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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
How to help the Texas grid with a more robust transmission system Dallas Morning News  Baker, B. 05/28/24 2 doc(s)
Leaving Qatar is the wrong decision for Texas A&M Dallas Morning News  Edmonson, R. 05/27/24  
In tornado’s aftermath, community unites to help residents of storm-ravaged Valley View Dallas Morning News  Bahari, S. 05/28/24  
Underage drinking big issue in state Houston Chronicle  Goodwin, A. 05/28/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Preparing for a trip to the moon or Mars? New Texas A&M facility to allow testing of crucial tech San Antonio Express News  Leinfelder, A. 05/28/24  
Texas Republican convention shows ultraconservative flank still controls the party Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 05/27/24  
Late-night tornadoes kill at least 7, injure about 100 in North Texas, authorities say Dallas Morning News  Ballor, C. 05/27/24 3 TX bill(s) 5 doc(s)
Major damage, at least 7 dead in Denton & Cooke counties after tornado Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Mc. 05/27/24  
Border security, the Bible and UFOs: Here's what's in the Texas GOP's 2024 platform Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 05/28/24  
Some Texas vape, CBD shops have sold products with illegally high THC levels, police say Austin American Statesman  Addison, B. 05/28/24  
Powerful North Texas tornado kills 7, injures more than 100 late Saturday Austin American Statesman  Maxin, R. 05/28/24  
Majority of Texans support making marijuana legal Dallas Morning News  Bahari, S. 05/28/24 9 doc(s)
Texas Republican platform calls for teaching Bible in schools, blocking abortion drugs Dallas Morning News  Jankowski, P. 05/27/24 2 TX bill(s) 5 doc(s)
Mothers ask Texas GOP to take Delta-8 off the shelves, keep cannabis illegal in the state Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bach, N. 05/27/24  
Ted Cruz warns Texas Republicans of tough matchup with Colin Allred Houston Chronicle  Wermund, B. 05/27/24  
Sen. Ted Cruz predicts tense primary season will not impede Republicans Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 05/26/24  
Whether he stays or goes, Henry Cuellar has put his district in a bind San Antonio Express News  Editorial 05/26/24 6 doc(s)
C.J. Stroud: California-born, but with a Houston soul | Thumbs Houston Chronicle  Editorial 05/25/24  
The cruelty of heat-related deaths inside Texas prisons is preventable Austin American Statesman  Eckhardt, S. 05/26/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
A bad gamble for Texas Dallas Morning News  Whitfield, J. 05/26/24 3 doc(s)
The Texas Medical Association chose gender ideology over evidence-based care Dallas Morning News  Ready, D. 05/26/24  
Is this a winning formula for Texas Republicans? Closed GOP wants to add by dividing Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 05/26/24 1 doc(s)
School districts like mine are slashing budgets, jobs, and it’s Gov. Abbott’s fault Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Davis II, D. 05/26/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
UT protects freedom of speech — unless the speaker is pro-Palestine Houston Chronicle  Brownlee, J. 05/26/24  
I asked you to give the HISD takeover a chance. But we've seen enough. Houston Chronicle  Eastman, A. 05/26/24  
How many parking spaces does a business need? Around Houston, the answer can be absurd. Houston Chronicle  Simpson, D. 05/26/24  
Two years after Uvalde, we’re still fighting for gun safety San Antonio Express News  Mata-Rubio, K. 05/26/24  
With Perry pardon, Abbott puts an official stamp on vigilantism San Antonio Express News  Brodesky, J. 05/26/24 3 doc(s)
Further erosion of public education starts with vouchers San Antonio Express News  Castillo, R. 05/25/24 3 doc(s)
Housing costs price families out of neighborhood schools, straining Richardson ISD budget Dallas Morning News  Richman, T. 05/26/24 1 TX bill 5 doc(s)
The rail industry is changing. A small Texas town is fighting back Dallas Morning News  Gaudet, A. 05/26/24 7 doc(s)
Texas GOP to vote on adding Bible lessons, deporting foreign protesters to party platform Houston Chronicle  Wermund, B. 05/26/24 1 doc(s)
Women, people of color most impacted by UT universities’ DEI cuts, documents show Dallas Morning News  Jankowski, P. 05/25/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Dallas school trustees pass budget that cuts hundreds of staff positions Dallas Morning News  Richman, T. 05/25/24 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Houston politicians, religious leaders and community give Rev. Bill Lawson a touching sendoff at church he founded Houston Chronicle  Dansby, A. 05/25/24  
At their convention, Texas Democrats will target same issues GOP did. But not in same way Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 05/26/24  
Uvalde shooting victims' parents sue Meta, 'Call of Duty' maker and weapons manufacturer Austin American Statesman  Seipp, S. 05/26/24  
'Part of me died': Teacher who survived Uvalde school shooting struggles with changes Austin American Statesman  Patrick, R. 05/26/24  
Texas Republican convention ends with party control over ideology, candidates strengthened Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 05/26/24  
Dallas City Council to consider resolution condemning Texas’ new immigration law Dallas Morning News  Bailey Jr., E. 05/26/24 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Where is child care needed in Dallas-Fort Worth? These neighborhoods have biggest gaps Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ruiz, L. 05/26/24 2 doc(s)
Houston Council approves sale of White Oak trail land for I-45 rebuild, path to stay Houston Chronicle  Begley, D. 05/26/24 3 doc(s)
Chancellor John Sharp wants natural gas power plants on Texas A&M land, a potential boondoggle Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 05/26/24 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Lawsuit filed on Uvalde massacre anniversary targets Instagram, 'Call of Duty' creator and gun maker San Antonio Express News  Contreras, G. 05/26/24  
A 4-day school week at Northside ISD? Students and staff wouldn’t mind but parents sure would. San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 05/26/24 1 doc(s)
Senate hearing on delta-8 ban in Texas is next week. How to testify for or against Austin American Statesman  Addison, B. 05/25/24 1 doc(s)
Top elected Republican leaders urge unity during Day 2 of Texas GOP Convention Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 05/25/24  
Central Texas Medicaid, CHIP recipients will soon lose most popular health plan Austin American Statesman  Villalpando, N. 05/25/24 6 doc(s)
Texas Republican convention approves closed primary, selects new leader Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 05/25/24  
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick donates $100,000 to Speaker Dade Phelan’s campaign opponent Dallas Morning News  Torres, A. 05/25/24  
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn commits to seeking reelection in 2026 Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 05/25/24  
In Texas, is it legal to kill a coyote that has attacked a pet or chickens? What to know Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Garcia, B. 05/25/24 1 doc(s)
Want sports betting and casinos in Texas? You’ll be betting against this GOP delegate. Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bach, N. 05/25/24  
Democrats rip state GOP convention. Say party is out of line with Texas values Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bach, N. 05/25/24  
Neff Elementary School 'Principal of the Year' calls for HISD superintendent Mike Miles' resignation Houston Chronicle  Mizan, N. 05/25/24  
Texans’ support for marijuana legalization, decriminalization is at an all-time high, poll shows San Antonio Express News  Castillo, R. 05/25/24 1 doc(s)
Uvalde Families Accuse Instagram, ‘Call of Duty’ and Rifle Maker of ‘Grooming’ Gunman New York Times  Goodman, J. 05/25/24  
Uvalde Families Allege Gun Maker Marketed via ‘Call of Duty,’ Instagram Wall Street Journal  Findell, E. 05/25/24  

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