the 43rd through 43rd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

43rd Regular Session
HB 74 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute so that the requirements and provisions of said statute shall remain and be the same as to the present, except that it shall provide that the funds deposited by the tax collector of each county shall bear interest on daily balances at the rate, of any, fixed for such deposits of the tax collector by the commissioners court in its order designating such depository or depositories.
HB 305 Caption: Relating to providing for the levying and collecting of an annual occupation tax on all persons, firms, partnerships, corporations, or associations, engaged in the business of operating or maintaining two or more stores or mercantile establishments in this State where goods, wares, merchandise, or commodities of any description whatsoever are sold or offered for sale at retail under the same general management, supervision, ownership, or control; and prescribing penalties for the violation thereof.
HB 534 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful to shoot at or kill any wild deer or wild turkey in that portion of Burnet County, north of the Colorado River, and all of Lampasas County; providing a penalty.
HB 535 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful for any person to catch or take or attempt to take or catch catfish of less length than nine (9) inches in Burnet County; providing a penalty.
HB 707 Caption: Relating to providing for the raising of additional revenue by imposing a tax upon the retail sale by a chain business to the consumers and users of articles for personal consumption and use, and by imposing a tax upon the privileges of trades and sales, by establishments of a chain business, and trades and sales of chain businesses in the State of Texas; providing for the administration of this Act by the Tax Commissioner.
43rd 1st Called Session
HB 16 Caption: Relating to providing for the issuance of certain State bonds, as provided for by Section 51-a, of Article III, of the Constitution of Texas.
HB 124 Caption: Relating to creating a more efficient and effective method and means of collecting delinquent and insolvent taxes due and to become due to the State, counties, cities, and towns, school districts, and all other taxing subdivisions.
HB 125 Caption: Relating to providing that where suits for delinquent taxes against real property are filed under the Constitution and statutes of the State of Texas, that the county attorney, district attorney, or other political subdivision of the State of Texas may apply for, and the district court or other court having jurisdiction may appoint, a receiver of the rents, issues, and income of such property against which such taxes are assessed for the purpose of collecting and satisfying out of such rents, issues, and income the taxes upon such real estate, together with penalties, interest, and costs, and costs and expenses of such receivership.
43rd 2nd Called Session
HB 21 Caption: Relating to providing for a more effective method of collecting delinquent taxes due the State and counties, cities and towns, independent school districts, and other taxing subdivisions of the State Government.