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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
14 Democratic state AGs call for federal probe into Daniel Perry killing of BLM protester Austin American Statesman  Seipp, S. 06/02/24 3 doc(s)
Texas is investing in better mental health Dallas Morning News  Zerwas, J. 06/03/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Could Texas’ new state-crafted lessons boost children’s reading? Dallas Morning News  Richman, T. 06/03/24 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
State kills hundreds of deer at North Texas ranch, after years of legal fights Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Brindley, E. 06/03/24 1 TX bill 6 doc(s)
Dade Phelan escaped a primary threat. Now he faces a GOP battle for his speakership San Antonio Express News  Harris, C. 06/03/24  
UT to celebrate entry into SEC with 'Texas-sized party' featuring 'global superstar' Austin American Statesman  Yum, C. 06/01/24  
Texas lawmakers could take up tollway reform in 2025 legislative session Dallas Morning News  Berard, Y. 06/01/24  
TEA unveils 100,000 pages of ready-made lesson plans for use in Texas classrooms Houston Chronicle  McKinley, E. 05/31/24 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Even Frisco ISD is feeling the pinch because of legislative inertia Dallas Morning News  Editorial 06/02/24  
How Cuellar, flush with power and money, got his 'juice' San Antonio Express News  Editorial 06/02/24  
Thumbs up, thumbs down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 05/31/24  
And the winner of Tuesday's runoff is ... Gov. Greg Abbott San Antonio Express News  Editorial 05/31/24  
America’s next crisis: Old Age Dallas Morning News  Cothrum, D. 06/02/24 4 doc(s)
It’s time to ban smartphones in schools Dallas Morning News  Holtberg, A. 06/02/24  
Here's how Dade Phelan can hang onto House speakership Houston Chronicle  Jones, M. 06/02/24  
Vouchers will erode public schools, especially in rural Texas San Antonio Express News  Preyor-Johnson, N. 06/02/24  
Tony Gonzales' lucky streak continues with runoff win San Antonio Express News  Garcia, G. 06/02/24  
Death penalty in the US: Which states still execute inmates, who has executed the most? Austin American Statesman  Myers, A. 06/02/24 2 doc(s)
Have Mike Miles' strict reforms improved Houston ISD in his first year? Here's what the data says. Houston Chronicle  Menchaca, M. 06/02/24 12 doc(s)
Texas Supreme Court rejects challenge brought by 20 women denied abortions, upholds ban Austin American Statesman  Wagner, B. 06/01/24 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Texas Supreme Court rules against women citing medical need in abortion cases Dallas Morning News  Wolf, M. 06/01/24 5 doc(s)
Full costs of Dallas-area storm damage could take months to determine, officials say Dallas Morning News  Bailey Jr., E. 06/01/24  
Texas Supreme Court declines to clarify abortion ban in suit from 20 women who suffered emergencies Houston Chronicle  Goldenstein, T. 06/01/24 11 doc(s)
HISD unveils historic $4.4B bond for school upgrades and tech, marking the largest in Texas Houston Chronicle  Mizan, N. 06/01/24  
Texas Supreme Court could hear lawsuit asking for parental rights over IVF embryos Austin American Statesman  Wagner, B. 05/31/24 3 doc(s)
Mayor Whitmire to scrap $3.5M ShotSpotter program, calling it a ‘gimmick’ conceived by contractors Houston Chronicle  Cheng, Y. 05/31/24 1 doc(s)
Verdict in Donald Trump's trial a sham or justice? It depends on which boat you are in. Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 06/02/24  
Another Austin massage parlor closes, accused of illegal sex activity by AG's office Austin American Statesman  Seipp, S. 06/02/24  
North Texas Tollway Authority is overly harsh and called ‘a dysfunctional empire’ Dallas Morning News  Lieber, D. 06/02/24  
Texas leads in heavy weather events this year Dallas Morning News  Adriano, J. 06/02/24  
If you have Medicaid in Texas, a big change could be coming to your health insurance Fort Worth Star-Telegram  McCarthy, C. 06/02/24 4 doc(s)
More depositions ordered in botched Harding Street Raid civil rights lawsuit Houston Chronicle  Ferguson, J. 06/02/24 3 doc(s)
The Gulf of Mexico has never been so warm this early. What does it mean for hurricane season? Houston Chronicle  Ballard, J. 06/02/24 1 doc(s)
Accused of taking GOP money, Houston Democrat Shawn Thierry still hasn’t named donors Houston Chronicle  Goldenstein, T. 06/02/24 1 doc(s)
Did 'stay woke' originate in Houston? The famed social justice slogan is celebrating 100 years Houston Chronicle  Sewing, J. 06/02/24 1 doc(s)
Texas Republicans want rural voters to count more than city slickers, pushing radical policies Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 06/02/24 1 doc(s)
Hurricane season is almost here. Here's what to know about the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Houston Chronicle  Grieder, E. 06/02/24 2 TX bill(s)
Despite pressure, Amarillo City Council punts on abortion travel ban petition San Antonio Express News  Carver, J. 06/02/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Texas top court won't guarantee right to abortion in complicated pregnancies Austin American Statesman  Pierson, B. 06/01/24 5 doc(s)
In May, Texas has logged the most reports of large hail in a month ever. Here’s why. San Antonio Express News  Franze, A. 06/01/24 1 doc(s)
Texas Education Agency seeks to boost student rigor, help teachers with new class content Austin American Statesman  Heath, K. 05/31/24 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Flyer warns Texas voters: ‘Don’t make us report you to President Trump!’ Austin American Statesman  Cruz, M. 05/31/24  
After bruising runoff, Dade Phelan pivots toward fight to remain Tex-as House speaker Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 05/31/24  
Craig Goldman defeats John O’Shea in GOP runoff to replace U.S. Rep. Kay Granger Dallas Morning News  Morton, J. 05/31/24  
Texas DPS investigating anti-government extremist decal on trooper car in Dallas Dallas Morning News  Bahari, S. 05/31/24  
34 guilty verdicts for Trump, 2 very different reactions from Texas Republicans, Democrats Dallas Morning News  Staff 05/31/24  
Judge adds Harris County 2022 judicial election redo to next year’s ballot Houston Chronicle  Rice, J. 05/31/24 1 doc(s)
Mexican election offers possible reset for Texas oil companies Houston Chronicle  Osborne, J. 05/31/24  
ERCOT's calls for Texans to conserve power not likely to end anytime soon as grid stays stretched Houston Chronicle  DiNatale, S. 05/31/24 1 doc(s)
Houston-area's economic growth beats Chicago's and places second in U.S. Houston Chronicle  Grieder, E. 05/31/24  
Last day: Institute of Texan Cultures to hold farewell open house San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 05/31/24 2 doc(s)
Lab-grown meat isn’t on store shelves yet, but some states have already banned it San Antonio Express News  Durbin, D. 05/31/24 1 doc(s)
Sports Gambling Is a Ticking Time Bomb New York Times  Steinberg, L. 06/02/24  
Texas Supreme Court Rejects Challenge on Exceptions to Abortion Ban New York Times  Zernike, K. 06/01/24  
Texas Supreme Court Declines to Expand Access to Emergency Abortions Wall Street Journal  Kusisto, L. 06/01/24  

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